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sometimes, I miss the punctuation police to point out
the error of my poetic ways to define and illustrate my thoughts:

*GemY*    "flung  *GemBL*

equating geology to life.
Edited this poem from the other day that I was afeared to share until I made some edits to make it sound more proper...


Explanation for the title and a bit more than you might want to know.

So, it's Quills time again, I hear? (not in regards to this poem, but a second topic of this post).

Newly edited.
The reason I'm less active here is because prescribed medications have lobotomized my personality and desire to write.

I thank those who have been trying to pull it out of me. *Rolleyes*

Lol sounds like loads of fun lol. Best of luck!
Though I'm fully vaccinated against Covid-19 now, I ponder...in my poetry blog:

"AntitheticalšŸ“Jottings by UnRenownPoet:

         "The Blue Wall

It's National Poetry month, I've been ignorantly aware.
Congo on Vaccination
story writing (creating) ever feel like this....?

"Building (Half Way)

are we building bridges to our past to repair parts of our unsolved stories, hoping it will salve wounds where we lack happy conclusion?

That is one cute cat.

It's a good question. I do both: avoid and explore. My poetry is a way to explore without me having to dwell in the past.
Vacation fodder:

Driving up and down Gulf Shores to Orange Beach, Pensacola and back, building a Spotify playlist with old country songs, when old feelings get hung on a few words connecting two eras of my life...

"Here I Am

I'll keep some sand between my toes and brain long after this.

I've added a new entry to my book, "AntitheticalšŸ“Jottings by UnRenownPoet:

"We Are Ships
I turn to read her tonightā€™s write
to realize sheā€™s already turned out her light.
Something to sharing in the moment that means more
rather than listen to the woman snore,
leaving me ashore.
Something to read on a lazy Sunday, when I'm too lazy to properly punctuate

"the blue markings

I hope you have an Amazing day Brian!

Here's to many more my friend.
S'wonderful! It's delightful. I'm thankful for the acknowledgement.
You're welcome, Brian.
Hugzzzz and love ā¤

Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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