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“An armed 22-year-old entered an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just before midnight Saturday night and immediately opened fire, killing at least five people and injuring 18 others, before patrons stopped and disarmed him, police said Sunday.”


         Walking through the “Ravine of Regrets” for the last month and a half seems silly now. An important personal transition to be sure, but now it’s time for me to come back.. Exhaustion no longer matters when we have a job to do.

         The symbolism of a massacre on the day of Trans Remembrance is not lost or ignored, and it should be understood as the deliberate act of murder in which it was intended. This kid walked into a bar and made his stand by eviscerating life and shattering lives. There will never be enough tears shed.

         The LGBTQ+ community is a gorgeous mural painted thick with the deepest and most vibrant colors. We’ve always existed, and we’ll always be here. I’m sad for those we lost over the weekend, I’m disgusted that life will never be the same for those in the bar, and I’m devastated that there are still people who feel as if this act is warranted.

         But my heart bursts with pride for those who fought back, for those who protected their own community even as shots were fired. To be allowed to be a part of the greater LGBTQ+ people is an honor I’m discovering every day of my life now, to know that we come from such a strong group.

         It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

*Rainbowl**Rainbowr*      *Heartrainbow*      *Rainbowl**Rainbowr*
Such a sad day. This is the second mass shooting in Colorado Springs, the last one at a Planned Parenthood in 2015. Honestly, I don't even know what to say about this other than to wonder (again) how this got to be a thing in our country. No place is safe from these people's agendas: schools, churches, medical clinics, night clubs, grocery stores.
There are no words. These events are uncommon in Thailand (except for criminal gangs and car accidents) but last month over 20 children were massacred at a pre-school in Uthit Sawan, not that far from Udon Thani where I'm staying. The community was shocked.

Hopefully, Colorado was shocked too... but it appears that the USA is numb or gleefully supporting laws like "Don't Say Gay" that make us invisible and even more at risk.

Govenor de Santis should issue a statement. It's been Orlando in the past and could easily be Florida in the future. I wonder whether he understands the connection.
“Where the hell is Rhymer?”

I’m working my way back.

You're missed. Take care of yourself. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
On a completely unrelated note, you're very loved and a wonderful person. *Heart* *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Heart*

Rhymer's "Newbie" Tip #5309:

         Helloooo! Hi, there! Welcome to Writing.com! Your calendar will be in the mail in one year, but for now, enjoy the complete control of writing and owning your works. You are certainly free to do what you wish with your stories, but please consider...

         Quit deleting all your works just because you think they're subpar. If you're a newbie, they're supposed to be weak in places, and that fear and panic you feel now that it's posted? That's normal. We all experience that. All of us. It's part of the process and part of the art of exposing who are you deeper than even you could realize.

         When you delete what you consider a weak piece, you rob yourself of the opportunity to learn and grow. You're too new to understand how your talent has worked its way into your story, still too fresh to know while you might have written something you don't love, you can revise it in a year after you've learned. That's what we're here for: to learn how to expand ourselves in every way to keep this art flourishing. It can't flourish if we delete it.

         Here. Here are literally my worst. I keep them as they are to remind myself where I came from.

         *Bulletb*    "Dear Me (2021)

         *Bulletb*    "To Be The Man (4245 wds)

         *Bulletb*    "There’s No Magic in Oklahoma

         Feel free to delete everything always, but remember...your story had been working its way to the surface for a while, and you had the fortification to post it...keep riding that confidence, and let your story stew. It deserves to live for all the work you did. You can always go back to make it better later.

And you won't always be a "newbie".

I think it was a muppets orchestra that the conductor said to turn to #101 and one of the members said they only know 1 (or 2?) songs. The conductor said yes, but if you start numbering from 100, it looks better. I assumed that's what was going on here. *Laugh*
I delete things from my port all the time. But they are written on a PC, saved in a folder and backed up on a USB. WdC is just where I go for advice on things I'm working on. I have to delete when something gets published.

We all use WdC for different things. Everyone's writing journey is their own.
We do, indeed, use WDC as our own journey. I love that about WDC.
Happy Coming Out Day!

         In October of 1998, when I was a seventeen year old, Matthew Shepard was found clinging to life tied to a fencepost. I was coming to terms with being a homo while members of The First Baptist Church of Keota, Oklahoma started talking when I prayed out loud for Shepard. From this point in 1998 until December of the same year, that church sent the pastor and three of the deacons to my house to demand I step down as the assistant music director or they’d remove me.

         They had to remove me.

         And here I am, doing my thing, doing our thing on WDC. To see the genre stretch out, to watch you guys becoming better artists and stronger writers…to be able to learn about myself through you guys…I’m pretty damned satisfied in my life.

         If you’re not ready to come out, please don’t. The point is to shed the identities others have placed upon us as long as it’s correct within our nature. And coming out isn’t just a queer thing…shedding those misconceptions and labels is universal. We all do it.

         Regardless, this is a day to find love for yourself, for your story. It’s a day to celebrate that we’re okay and to be reminded our story is important. What gives us our Pride, the work we put into discovering ourselves without the influences from society, that’s what’s important.

I love you. You should, too. *Heartrainbow*

Thank you!
Some folks may find it easier to 'push the envelope' on Halloween or Mardi Gras than Easter or Christmas or during an OU-OSU football game.

Oklahoma puzzles me. Many Native Nations didn't have the intolerant Victorian attitude found among Northern and Central and Eastern Europeans ... until ... Perhaps too many became Baptist. My friend was ran out of town because she befriended gay people. But that was around 2005 and in Pryor/Vinita. Still...

I really liked Oklahoma.

As for here in Montana... supposedly 'tolerant' but... so was Laramie, Wyoming. *Worry*

I feel safer in Portugal and Taiwan and expect the same in Thailand because the culture is more tolerant in general. Good, moral people don't need laws to treat others with respect.

Merely calling oneself Bapist or Evangelical doesn't make one either moral or good. *Sad*
Thank You Cnote

         I know June is still pretty far away, but it’s never too early to start planning a celebration. If you host an activity and would like to be involved, then definitely check out "WDC’s 2023 Pride Celebration Committee

WDC’s 2023 Pride Celebration Committee  (18+)
A group working together to bring a Pride celebration worthy of its community.
#2282829 by Rhymer Reisen
Are you trying to hypnotize us with your swirls?!? *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling*
Why aren't you Edvanka anymore? Sorry. That name is impossible to spell...
Maybe that's why, Elycia ☮. *Laugh*
I feel so sorry for the October newbies…when November comes around and our handles change back, they’re gonna be so lost. “Rhymer Reisen? Jesus, he should’ve just stuck with Eekvanka…”
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Ikr? And who is this Scary Master? Why are there ghosts everywhere?

I see y’all’s creepy handle changes and raise you one disturbing online drag persona…
I think Eekvanka could be WDC’s watered-down Elvira…”UP! All night!”
To be honest, I think you'd have decent odds at winning a "who wore it better" debate.

Well, as tired as Eekvanka looks, she's looking better than Ivanna these days.
Nobody will ever be able to convince me that WDC doesn’t work or that the community can’t change who we are.

"I Said What I Said, dammit.

Ditto on what Jeff said! Love ya, Rhymer! *Heartp*
I back this entry with ferocious mama-bear energy and the attitude of a honey badger.

Don't mess with my brood - and that includes my chosen family.

I'm so proud of you. You deserve the same love you give everyone else.*Heart*
I'm a little late to the party, but hey, I showed up.

You, my friend, are mighty. I back up what you said in this piece, what Jeff and Lilli said, and I back up Jayne's momma bear energy with some scary-ass momma Chihuahua energy.
I’m kinda back and will be rooting around in my emails soon…

Thank y’all so much for the love!
Welcome back as much as you can.
If you find any of the acorns I hid there, can you send them my way? Gettin' kinda hangry over here...
I was thinking of you yesterday. Such a relief to see Your Queen-ness back among us.
Covid again…fevery and sleepy, but fine…Prism will be out next Friday. You guys take care, and I’ll see you when I emerge from my cave!
Oh no! Hope you feel better. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can!
Take good care of yourself. Make sure to stay hydrated.
Get well soon.

This. This is why my bfs aren’t allowed to touch my officey things.
I keep the dry erase markers with the white board and the permanent markers in a drawer elsewhere. lol As previously mentioned, alcohol can work. Oddly, I've also found that sometimes writing over it with a dry erase marker can help erase it. No idea why. Good luck!
Rubbing alcohol should get that off. *Wink*
Hand sanitizer - which is rubbing alcohol - might give you a bit more working time in each section.

Then you wipe off the hand sanitizer residue with straight rubbing alcohol.

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”I believe marriage is why Oscar Wilde turned to alcoholism and bone-inhalation.”

-Peter Griffin, Family Guy
I was married for 30 years. It's not that bad and keeps you from getting bored.
43 the first time, 10 (so far) the second. I guess I'm now a reoffender. *Rolling*
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