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It hasn’t escaped my attention that there’s been a lot of depression and death around, including WDC. And I’m tired of it, exhausted from feeling sad and trying to find answers. If this is how we are now, we’re never gonna make it through the holidays.
 So here’s what I’m gonna propose: Lornda is hosting her competition, "The Humorous Short Story Contest"   by Lornda . I’m a believer in energies, and I believe a good energy can be transmissible. Writing a funny story is not only good for the writer, but it’s also important to readers, to pass along a feeling of laughter. I am so happy to give 5,000 GPS to each of the first twenty-five people who enter this competition.
 Maybe we can save ourselves and those around us through laughter. Midnight on the thirty-first is the deadline, and the only requirements are a max of 2,000 words, a well-presented story, and Lornda has to laugh. If Lornda laughs, then chances are, others will, too. I mean, there are a couple of other requirements, but go, see what you think you can come up with. We still have a week.
The Humorous Short Story Contest  (18+)
Fiction, non-fiction, old, or new entries ~New Round Now Open
#1983164 by Lornda

Thanks for the awesome incentive! *Heart*
Laughter is good medicine! Bring laughter into your life every day.
What a Wonderful idea, I'm getting the keyboard warmed up *Smile* , and
I agree a thousand percent, we gotta get the positivity vibes going *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*
I have the opportunity to purchase some books, and I'm curious: what book do you think characterizes your country? I have Don Quixote and a couple by Hugo, but I want to know what you consider the defining piece of literature from your world, Americans included, please!
I have The Metamorphosis in my cart! Thank you!
To understand Nebraska read Willa Cather's "My Antonia". It's great insight into the Czech immigrant. I lived in that region at a time folks still spoke Czech or German.

Norway... Most anything by Ibsen (1890s). Unset's "Kristen Lavransdatter" (historical during the plague). Present day try Jo Nesbø, psychological and very dark (nordic noir).
Well, I like Ivan Doig, a Montana author. His book, 'Last Bus to Wisdom' is just wonderful. So it's not about a country, but a country. If you get my meaning.
I bought an Apple Pencil because I still love the idea of hand-written stories and letters. And then I did research on it. Apparently it learns your handwriting and habits, and I can't help but feel like I've ruined a perfectly cool piece of technology.
It's taken a lot of patience to learn how to use it, but I've been loving it more and more. We're forming an understanding, this pencil and I. Besides, it's a great excuse when {ruser: fyndorian} points out my editing mistakes, and I can pretend to blame the Pencil.
Just don't let it rise in the night and write while you're asleep. Puts a whole new slant on 'ghost writer'.

If I had to hand write anything, there'd be a problem, no body would be able to read it, not even me.
So that would have to be one heck of a magical pencil😁
Y’all, I got to hang out in person with my mentor Fyninstein and the awesome artist and my friend, EarthenAura . Coolest week ever!
         A yellow orb spider has moved into a corner of the porch. We call it a writin’ spider, cause there's lore stating if it writes your name, you’ll die...on the other hand, if you wake up to “Some Pig” etched into a web, you'll have a good day at the fair, so there's that...
I don't get why the pig was deemed special. The spider can READ AND WRITE! *Rolling*
I think a formidable looking spider like that is predicting its own terrible , violent demise. Most would not permit that creature to live anywhere near them. Could this be the root cause of many a house fire?
SandraLynn Slitherin' My daughter called Wild Life Game Preserve to capture a huge spider on her porch. It was so big, she could see its mandibles moving. Maybe we should leave Rhymer's notebook alone. *Laugh*
Schnujo Cujo Misses Fangus says it came from Charlotte's Web.

And now, I can't stop thinking. *Laugh*
Dear Ninja Monkeys,
 You know what you did. Thank you. ❤️
Do all writers keep and save everything they’ve written just in case, or is that how hoarding starts? Asking for a friend, and don’t mind these boxes of papers from high school behind me…
Tell your friend to be very wary of when they reach 'critical mass', one or two writers have disappeared in strange circumstances following the brief and unexpected appearance of what physicists have taken to calling 'Temporary Domestic Black Holes', (apparently they aren't yet common enough to warrant a cool acronym.)
I do. I have notebooks full of stuff dating all the way back to when I had just started writing. Then again, I've always been a bit obsessive about it.
I do and I not only save all my stuff but anything else written my my kids when they were young. They would have a fit if they knew (our secret *Wink* )

Keep in mind, yes, I am a hoarder and that is how it probably starts *Geek*
Thank you, Anonymous! I hope your weekend rocked!
Writing Epiphany #3987:
           I think...stories are maybe the most important things our species needs right after food, air, and water. We wake up and read the news, scanning through stories that will set the tone for our own story for the day. The water cooler has a reputation for gathering the stories of the office. We arrive home to ask those in our clan about their daily stories. Then we watch the stories of others, sometimes fiction and sometimes not, to relax. When alone, I know I tend to contemplate how others are doing, and what I don't know, my mind plays around and fills in the gaps. The need for the next story is as innate to what we are as is the search for air and nutrition and liquid.

Am I just being silly and pseudo-philosophical, or is there merit here?
Food for thought. Interesting idea you propose there.
Not silly.
Very insightful.
I feel like I understand myself a little more now.
I've got this permanent plot going on in my head that grows and evolves every day. I thought I was weird or focusing on that story as a way to skirt real stuff, whatever that is.
Now it makes sense.
It's obvious that my mind needs it like my body needs food, water, exercise and rest.

You are brilliant. As always, Rhymer.
All cultures have a history of story-telling. For many, that is or was the only way of passing along history and knowledge.
In your opinion, what's an effective college textbook concerning creative writing? And while we're at it, what books would you recommend in order to understand aspects one might not have known or considered? On Writing by King and Strunk and White live on my person quite a bit...
A serrated paraphrased dipthongial claused modifier is obviously an extinct dinosaur. Fyninstein is just punking you. *DinoStego*
Also, my creative writing professor got back to me. The book she recommends is:

Burroway & Stuckey-French; Writing Fiction- A Guide to Narrative Craft

Burroway & Stuckey-French; Writing Fiction- A Guide to Narrative Craft  
I suspect she punks me quite a bit more than I’m aware…
Thank you anonymous! You rock!

 Spouse: What…what are you doing?
 Me: I’m writing.
 Spouse: No, you’re crying.
 Me: I’m writing.
 Spouse: Why? You’re crying.
 Me, sobbing and typing: Because it’s fun!
Rainbow Teardrops  (E)
Devastation on New Year’s Eve in 1937 Pittsburgh…
#2257847 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow
Nice story. My favorite bit, "...the shards fall as light as the snow..." Very descriptive. *Cool*

But I admit, I didn't cry. *Think* *Laugh* But I was impressed. That counts, right? *Bigsmile*

I’m counting it! lol It’s okay if you don’t cry…as long as I’m crying, I’m figuring out emotions, and if I can figure mine out, maybe I can figure out how to crack everyone else. I can feel the power running through my blood! Mwa ha ha!
...And now I'm scared of a newbie... *Scared*

I need some help. I’ve been out and about, enjoying the birthday festivities, dropping by booths…but I can’t find the warm peanut vendor. I can smell the peanuts roasting, and I’ve been all over. I moseyed up by the “Ink Through History” exhibition…I got to see the Hemingway Bull Experience where you dress up as Papa and run with a CGI bull. I’ve filled almost all of my autograph book with signatures from moderators. I’ve even walked three times back that way, down to the booth “Adverbs: Friendly?” and back…I’ve found most concessions, but I can’t find the warm peanuts…
The one who is certifiably nuts can't find them? *collapses on the ground laughing hysterically!*
Says our queen. Ha HA!
Might you be implying that I am the Queen of All Things Nutty? BOW when you imply that, minion! :)
Been checking out the booths and festivities today, and, for the most part, it’s been really cool. I did hate the “Dickens Ride”, and I would not recommend. All the ride consists of is getting into Miss Havisham’s crusty wedding dress while listening to her berate your existence with English sarcasm I don’t exactly understand…two stars…The Jackie Collins booth was way cooler, and they held demonstrations.
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