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It's been a year [actually a little more than that, I just realized it today] that I had been promoted to YELLOW. It feels like just yesterday that I got that mail and bundles of surprises and gifts and MBs ...

How time flies... *HappyCry* *HappyCry* *Bigsmile*

*Heart* YOU WDC ...
Have a look at this page....

Heartbroken... *HeartBroken*

I have lost my phone [just a year old] and my Kindle today... Some 'ultra-smart' guy had picked them from my bag while I was getting down from the bus.

Feeling like *Angry* and *Headbang*
Some people would rather steal than work. So sorry this happened to you. *Heart*
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....Writer's Cramp....
The Writer's Cramp  (13+)
Write the best story OR poem in 24 hours or less and win the 10K GP daily prize!
#333655 by Sophy

*CakeB* *CandleB* *BalloonG* *PartyHatO* *ConfettiV* *CandyCaneG* *Candy3* *Candy5* *Candy2* *CandyCaneR* *ConfettiB* *PartyHatB* *BalloonR* *CandleP* *CakeB*

Congratulations to the esteemed judges:

*Glass* Sophy

*Glass2* Shaara

*Glass4* Dragon

*Glass3* ♥ HOOves Summer of Luv ♥

*Glass5* Jay

*Glass* Bianca

*Glass2* Robert Waltz
I would take the opportunity to thank The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress for creating such a beautiful community that has become a world on its own.

It's one of its kind and a wonderful place to be...

I *Salute* you for the hard work that goes behind in keeping this site up and running 24X7...

With lots of *Heart*
Rima ~ Irregular in WDC

Birthday tag

*Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb*

I brought you some cake!

Rima ~ Irregular in WDC

Many Happy Returns!!!

[I hope you find an awesome job real soon. *Smile* ]

*Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakeb* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakey*

Thank you so much.... The cakes are awesome.. Let share some with you.. *Cake* *Cake2*

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animated happy birthday

Hope your day is great!!

Thank you Nixie...
Check out
Kristoez Defence Force  (18+)
Join Judy Dench in her journey from a little girl to Lieutenant of KDF
#2173133 by Rima ~ Irregular in WDC
Hello People

Have you noticed the Birthday Challenge

Five days left before the first round ends... Its till 14th Sep midnight WdC time...

The second round with a new promot starts on 15th...
Just write a short story or a poem inspired by the prompt and write one review and you are done...

So come along and enjoy...

*CakeP* *Cakeb* *Cakeb* *CakeP*
Happy Birthday WDC!!!

To celebrate..


is now officially open...

Way to go with your first contest! Thanks for putting it together, we appreciate all of the hard work. Keep *Plug*ing it. I'm sure you'll get some fun entries. *Bigsmile*

There's still time to keep celebrating. "Angel Roulette Wings is a lot of fun. Check it out! *Cool*
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Congratulations on your promotion to preferred author! Don't forget to use your new cloths {image:4000}

Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.
Thank you... :)

Congratulations on becoming a Preferred Author!

*Stary* *Confettiy* *Bursty* Way to go. *Stary* *Confettiy* *Bursty*

So happy for you!!