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Happy birthday Geoff, how are you.
Bet your tucked up in Alas.
Alexi *Heart*
Thanks Alex. I'm doing great. Nice to hear from you.
Happy birthday, Geoff!
I hope you're enjoying your day.
Happy Birthday!
You're so quiet over here... hope all is well, love! *Heart*
Thinking of you, love! *Heart*
Happy Birthday Geoff
Thanks Mina
Happy Birthday!
Thanks River
I'm getting moved into my new home, (# 3), in Gainesville, Fla.
Congrats! I hope you find as much happiness in your new home as I have found in mine.
Oh MY... just what we need in the world, anuuut'er "Gator fan."
Don't worry Joey. I don't pay much attention to ANY team sports. *Bigsmile*
I'll be adding a third residence to my bio soon. Keep your eyes open for updates.
I've added a new entry to my book, "POTPOURRI AND OTHER RANK ESOTERICA:
Doctor Who Xmas special! TODAY!!
Awww yeah