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 Bridges  (E)
My favorite bridges
written for
Promptly Poetry Challenge  (E)
52 weeks + 52 prompts = 52 poems
#2222203 by Lilli ☕
Good Luck
I’mmmmmm BACK!

Genie for FU

Genie is back for another round of
Fantasy Unravelled  (E)
Folklore and Fairy Tales Reimagined
#2240621 by Roland King

What’s the prompt you ask? Well here you go!:

Everyone knows that Jack climbed up the giant beanstalk and high up in the sky he found a giant and his treasure. Let’s flip the script a little and take the giant out of the equation. Write me a poem about what Jack discovers instead at the top of that big ol’ beanstalk. Be original! Use your imagination folks!!!


Minimum line count: 12

Also keep in mind that two MBs are available in this contest.

Merit Badge in Fantasy Unravelled
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Because my twin flame always gets my MBs first! Love ya!

This means that you could actually win this contest twice and receive a different prize each time.

For those of you interested in the quill awards, also keep in mind that Schnujo is featuring this contest this month in her
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo
and you never know you might just get nominated!

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Thanks for the mention in your Newsfeed ad! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 If only  (E)
A study of humans
Written for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 45
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Wakeful  (E)
Dreaming while awake
Written for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 44
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Uncle Wilbur  (E)
Or How a Sad Pig Copes with the Loss of His Best Friend
for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 43
I've just created an item in my portfolio:
 The Bane of Cotton Candy’s Existence  (E)
Two haikus
for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 42.
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Hold on to your hats and tuck in those legs because it’s time for Genie to sprinkle some PIZAZZ around here!

Genie for FU

WELCOME to the new "Fantasy Unravelled! Genie didn’t have a lot of luck with entries his short story contest so he conferred with Roland King , And what did. Roland say? Well I quote: “Dude everyone knows that short story contests are way harder to get entries for than poetry contestS. Trust me I know I am the judge for the highly successful poetry contest: "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest.

So faster than you can say HAIKU!!!! Genie worked some magic and turned this contest into a poetry contest! So returning in May:

Get your pens out, your notepads ready, and pop a little pep in your step because Genie has a poetic treat for you! Yes it is another fantasy contest but this time it’s got a twist (or two) (or maybe even three! I’ll take all of the above for 800 Alex!!!). It’s going to be a veritable grab-bag, a potpourri, a charcuterie of tales with twists of a most ingenious nature. Heard the tale of Hansel and Gretel? Well what if Hansel and Gretel were actually the bad guys? Ever heard of Krampus? What if Krampus and Santa had to switch places? What if Aladdin had to become a genie? (Ha as if) Or what if Peter Pan met Alice from Wonderland? All of these prompts and more might come spinning out of this satisfying symphony of twisty unraveled tales!

PLEASE NOTE: I have multiple NEW MBs as well as custom ribbons being offered as prizes. Although not available yet you’ll soon be seeing an MB with face of yours truly on it so get those keyboards and notepads ready! Also Genie gladly accepts donations (wink wink)

See you in May!

Also hullabaloo22 you rock and thank you for the donation!

And 🌑 Darleen's writing a novel you just rock for all the reasons!!!
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Round 2


Gold!  (ASR)
A short story written for the Fantasy Unraveled Contest, March 2021.
#2247411 by hullabaloo22

Congratulations to our winner!!!

Genie for FU

Thanks again to all who participated and I hope to see you all and many new faces in Round 3 coming May 1st!

Meanwhile check out "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest for some April fun hosted by the one and only 🌑 Darleen's writing a novel
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Escape from the Grind  (E)
A mediocre adventure from my youth.
written for "Promptly Poetry Challenge

We need your entries!!

"Dark Dreamscapes Presents:
Fantasy Unraveled Banner 1 of 2Fantasy Unraveled Banner 2 of 2
"Fantasy Unravelled

Genie for FU

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Round 2 Prompt:

Everyone knows that this time of year leprechauns are out in full force. St. Patrick’s Day brings about quite a few tales of leprechauns and of course the legend that of you follow a rainbow you’ll find a leprechauns’s secret pot of gold. But Genie doesn’t always want a simple story so here’s what you’re gonna do to twist things up a little:

Write a story where the leprechaun is trying to steal someone else’s gold. Make the leprechauns the bad guys in this story and to incorporate a little of the true tale of St. Patrick’s Day, your story must include snakes as an element.

Word Limit: 2500

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Fantasy Unravelled  (E)
Folklore and Fairy Tales Reimagined
#2240621 by Roland King

I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Forgetting  (E)
Musing on forgetfulness
for "Promptly Poetry Challenge. This one is admittedly a little tongue in cheek.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Falsehoods and Consequences  (ASR)
The Queen of Darkness’s Wrath
for "Promptly Poetry Challenge.

This one is just for you 🌑 Darleen's writing a novel ! ;)