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Oh wow! You seem like a pretty cool guy! So hello there! I don't know when you first joined, but hello anyway and welcome!
Hi! Well, I joined in December, but yeah, I'm pretty much still a newbie. Hi, and thanks for the warm welcome!
It's great to meet you! Welcome to WDC!

Hello! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the warm welcome!
Hi, Red Fork! Chess, eh? Then: E4.


to WdC!!!

Thanks, have a great day!
Hello Red Fork and a big welcome here to WDC. I understand you like writing stories and maybe a novel. Well I'm a poet so if you have the urge to write a few poetic words and want an opinion let me know OK? I'm Bulvai contact me anytime and stop by here it's a wonderful helpful group "The WDC Angel Army
Hello Bulvai. Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes, I really like writing stories, and I plan to write a novel in the future. Thanks for stopping by. I'll go check out the group you suggested right after I finish writing this message. Have a great day!
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