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🌟 Create Your Own Fictional World Quiz! 🌎

Hey everyone! Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity and imagination? Take this quiz to explore the depths of your imagination and create your very own fictional world! Let's see what kind of magical realms or futuristic landscapes you can dream up.


Read each question carefully.
Choose the answer that resonates with you the most.
At the end, tally up your points to discover the unique features of your fictional world!
What is the dominant landscape of your world?
a) Lush forests and mystical mountains
b) Vast oceans and sprawling islands
c) Endless deserts and shimmering sands
d) Technological cities and towering skyscrapers
Which creatures inhabit your world?
a) Dragons and unicorns
b) Mermaids and sea serpents
c) Sandworms and phoenixes
d) Androids and aliens
What is the primary source of magic or power in your world?
a) Ancient artifacts imbued with mystical energy
b) Elemental forces such as fire, water, air, and earth
c) Cosmic energy from distant galaxies and stars
d) Advanced technology harnessing the power of science
Who are the ruling beings or entities in your world?
a) Wise and ancient wizards who uphold balance
b) Benevolent sea kings and queens who govern with compassion
c) Nomadic tribes guided by the spirits of the land
d) Enigmatic artificial intelligences that control all aspects of society
What is the major conflict or challenge faced by the inhabitants of your world?
a) The struggle between light and darkness, good and evil
b) The threat of environmental catastrophe and the loss of natural habitats
c) The quest for inner harmony and spiritual enlightenment
d) The battle for control and dominance between different factions or civilizations

For every "a" answer, add 1000 points.
For every "b" answer, add 800 points.
For every "c" answer, add 600 points.
For every "d" answer, add 400 points.
Once you've calculated your score, share it in the comments below along with a brief description of your fictional world! Let's unleash our imaginations and see what incredible worlds we can create together!
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My world has lush forests, vast deserts, intimidating mountain ranges, and rolling grasslands. There are civilizations in every ecosystem, depending on the species and climate. The source of magic comes from within; all citizens are born with talent; some have far greater access to power than others. Devices and jewelry only aid in channeling power more effectively.
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An interesting perspective on writing, and letting go of things that could cause "writer's block"
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