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Congratulations on your promotion to Preferred Author, Prince of Darkness!
You look fantabulous in YELLOW!

PS-I've only got about 285 pages left to read in the final book of The Dark Tower Series! *Bigsmile*


*Star**Star* Yay! You look so good in Yellow!! Your dark princely self cannot hide now! *Laugh* Congratulations on your well deserved promotion. *Cool*
Congratulations on being promoted to a Preferred Author! *Cool*

Hey, just finished this!:

In Bad Company   (E)
An irritating dinner party
#2232526 by Prince of Darkness

It's a somewhat dark entry for the September round of
Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest  (ASR)
Use the quote provided to write a story and win big prizes!
#1207944 by Writing.Com Support

Hope you enjoy!!!!! :)
Nicely done!
Just wrote a twisted nursery rhyme
 Mary and her lamb  (E)
A twisted and devilish take on a classic nursery rhyme
#2232743 by Prince of Darkness
as an entry for
Monsters Under The Bed  (18+)
Nursery Rhymes have taken a dark turn...
#2231795 by Lilli Munster☕
. Thanks for making this contest Lilli Munster☕ !
Thank for your entry! I can't wait to read it!
So, being inspired by Trick-r-Trinketing Sum1 and his daily jokes, I offer you a joke this evening:

What famous rock group features four members who can’t even sing?
Mt. Rushmore!

Ba-dum-tsssssss. Thank you I’ll be here all week lol.
I’ve added a new entry for Promptly Poetry Challenge 

One way   (E)
A sign of the times. Entry for promptly poetry contest.
#2232341 by Prince of Darkness
Officially my 2-year WDC Anniversary today!!!!!

Well here on the west coast it’s still the 13th, but on the east coast it’s already the 14th plus WDC already sent me the birthday email so I’m celebratin’ now!

Also a huge thank you to my twin flame 🌑 Queen of Darkness who got me started on this site in the first place!

Happy Anniversary to you and many more
That's not possible. Two years, really?
So I was just minding my own business writing a poem for Promptly Poetry, when this happened:
A Muffin  (E)
A gesture of the heart
#2232274 by Prince of Darkness

I have to admit this ended up being surprisingly emotional. It’s completely fictional but draws upon some themes from a book I wrote a long time ago.

Anyhow I hope some of you enjoy.
I'm not crying...it's allergies.
I'm not crying, you're crying.
*BurstB* Happy Anniversary *BurstB*
Happy account anniversary!