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So I was watching Angels and Demons about... I dunno 4 or 5 months ago.. and I had a thought run through my head then that I just remembered.

At the end of Angels and Demons Ewan McGregors character escapes arrest by setting HIMSELF on fire and the first thought I had was Vader goin' all "THAT'S HOW IT FEELS"

I could be ashamed. But I'm not.

I need sleep.
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Wow I haven't heard of this show is it good?
Is it weird that the most efficient way for me to write/re-write anything is to write a paragraph per note book and then correct it as I blend each part together? Man I need a filing cabinet... and less notebooks. I turn into Winifred Sanderson when I walk by the notebook aisle. "BoooooOOOOOOOK"

Anyway I haven't slept since yesterday so... carry on.
You need to sleep girl.
That would be wonderful. In the middle of Med adjustments... New dose and type on my adderall. I waiting for it to even out it takes a while.
*I'm waiting
Tips for turning a small blurb in to an actual short story? I'm gonna take a shot at that with a piece listed in my portfolio called "Submission by Moonlight".. anyone got some tips? Out of my element here.
A very well written vignette, has an excellent "hook". Please take a bit of time, read it and offer some tips if you can!!
You got this girl. Choose your perspective and a character and go
I used to have fun with friends people watching at Wal-mart but alas... it won't happen again any time soon. -_-
We would sit around outside and make up stories about the lives of the people we would see. The whole mask and social distancing is um... it's just totally killed that for us.
With the masks you can turn them into lame super hero and villains
Just try to imagine what your neighbors are going through and what is going on in their households, what are the teenagers up to in their bedroom.
Well that just totally started my day off on the right foot. I'm like ecstatic over this.
Now that things are calming down (for now) on this end of the laptop screen I should be able to respond to reviews and such. Sorry to those of you who shot excellent reviews my way and are just now getting replies.
Relax getting lost in what your doing is part of the game no one will fault you for that
Well this is fun. Sitting in my room as always...watching Star Wars... which is fine I love Star Wars. I storm trooper mask and stickers. Got a pocket watch of the Falcon on the rear view. It would be so nice to sit in my car, play a movie, relax, and watch Star Wars on the new car radio I have that can read External Hard drives. Problem? Suddenly going outside can be dangerous and looking at someone from miles away could land you with a disease that will kill you. I agree this is a problem. But I forget what it's like to lay on the grass outside and feel a nice little breeze. I like to go to the beachers in York Beach Maine but you can only go to the park for Nubble Light and you can't get out of the car. All of it is having a dangerous impact on my plethora of mental health diagnoses. I'm isolated, anxious... my meds for ADHD are having no effect at all so there goes decision making. I'm sleeping too much and doing NOTHING. I hope this stops so this country, this world, can heal and never have this happen again don't get me wrong. But for me right now in this moment... I don't like my apartment anymore.
When you randomly decide to watch a movie you have respect for but haven't seen in years... and all of a sudden you remember a quote that gives you chills. I love those kinds of words. They make me feel something. Which is nice.

“The earth turns, but we don’t feel it move. Then one night you look up, one spark, and the sky is on fire." Gangs of New York *Heart*
Since I tend to be mainly nocturnal, I have learned that at 3 am you do not chase down coffee. You get a 20 oz of Red Bull and a blank sheet of paper. This is not merely advice... It's more like a very short autobiography.
I find that my best creativity comes out at 3 a.m. when I am dead tired or overtired. My thoughts just come out on paper differently.
Yep. And my personal favorite part about 3 am is there are less people around so I can think straight enough to actually write something quality.
There are two things in my life that inspires others to head for hills. Me realizing it was them who woke me up from my nap and why no one has replaced the flickering light bulb in the living room. I'd buy them myself but I'd rather not die thanks to a trip to Walmart for light bulbs.
Can't sleep? Keep posting writing pieces and writing new ones until you lose the ability to hold a pen. That's what I'm up to tonight.
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