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Happy anniversary
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Thank you! *HeartG*
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

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Thank you! *HeartG*
I hope this isn't against any rules or anything and that I'm not being too forward...
I amazingly cool news, my latest book, Get Away Closer is nominated for a RONE Award from InD'Tale magazine. There are a slew of 25 nominees and they are trying to narrow it down to 7 and to do so, they are using a voting system. It would mean the world to me if you could give Get Away Closer by S. H. Pratt a vote ~ and ask all your friends to do the same!! 💚
To vote, go to www.indtale.com, log in (or get an account and verify your email, it is free, so no worries, I promise), then go to INDSCRIBE/RONES and choose the 2021 RONE Awards. Scroll own to Contemporary Steamy and choose Get Away Closer. 🙂 Thank you! 💚☘️
Guys, I just needed to share with you all...
I released my 17th full length novel AND celebrated my 7 year publiversary! I wouldn't have made it this far without WDC, so...

QM *Shamrock*
Okay, that is amazing! Congratulations!

Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations! *Delight* You should be super proud of your achievements.
This is probably an incredibly dumb question in that the answer is most likely right in front of my nose, but can any level member create a contest and what is the procedure to do so?
Yes, any level member can create a contest. Usually you need to be able to create a forum as that's the most popular format, but that's all.

Once you have made it, you advertise it. If you need help, there's a bunch of people with experience that you can ask, just as you have now. *Smile*
As Elle (she/her) said with a caveat. If you're a free member, your port size is limited and you may not have enough room to store banners, etc. that you use in creating your forum. Just a thought...
Sometimes one of the lovely WDC peeps reviews a story that I wrote forever ago and I have to wander down memory lane, rereading the story. It is always such a wonderful trip and reminder of just how far I've come since joining WDC. *HeartG* *Shamrock*
It seems rather fitting that today I release my 15th book into the great wide world when yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my joining WDC. I'm so glad to be a part of this awesome community. *BigSmile*

QM *Shamrock*
Well over a year ago there was a contest here on WDC for 1st chapters of a WIP. I submitted a chapter and prowlingpurplephantom (not sure if they changed their handle or what) and starling read it and gave me some valuable feedback. Since then, I have completed Reclaiming Peace and it will be live on Amazon Friday, the 27th. I just wanted to thank these two kind souls for helping me get this novella off the ground and ready to soar. I hope they get the chance to read the rest of the story. *Smile*

QM *Shamrock*
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That is fantastic! Congratulations. So happy for you *Heartv*
Okay, admittedly, I've been out of touch with reality, my writing mojo finally returned so I've been making the most of it. But I stepped from my little bubble and now I'm confused. What are these trinkets I keep seeing talk of? *Geek*

QM *Shamrock*
They're like trading cards. You can collect them, trade them, find them, and make them. Here's a good spot to start your collection: "Trinkets on Display
Thank you *Smile* And thank you for the trinket. I'm still unclear of their purpose but they seem to be fun.

QM *Shamrock*
You're welcome. Yep, they're pretty much just for fun.
I don't know who among the WDC crowd is active at all on Twitter, but they have this lovely day called #1LineWednesday. Its an opportunity for writers to share one line of a WIP that fits within the theme. This week's theme is "smile" and I couldn't help but think some of the awesome people here would have fun with such a great theme. If you want to see some of it, you can find me @shpratt701 on Twitter. I may or may not have a small addiction to it. *Wink* Anyway, it is kind of fun.

QM *Shamrock*
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I don't have a T or FB acc, but it sounds like a good idea. Bringing *Sun*shine into the day is good for the soul. Happy smiley day QM.*Heart*

*Grasshopper**Grass**Sun**Quill**Type**Frog**Waterdrop**Grasshopper**Grass**Sun* *Bigsmile*

Woman with a very large nose... Stand back everyone! She's going to blow! *Facepalm* Ok, I'm going. *Whistle* )))))) *Music2*
Merry Christmas to you, my Writing.com friends. *Heart*
QM *Shamrock*
I hope I'm not being too nosy or forward, but I was wondering if anyone could share with me what Phoebe's favorite things are. I would like to create a little something for her but don't know what she loves. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Quiltingmama *Shamrock*
They're quite protective of their kids and don't share a lot, but I know Phoebe likes Ladybug Girl - http://www.ladybuggirl.com.
Did you see SM's most recent post? He shared what she likes, her favourite colours and activities...
Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up Elle *Smile* And thanks to the StoryMaster for his update.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Life After Death  [E]
Today is the first day of the rest of his life.
I've just posted an item in my portfolio:
 Take This Job...  [E]
The sobering result of a spur of the moment decision. Entry for What A Character Contest
I've discovered that writing short stories is becoming a good way to "unstick" myself and have added a new one to my portfolio. I hope you enjoy.

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