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Use your Notepad and plug in the WritingML for the item.

For example, if I had this ID #: 2096781 and wanted to find it, I could type in "Invalid Item. It would then give me this link:

"Sounds from My Youth"

"Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor would also give me the author:

"Sounds from My Youth" by (21)

So, if you have an item number, you can always find the item.
Try two things;
Make sure that the All of Writing.Com circle (bottom choice) is chosen
make sure you aren't including a number sign (#), put just 2096781 into the search box.
In addition, the item needs to be set to a normal access restriction that includes you (passkey-access, trinket-lock-access, private, and group only items, as well as NPL content rated items are not included in the site listings), and it needs to be content rated within your current content rating filter setting.

Note also, that if you've been to the item, it works best to set a Favorite of the item while there. That's the fastest way of getting back to it.

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Thanks for this! Though you forgot the double braces in the line where you show us what to type. Without the double braces, we can't see what you typed. lol

If anyone else is watching and doesn't know what I'm talking about, if you type 2 sets of braces before and after, it only shows the inside set so you can show people how to write ML. For example, using my challenge as the example *Bigsmile*, if you type {{item:2109126}} (I did 3 sets of braces before and after to show this), you get *Right* {item:2109126}. If you are doing a long list of things all in ML, you can do {db} at the beginning of the list and {/db} at the end and all the ML will show.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! You're very thoughtful to try and help others navigate WdC better! *Hug*
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