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Should we be SCARED of God????

What if the answer is "Yes!"

Read my latest article to look into this question.

"Should We Be Scared Of God?

I'm polytheistic. None of my gods is scary. As long as I perform monthly human sacrifices they shine their light on me.

So, no to scary gods and no to reading the article. It's too long and single spaced.
Well, Annette , I am glad you didn't read it. Thank you.
I am thinkin bout reading your article, but I haven't yet so if or when I read it, I'll leave another answer but here is my first.

I don't think we should exactly be scared of God, but I think we should fear Him.
Happy Anniversary.
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Thank you
Happy Anniversary!
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Thank you.
I've just added a new item in my portfolio:
By His Stripes, We Are Healed?  (E)
What does this passage really mean?
. Have a look.
People do what they do,
because they believe
what they believe.

What do you believe?

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I believe that everyone has a true love, a soul mate. I believe that people will go through boyfriends, and girlfriends until they find the one meant for them. Everyone has a true love and desired to be loved like they are a queen or a king every day.
I gave my life to the Lord because
I had nowhere else to go.
Now, I stay with the Lord because
there is nowhere else to go.
Feliz Navidad (Happy New Year)
to everyone at WdC. God bless you all
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Happy Anniversary!

Such an ugly word, but is it true that ALL police are racists?
Read my article and get one man's opinion.

Is It Racism or Bad Police Officers?  (13+)
How do you feel about racism regarding the police?
#2228114 by PastorJuan

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I’m paraphrasing Sam Harris here, but he said something along the lines of: “All we have between peace and violence is a series of successful conversations.”

This article was high quality, and SOURCED.
I just want to express my complete gratitude to all who have served and still serve this wonderful country. I thank my brother Joe, who served in the Navy and has since died. I appreciate my brother-in-law, Mark Holland, who also served in the Navy, and thank God is still with us. I also thank my brother-in-law, Jose Delgado, who also served in the Navy. And, finally, but never least, my son, Eliazar David Perez, who as well, served in the United States Navy. I thank him for his service and consider him my personal hero.
HEY! Who doesn't have a habit

they would like to get rid of?

Habits and How to Change Them  (13+)
How to deal with bad habits and addiction.
#2221259 by PastorJuan

Hi everyone, God bless you.
I pray you are doing well.

Check out my new Editorial

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COVID-19 - Down to Earth Facts   [13+]
Down to earth facts, everyone needs to know.
by PastorJuan

From Pastor Juan

I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.

God Bless Everyone, Today!

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Hey hey how is it going dude. I haven't seen you for a long time
Happy WdC Anniversary Juan

Happy Anniversary!
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