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Buzzkill is a buzzkill word.

Sorry to be a...*ahem*...Buzzkill.

Buzzkill is people!


You’ve given us a paywall link…
Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽 - and why I don’t save it for Twit…er…X, now.

*Bird* from *mayaangelouconstruct* *Smile*

Though, I could make an ‘X link’.

I’m way too far outside my *Brain* construct…
Because I’ll never figure out how to monetize, I’ll say I never wanted to in the first place.
*puts 50 on black*

So, why do it?

*sees marbles spilled on floor that need arranging*

No one else is picking them up.

I share:
poem and story...

"rose hips and swimming trunks

it took me a while to accept, but: i'm strange. and it's good.

poem still raw. edits will come after further 'research'.
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This could be edited for the collection.
I contain multiverses
that contain multitudes]


and that's before I've had my second cup of coffee

When you make that leap from Limp Bizkit's 'Break Something' to the Gorillaz "Feel Good, Inc." for a gif...you know the tone and direction of the day can change at any moment.
Brian K Compton - that's basically how the continuous multitude of playlists in my head work. (Of course, I don't control the tracks, there's no pause or skip, and the volume button is broken).
The unexpected barista that declines concern of your son-in-law’s morning ‘routine’ when seruptitious interruptis instigation ensues…

"Something About Coffee That’s Brewing

Title is a teaser and slight misnomer.

I swear my compree-hen-shun has increased by 10% with bean-pod entah-gray-shun and com-sumpt-shun with *shakes vial* medy-cay-shun.

Regarded as the ‘The second cup theory’.

Now back to your regularly misspelled, pot-hole-cratered grammar readings.

Mine. *Sad* *BigSmile* *Wink*
I used to think sad could seem so beautiful...

"Does It Title Well??

Now, I'm certain it is...without that happy ending.
I write and I write and I write and this is all I ever get out of it:

"The Human Wattage

Now, walk over to the bed. Pillow. Head.

I hope they get along tonight.
Jeff Winger: Guys, I wasn’t gonna show this to anyone, but, uh, it’s pretty profound. I kind of nailed it. If you want I can read it in the documentary. That is, unless you get Tom Hanks.

"I wonder if my cats feel stalked.

Entry title is a misnomer and a caveat hides within.

Done Googling definitions today.

I haven’t been keeping up, with emails especially. Getting there, I hope.
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As soon as I get my contest entries posted... at least that's what I tell myself...
Not much. How ‘bout you?

"Papa’s Hat

Lots to ponder when there’s nothing better to do.
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Might pare this down for brother’s memorial book I’m working on.
If you want to laugh until you’re annoyed, read this…

"Impulse Control and What’s Today?

…if you knew me, you wouldn’t want to know me…

One more hour of my life on Writing.Com
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Ever reread something you wrote and go…*FacePalm* ?
When you’re mad and fight the whole world because the things you love are slowly being taken away: memory, health, inclusion…that isn’t me. — Delusion

My memory of 1970 may be sketchy; but, my memory of last week is far worse. Where did I put my glasses? is a common utterance.

Health. *Worry* Inclusion? *Sad*

Ah... Delusion... My friend Death warned me about her/him/them.
Kåre Enga in Montana - eyes, hearing not good. I plow straight ahead. *BUMP* *what was that?*
Another trip to the pet store.*shrug*

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed by association in reference made in this post.
There’s been research: the older you get, the fewer friends. Apparently. *counts on a grain of rice* 1.
Ooo, more rice.

🍚 🥢
How I know ‘mindspeak’ exists:

when the younger generation insists gif is and always has been pronounced like the peanut butter brand.

This is not the word you are looking for.

Do you suppose Animal Farm had dry-erase?

*Brain2*, power down.
I know language is always changing. It causes cognitive dissonance for many people.

One several examples come from Shakespeare. Such as the word eyeball, he invented that. We certainly don't call "peek-a -boo" "playing Bo Peep" anymore.(The scene in Richard III where the king's advisor sneaks up on him uses the term "playing Bo Peep".)

I'm not saying everyone accepted it right away. It just illustrates that English has never been a consistent language. Even between continents things get pronounced differently. Ask someone from the UK how to pronounce the word Minotaur. I guarantee they won't pronounce it like an American.

Now here's my gif.(no matter how it's pronounced.)
Oxford accepts both pronunciations, so either is fine.

Why does nobody get wound up about JPEG? The P is for photographic, not potographic.

LASER isn't "lasser" even though the A is for amplification.

Acronyms are just weird ducks to begin with, and then there's other layers of pronunciation on top of that mess.
Wanted to respond to you, something like perfectly fine answers and left. Googled here, googled there, googled in my…and blip:

"A Sufficient Response

Thanks for the brain food. *munch-munch*
Only two hours of my life, but might get me published.
Adapted piece for an upcoming celebration of life for my brother:

"White Winged (Revised) from pandemic

Response to the pandemic and events like this fully speak to our mortality (existentialism), feeling left behind in that wake.
My condolences to you and your whole family.
I'm so sorry for your loss! *Hug1**Cry**Hug2*
Four-walled box of life…

"Another Nirvana Coming

…you may call it prison. I call it a cage I carelessly fly freely to and from, as I please.

…into the blue again… David Byrne/Talking Heads
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Don’t linger in the dark past day break.

I truly wish you'd post more often as you've been 'quiet' around here. Remember "Shadows and Light"... you've won it before and for good reason. Regardless, good to see you post.
Hello Brian,
I stopped by and browsed today. Subsequently, purchased Such Longing, Kudos on the excellent reviews you have written.
Take care,
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