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Hello everyone. This is my way of checking in.
I haven't been writing because our family has had a lot going on and I was writing in my journal only. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and I focused my attention on her. I live in Atlanta but have been traveling to California to love and support her. While I have been doing that, I've encountered some difficult exchanges with my sister. It's too long to even get into but what troubles me the most is the animosity over little things or next to nothing. I feel helpless as I can't figure out how our relationship has deteriorated so quickly.
In addition to this, another family member has had a medical scare. On Thanksgiving, a loved one had collapsed in his bedroom and had been there for eight days! It turns out, he had suffered a stroke. He is currently in ICU.
The reason for me feeling the need to write, is that as I interact with family, I am finding that I am not as 'beloved' or 'endeared' or even appreciated as a loving and loyal family member.
I am not perfect and would never try to come close but I am encountering issues so trivial that I can't understand what has happened to cause such acrimony. I don't know if the pandemic has made us all surly or have I been delusional all this time? All I know is that I feel so unnecessary all of a sudden. I feel like a dinosaur on my way to the tar pits and I'm the only who is the enemy.
Forgive me. I really wanted to say that I love this group/page. I've been encouraged tremendously! I want to get out of my comfort zone and write different things than I usually do. FYI, I've been flirting with the idea to try my hand at - wait for it - Fantasy. I'm actually excited.
I've been struggling with being true to what I really want to write: either it will be something that is true myself, sharing my flaws, struggles and the strides to grow and improve and motivate all of us who are struggling OR to be HONEST and write about issues that concern us all as a community. I can't decide.
I will be more consistent. The group/members may get tired of seeing my name.
Thank you for allowing me this space.
Until next time,
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In difficult times, when family frustration arises from something no one can point a finger of blame at, there are unnecessary casualties. Be strong amongst human weakness. You’re not alone.
It seems the value of a woman - sometimes
it just depends
on how she's lived her life,
or whether she's loved by all her friends.

It seems the value of a woman - sometimes
can't always be found
somehow she gets lost
based on her life and her training
she will seek and continue to search
and ultimately, she will find
her self worth and begin teaching.

It seems the value of a woman - in some ways
is about living life
with real world consequences,
all the determining factors which occur each day
she's often judged on her past and experiences.

It seems the value of a woman - in some ways
determines her fate, getting caught up,
falling in love and wasting her days
not willing to count it a waste, or corrupt.

It seems the value of a woman - is absolute
the formative years are filled with memories
there are real, uncomfortable and dark truths
not based on what she dreamed.

It seems the value of a woman
trying to determine how to live her life
she has to take an inventory and begin again
there are new chances - a reason to fight.

It seems the value of a woman
is based on her own needs
desires to be glorious and triumphant,
yet poisoned by varied and multiple misdeeds.

It seems the value of a woman
is wanting to love and to grow,
waiting and wishing for love
she has a willingness to share,
having to bare her soul
it's what shapes her heart
to carry on for another tomorrow.

The value of a woman is worth more than many give themselves credit for.
We are willing to submit to a level that is beneath us, in search of love.
We are happy to pretend we are good and not broken, not as whole or pure.
We find ourselves feeling a little less than all the while we are so much more.
I wish I could teach all girls their natural and inner beauty, to show them
pretty and glamorous does not define them
The only way to be a phenomenal woman
is to know, it all comes from within.

A woman and her value are many things to many different people. A woman is capable of loving but being impatient; a woman can be mean but tender, too. A woman will rise above it all but is aware of how or why - she may fall. A woman's worth and her legacy, are all things; the good, the bad - once and for all from this day and everyday forward.

We must be willing to translate but not transform - that we are human, we are fallible and we can certainly do anything we put our minds to but we are invaluable and no estimation of money, jewels or gold could ever amount to a woman and her worth.
I guess I want to share that I am often reading a lot on this website. I can comment on so many pieces - which are all different, interesting and valuable. I follow a few newsletters and on any given day, I may be moved and am never clear if I can introduce a piece on a subject or a platform that appears to be appropriate. In any event, I love this website. It's so much to absorb but I love it!
I appreciate all the writers! I'm even tempted to try my hand at fantasy! Where did that come from?! Thank you to all the writers for sharing their gifts with us.
Funny how time flies.
This blessed life that should mesmerize
Sometimes, if not often, frightens and stalls
giving way to doubt and to pause.
Age has an easy way to remind us of our own mortality.
Time brings about memories, paths traveled and overwhelming humility.
I find it curious how our lives - sometimes, turns out.
The awful things we've done, have a way of coming back around.
I've been taught to have my own ideas and to remain positive
all the while conscious that I've only got this one life to live.
I found I have a strength that I'd never known,
I am beautiful, brilliant, fallible and strong.
I take no credit for things that aren't mine,
I still get lost and even distracted, from time to time.
I tell myself to make no plans,
live my life and to always be kind to my friends.
Things change and I'm feeling grateful because I made it through,
I am emotional and don't know what else to do.
I can only say I'm happy and free
and am letting life teach me how to live, happily.
Ok so I have to admit a frustration I'm having with the use of this wonderful website. I am able to like and comment on certain things that the community responds or comments on but if I see an article from the Newsletter of my choice, I don't know how to comment - unless, it's ask the editor a question or send a comment tab and in that case, I just figured it out and if I'm still off . . . I will just sit this right here.

Wing And A Prayer

In the midst of life, I will encounter many things
most of which, I often want to stop and find
the time to complain.

But the willingness to improve,
should accompany prayers for
obstacles to be removed.

It's about my mental and spiritual health,
where may I find love, peace and joy
all of which are a symbol of one's wealth.
I know that everything in life is temporary
and life will provide many endings.

I imagine that this is just a dream
but I'm curious and yet, I still believe.

I have found it takes great effort
which allows my growth and can be measured.

The issues from deep in my past
were not meant to last.

I desire to rise above
and continue to ascend,
surrounded by His love
and comforted in the end.

On a wing and a prayer
I'll do it again
starting with each day,
and forever.
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I don't really do much with Newsletters anymore, but think that there are a couple of options. I think sending it to the editor (question or not) is what I used to do. You found another option, I see, as well. Or you can answer the question and add your comment when you see it come out on the Newsfeed. Tag the author of that Newsletter if you want to be sure they read it. You can tag people several ways, but I'll show you the most common 3 ways.

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{huser:schnujo} = Schnujo

All 3 tag the person in the same way, but you can see there is different information included in the tag.

I'm sorry I couldn't fully answer your question, but I hope this helps some. *Smile* Also, WELCOME TO WdC! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
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