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I somehow missed this! I'm sorry! Happy WdCversary, Ravey!
see above.

Happy 16th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV* *Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV*
15 days and counting. Don't think I've forgotten what you think I may have forgotten.
Blog... That's an interesting word.
*Balloonv* Happy WDC birthday! *Balloonv*
Scradibble my Shanizzle. Merrizzle Chrizzle Ravizzle. Lamont sends his best, or what's left after the pimps and ho's have taken the best of them.
Okay I understood about two percent of your message, but I think you wished me Merry Christmas? *Heart*
I haven't seen Lamont in like, two days.
Joyeux Noel! (I ran out of ways to say merry Christmas in English)

I bought you a wand made of processed ravens. Isn't it cool?!
Yayyy, I've always wanted a wand made of processed ravens! Thank you so much, and merry Christmas to all!

Alright then, you back there in the third line... yes, can you take a step to your left? Alright, good, good. And... in the fifth line you, can you move for- no! Not you, you on the right! Yes, you! Okay, thank you, just step forward a little bit... a little more... great!

{boomingvoice} Ravenwand! I have come to conquer with a perfectly-organized army at my back! Quake(r) in your oats! I mean, boots!
I should have stopped by here earlier!

Thanks for stopping by to play with my thingies. I realized I didn't have a lot so I made some more! I'm gonna go look around now!
SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE. There, now it ain't so clean! I didn't even know I had a notebook!
What a nice clean notebook. *Smile*
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