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I am Taz, and after being absent for a few years, I have returned to reconnect to the joy this site once gave me. I fondly remember posting in Blog city and summitting in prompt contest, and well as randomly posting writings that I was able to get feed back on.
Currently as lost as a newbie, but hoping to soon be back to feeling like I never left.
I have returned.
Welcome back!
I have gotten such great reviews/responses about this entry I am sharing it here so that those that may not yet be a part of blog city can read it too.
"Thankfully so
What a wonderful day, just read & you will see why.
"On my way
Read, review, or just use comments to offer leads.
"Writer dreaming to get paid
A blog from the unofficial 30 day challenge prompted this entry. Hope you enjoy.
"A birthday call from the future me.
I have just added my poem to my husband in my portfolio.

please feel free to give me feed back on it.
Taz I need to ask you a question Please email me.
~Alexi~ *Heart*
Thank you for praise and thank you to Bunch of Bloggers it was a good competition.

We soared like I knew would.