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To the person who gave me an anonymous upgraded membership:

Thank you so much! I don't know who you are or why you did it but thank you. I'm really sure how to react but I am extremely grateful to you and I'll be sure to enjoy it! If you're out there and you read this feel free to reach out!

I'm sure you had your reasons to be anonymous so I'm not asking you to tell me who you are, just give me a small sign to let me know you're there.

Thank you and best of luck with everything.

Your friend,

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You must be new. Welcome. *Smile*
Hello there Raven!

My name is Sb and I wanted to say hello to you since I stumbled across your port. If you need any help with the site just message me and I'll be happy to help! *Heart*
Thank you! If I need any help I'll be sure to message you!
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