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Last night we made the difficult decision to help release beloved dog Destiny from her misery. We put her to sleep her passing was not easy on her and we couldn't keep her here anymore. She hadn't slept or eaten since last friday. She couldn't breathe other than very hard laborious panting she could not longer more on her own to do what she please. Her energy was gone, she was absolutely exhausted and miserable. I pray she forgives me any wrong or not doing right by her. I pray she knows how much I loved her and what a important part of my life she was. I'll never stop loving her and Domino. I pray she knows that she was never less than or second rate to Domino or anyone else. I pray she never thought I gave up on her. I never did but she knew and we knew she just wasn't going to get better. I think she honestly after Domino passed lost her will to live. One month apart they're both on the otherside now. I miss them and I'm more miserable than I already was. She was my bright spot my anchor when we lost Domino and now she too is gone. I loved them and now they're gone.

May healing and peace be with you.

Last night my much loved dog Domino passed away and I'm lost and miserable. Domino had been like a sibling to me and to most people animals are just animals and pets are only pets but, not A+ Super #1 Domino. Someone who doesn't know or doesn't care see's your dog or cat or whatever pet you have as expendable, replaceable but when you love something or someone whole heartedly then words can never adequately describe the holes and eventual scar left after they die. He was a human in animal (dog) form. I feel so empty and lost and lonely. He was the type of dog that even people who hated dogs ended up loving him and wanting him for their own. He gave love in equal measure and then some and was given the same. I'm greedy and selfish and would want those I love and care about to be around me til the day that I die, if it was up to me it would happen like that. No I do not have children or a husband but I had Domino and the rest of my family and that was good enough. But now I just hurt like hell. Yes I understand that every life must end but I still hate it and it hurts like hell. We made him a coffin its cold in the 30's for this part of Florida and I'm sick and dreading having to bury him beneath the ground. I hate the thought that he's gone. It makes me sick that he had to die. I dread knowing that he's dead that he's buried beneath the ground. That he isn't alive. But still there is one thing that comforts me, the vet was wrong. He didn't die in misery and drowning in built up/backed up fluid in his heart and lungs. It wasn't alone and scared and miserable in the middle of the night. He went quickly and my brother was there with him in his last moments. That gives my brother a degree of peace and hopefully Domino too. I still miss him and I hate thanksgiving!! I've never had a really great thanksgiving where something bad didn't happen or death wasn't involved.
This is a terrible loss. We're so pleased that you took the time to get in touch. You knew we'd want to be here to give you our support for as long as you need it. We'll be keeping in touch. Much love and warmest best, Gab
I apologize for the late reply, but I haven't been on the website in a while. I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. There will always be another lovely dog to take the place of your lost beloved pet, but it will never replace him in your heart...they will just simply share the space. I'm sorry you're suffering. If there's anything I can try to do, please let me know.*ButterflyB*
After reading your Bio, I will agree, Steven King is a great aurther, but he doesn't know how to finnish storys.
I have to agree somewhat with that too. Esp. the ending to some of his short story collections.
I have enjoyed your writing, hope to stay in touch! know I will improve my writing by observing your many offerings.

Your "Like a Song" Contest was a refreshing breath of life for me!

Artemis Quill
A couple hours late, but... *BalloonR* Happy WdC Birthday! *BalloonR*

Love your 'like a song' contest, its loads of fun *Wink*
*Blush* I'm late responding but Thank You so much for the birthday wish *Smile*! I'm very glad that you love the contest I try to make it a good contest.
Happy WDC birthday!
Aww, Thank ya *Smile*! I appreciate the birthday scribble/Wish!
Wow!! I was really surprised... ThankYou for becoming my Fan. *Blush* *hugs* (The new features here ROCK!!)
You're more than welcome, I like your writing style :)!
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