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Hey guys! I know I have not been around much but I have deleted everything I wrote on the computer after handwriting it. I am going to continue my novel this way until I can get my hands on a laptop and not have to worry about my tablet or keyboard battery always being dead.
Thank you, Story Master and WDC for the sweet message. I did not realize today is my 1 year wdc birthday! I am currently still on chapter 11 of my book towards the end of the chapter. My new routine is working with my meds and such but I was attacked by the flu so nothing has been done lately. I am about over it and hopefully get back to the routine. I am not giving up on the book!
Hey guys I need yalls help. I know we have a lot of bookish people here. A while back i was given a bunch of books and about 20 of them are the old books with a record. A few of the records are missing but most of the books have them. How does one store such things?
Basics: Records need to be stored vertically, and not squished. Make sure the slot of the pocket for letting the record out isn't pointed up to collect dust, or down to let the record fall out when the book is picked up. Records should be dusted with a soft record brush before they're played.

Enclosed but breathable, acid-free storage is a plus if you're storing them away, though the book itself might not be acid-free. Heat isn't good for records, and damp isn't good for books. Cushioning and rigidity in the container to protect the records from breaking from handling/dropping.

If you need to be more archival than that, I'd suggest googling it.

That helps a lot thanks :) I dont have a record player so i wont be able to play them unfortunatly. Were working on rearranging the house so if im able to get another book case I can put them in with my other old books i got from my mom.
I know I have not been around much. Things have been crazy since I got back on my ADHD meds. I have been on a cleaning kick and working on donating furniture we don't use anymore making more room for me where the computer it. Once I get the playroom sorted which hopefully should be tomorrow I will hopefully get back into writing.
I have not done a whole lot of writing in the last few days while trying to navigate my new life with the medicine and once I get a routine going with that I will jump back into my book. Self-care is important when we're working on books and such.
Hello, Jessica. I was just wondering how they went about diagnosing ADHD. You hear a lot about this syndrome these days. How do they determine whether a person really has it, or has it become a catchall syndrome for people who are really high strung?

When I was a kid I don't remember a whole lot other than seeing a lot of Drs including a neurologist. My parents wanted to make sure they knew exactly what was wrong. When we had my daughter tested by the same dr I saw we filled out a sheet for the dr. For me, I told him my past with ADHD and what was going on now. From there we decided to give meds a try. I think the key is being open and honest. The nurse asked me if I wanted to work with my Dr or be sent to someone else. Since I have a good relationship with him I am sticking with him first. I even started a medication journal so I can track symptoms and such and also in Feb will be starting my bullet journal in hopes to get my life in order. I did a sticky note purge last night. I went from 16 sticky notes to 11.
Last week I put it out there that I was struggling with my ADHD. Today I saw the dr and we decided to give medicine a try. Worried about the dizzy side effect I waited until I got home to take it and so far I have been calm. Things that would drive me up a wall and cause me to snap didn't happen. I was calm. I will take it for three weeks and report back to the dr. Maybe now I can get back on track with things. I have not gotten dizzy yet either. I am keeping a journal to track how I feel so I can tell dr the results when I go back to him.
Jessica, there are many meds that have certain side effects. I take some of those myself. However, if you need it, take it. Many of the side effects aren't that bad and your body will adapt in a short time.
Yes, so far so good with the meds :) I learned the one he put me on could take up to 2 weeks to fully kick in. Its time release so i will get a 2 part release system the first hour and about 3 hours after that
Today I did it. I wrote that entry that has been on my mind since yesterday. Please be kind if you review it. #2180511
Thanks I could not get it to link up.
Today I will be working on a new port entry. It may trigger some people but I feel like its my only way to maybe get through and figure things out.
For anyone who uses the WDC discord server they are having problems so you may not be able to log in and if you log out you may not be able to log back in until the issue is fixed. You can google is discord down and go to down detector or check discords website.
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If anyone knows anything about libre office Linnann needs help with it, shes currently in scroll. I dont know anything about it so I cant help.
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So for 2019, I want to get the first draft of my novel done so I can revise it and rage when I have it up here for others to read. Because I am not used to the revising and beta side of writing. I want to keep up with the routine I have made for myself and add exercise to it. I want to read more books as well and keep up with my author tube channel.