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Have not been on here for a while. In july I had my first book of short stories published by smashshwords.com,(Bedtime Stories for the Pseudo Adult Bikers) under the pen name of RRick Jaxon. I also started a new profile on FB to help promote it. I included my cancer survival story in the back to encourage others not to give up on their medical struggles. It's not doing so well so I decided to publish just my cancer survival story last week,TERMINAL CANCER CAN BE BEAT, BY RRICK JAXON since not everyone will be interested in my fictional short stories. I'm still plugging away at my YA novel and other short stories I'm a bit disappointed but won't give up. I am still trying to get off disability/pension from the VA (my 14 year old son and I just can't live on this little bit of money). I was taking small handyman work to help out but my truck broke down and I have no money to fix it so I can't get tools and materials to job site and I've been turning down work. I started making Bamboo Bong and selling them on line last week and hope these take off. It's a bit overwhelming especially when I see my son going with out the things he wants or I'd like to provide for him. Everyone struggles one way or another and everything works out for the best in the end but sometimes ya gotta' vent, so that's what I'm doing here. Thanks for getting this far and keep us in your prayers. NEVER GIVE UP, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!
Praying! Stay strong! Things always turn! Hold on till it does.
I started a GoFund Me account to see if I can get my book of short stories published. I plan to put my cancer survival story in the back of all the books I get published. Any help will be greatly appreciated. R. Hollon Shadions aka R.R. Jaxon Pen name. GoFundMe.com/getting-off-disabilitypension
Why do you need funding to get published? Are you paying a vanity publisher?
I have had some medical issues lately so haven't been doing much. Things are looking up and the biopsy came back negative for cancer. Now they have to find the problem. Hope every one has a blessed week. Rick
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Hope that all goes well for you and I will put a prayer up for you tonight Rick. Thank goodness you have no cancer.
Alexi *Heart*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Lonely Times  (E)
Poem of Love
Trying to do more poetry for experience and never lost self lasting fame.
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