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Yip It's that time of year again - and for the first time since our eldest was born, we will have only one kid visiting us on Christmas. Understand - our Christmas isn't a snow filled type of holiday, rather we expect temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius. But for all you northerners - from a man who has never experienced snow- have a Jolly Holiday
I don't celebrate Christmas but where I live, it gets as low as 10 degree Celsius and as high as 29 or 30 in winter. I have never experienced snow but it is definitely on my bucket list *Bigsmile*
We got 14 cm (5 inches) of snow two days ago, another (14 cm) 5-6 inches this week, and it isn't even snowy yet.

It's also -23C (-9.4F), but don't worry it warms up to a balmy -18C tomorrow *Laugh*

Come visit in mid-January...when it's 6 foot snowbanks and -35C. I'll trade you for a week - you take my -35 and I'll take your +38!

I was born in the wrong hemisphere. *Cry*
I am busy with a local (South African) workbook for creative writing - tried my hand at Haiku for the first time - also began exercises in "free writing". Still a bit of heat in these old coals
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