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*CakeB**BalloonG**ConfettiB* Happy Anniversary, dear Remus! *CakeB**BalloonG**ConfettiB*

Miss ya, buddy, and I hope you are still writing your novel,
Hannah ♥
Happy Anniversary...🍾 🌹🌹💫

Miss you!


Happy 2nd Anniversary my friend!
Thank you.
Thank you ^^
Hello there, Stranger!

Sorry I've been gone so long! Mom life is rough. haha. I hope you're still around on here!
Yeah, just not as often as I used to be, that's all. Glad to see you back AND with a little one in tow *Heart*
Welcome back, remusmdh Missed ya!

Hannah ♥
Well actually have something to post here this week:
Yesterday was one of those days that started with a pre-cursor to a very bad type of PTSD + anxiety type of day, but instead turned into early to bed, 10hrs of sleep, and an early wake-up today. So...

Writing goals laid out for this week, two beta reading projects to try to get a handle on now, and some writing needing done.

Let's see just how bad my time management skills are, lol.
Because this week was full brainstorm after brainstorm, I've officially renamed it "brainstorm monsoon season" *chuckles*

But it definitely seems the novelization of "The Horror of Melza Wood has taken off. Now hopefully having two projects that cohabitat within the same universe will help me to always have something to write on and begin to make some steady writing progress this year.

Hopefully ;)
Belated setting of weekly goals, but I got one of my "once a decade" sick yesterday, am already recovering today, so I'm behind on a "few things" *chuckles*
Actually achieved my one and only remaining goal for these weekly "writing goals" things:
Rinse repeat