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Hello to all my fans, i have some strange and lovely written on my page, just follow me and read.. enjoy the ride
*Flowery* *Flowerb* *Flowerp* *Flowerr* *Flowerp* *Flowerb* *Flowery*

I see you're new to WDC,
There's nought for you to fear,
I'm stopping by to say hello,
It's great to have you here!

*Flowery* *Flowerb* *Flowerp* *Flowerr* *Flowerp* *Flowerb* *Flowery*

*Smile* Please stop by and introduce yourself at "Coffee Lounge *Smile*

I will join by i first want to read and know more about it.. Just give me time, i really want to take a cup of coffee
the link is in the post....
It feels good when i open my notebook and see the sun rising and the white big clouds cover half of it and the air is so cold and feels good when you breath. It is a good day and i just can't wait to draw my plans and work on it and in the evening,I just sit some where with a good music and a good atmosphere with smiles on people face, sitting and drinking and chatting and having fun. In the night, you get into your room and forget to take off your dress and sleep with a smile like ever forever.
The wind is wavy & cold, the night is dark, the blood-moon is half covered with dark clouds. A lonely night with scary voices coming from the far end of the forest towards you.You have just got to the middle of the forest,what are you going to do,Shout!!!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/ric_otb