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Shout out to ๐ŸŒ™ Darleen for being an amazing contest judge, reviewer, writer, and friend! *Smile*
Shout out to ๐ŸŒ™ Darleen for being an amazing writer and friend!
Uh oh, what do you want? *Laugh*
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Not one thing. Just taking a moment to show appreciation on what I now rename โ€œTwin Flame Dayโ€ :)

Words cutting like swords
High tones like shrieks
Rattle in my arms.
Disarming accusations,
Insults, barbed phrases.
Fingers pointed in faces
Like bayonets.
No end, simply a break here
And there for the two
Til they start in again.

Pondering my future at the moment for 2019...
This year what should my focus be on: Poetry or short stories? *Think*

Lol, I was thinking about this myself. It seems like when I write poetry, I have a hard time focusing on short stories. I want to do both... but I wonder sometimes if it's possible. I haven't had time to really try a full blown short story yet.

But remember, we have short stories we're supposed to work on... although we did talk about poetry too, so, yeah, good question!

I miss your short stories, though. I say both!
I gave myself 6 months of focusing on each, since I couldn't decide.
Happy Birthday, TF.
I hope all your wishes come true.

So no one seems to get my handle which is a play on the Stephen Kingโ€™s โ€œDark Towerโ€ character Roland Deschain. Iโ€™m curious...how many people on here love Stephen King?
Considering my son's middle name is Roland, I think you can count me as a lover. *Laugh* but you knew that.
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The nightmare of the search for what is real
leaves fans of King to struggle on our own,
to find those learning moments where we feel
thereโ€™s more to be discovered than a groan.

Now, should a bolt of insight steal the show,
hold to the upside seen along that track.
Grab on to Carrieโ€™s strength and high school glow
of vengeance. She will never take it back.

The age of EMP, we hear him say,
The world is clogged with โ€˜normalsโ€™ on the run.
Those broken dreams no longer in the play,
they search โ€˜neath dreary days with little sun.

But think of King support which you have found
and know heโ€™s spread that spirit all around.

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