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Alright I got a Question. Is it better to form the world your story is in and then fit the story to it or is it better to form a story then the world? because I have all these ideas and they cant all fit in one story. so what is created first, the world, the story, or even the caracter?
I'm writing fantesy and I guess my question is..when my main character is caught in some sort of situation do I write what she needs and create a world as i go, or do i make a world and problems that would naturally happen, with solutions I (i.e. the main character)would have to find in a world already created?

I guess writing out this question has pointed out two things to me

A: I have way to many things about the story, world, and characters, floating around in my head and im having trouble chosing what to use.

B: I get very overwhelmed with so many options.
That's true. OK thanks I'll try that!
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