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1,028 emails in my inbox. *Shock2*
Thinking maybe I should do a cleanup.

I have 419. I don't even want to go through those...
Sorry bout that *Laugh*
Seriously? *Shock2* You'll probably have to delete all and start again. I get nervous if there's more than 15. Many are time-sensitive.

Have fun. *Laugh*
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River *Heart*
Cool! Ideas, where ye be iders... they might show up... I think a good one is uk english versus american versus canadian written english. You canooks are much like us methinks...

Another one im interested in after my contest reviewing are the use of commas lately, or lack thereof: what’s going on with all the fragments and reference issues their lack is creating? Do you edit for commas, frags, and ref issues?
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Thank you, Anonymous for the GPs the best kind of Prank ever. *Heart*
Thank you, Anonymous! for the GPs Love this Prank game.

The past few months I've been going through a rough patch with arthritis flare-ups and diabetes issues so I haven't been around much.

I'm hoping to catch up soon. Much Love, River *Heart*

They say it's not hereditary? Odd. I think it totally is *Laugh*

Sorry River *Frown* You've had a hard year. I hope your appointment for a new doctor has passed and you have one now, or coming up. That doesn't help.

I've taken to wearing a disposable heat pak on my low back. In the Summer. So I've found it helpful but ran out already *Irritated* My sister says ice but no way! I can't take ice. Although I guess when I sleep on my stomach my cats lay on my back, yeah THATS free heat *Ha*

Hope you have some good snuggles with Sir Trevor. We'll still be here when you are feeling better *Heart* I know it must suck.
WhataFlare Yep, totally hereditary. I know that and you know that, but some doctors are a few fries short of a poutine. *Rolling* (Quebec humour)

One doctor told me I would have to have one RA gene from both parents for it to be hereditary. *Crazy*

*Rolling* I love the canook humor! Great one. I don't know what happens to some drs, perhaps their brains get 'fried' from so much book-learning early on and they're simply muddling through. It's been a topic lately on my boards *Whistle*
A huge thank you to ~Alexi~ who gifted me days of sunshine which included this merit badge

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 Blessings  Alexi *^*Heart*^*
as well as cNotes and reviews.

Thank you, Alexi, for your generous and thoughtful gift. I'm feeling so much better with all the love and sunshine glowing around me. *Heart*

All of Alexi's gifts have been sent to me by Sunnie from her wonderful ministry, "Days Of Sunshine

Thank you to both of you! I feel truly blessed

River *Heart*

*Music2* You are welcome River *Sun*
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Days Of Sunshine  (E)
Days of sunshine
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River *Heart*


Hiya! Happy belated birthday! *Choco*
I am just catching up. *Facepalm*
I hope you can join us in "Super Power Mini HOOP LA Challenge.
and maybe our Power raid to celebrate the Indigenous in our Canada! *Heart*
eyestar I'm catching up too. I do hope to join you. *Heart*
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIVER! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*

(I'm so sorry this is late!)