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Science fiction fantasy is astounding and wonderful to write. Just produced a printed version of Battle of the Archangels, a Jim Long space agent novel - 5th in my series. No, it's not about religion - it's about travelling in space and out of body visiting realms beyond our knowledge. Have a quick look at Kindle versions -http://www.jimlongspaceagent.co.uk/jlep1pilotp8.html
author Robin G Howard.
New ebook coming out in November - sixth in Jim Long space agent series - Adventures in space and fiction fantasy that includes four unbelievable science fiction fantasy short stories. If anyone would like to review it with a couple of paragraphs before the publication date - please contact me.
Robin g Howard - http://www.sciencefictionfantasy.uk
Happy WDC Birthday! *Balloonv*
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/robhow2005