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I just submitted assignment 23:

"October 23, 2022 - Assignment 22: Setting List

I just submitted Assignment 21:

"October 21, 2021 - Assignment 22: Outline Revision #3
I just submitted Assignment 20:

"October 20, 2021 - Assignment 20: Literary Devices
A knighthood of love  (ASR)
My thoughts and feelings...a blog?
#2260278 by Agape Knight A.O.G.

I just made an entry.
I've added a new entry to my book, "A knighthood of love:
         "New to this!
I just submitted assignment 16:

I just submitted assignment 15:

"October 15, 2021 - Assignment 15: Antagonist Profile
I just submitted assignment 14:

"October 14, 2021 - Outline Revision #2
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Awesome! I did assignment 12 today. "General Theme: Oct 12

Also did you know your piece is on private?
I just submitted assignment 13: Freestyle Brainstorming

"October 13, 2022 - assignment 13: Freestyle Brainstorming
I just submitted assignment 12:

"October 12, 2021 - Assignment 12: General Theme
I just submitted assignment 9:

 Barney's Day Trip  (E)
The first time Barney gets into trouble
#2259886 by Agape Knight A.O.G.

Seven days and going!

"October 7, 2021 - Assignment 7: Outline Revision #1

Did I do okay? I normally write short stories and have never attempted anything this large.*Worry*
I am in the same boat too. It kind of feels like we are feeling our way around in the dark, doesn't it?
I treat novels like a series of short vignettes that string together. I find an overall outline makes it more manageable and helps me draw the lines of the scenes, and what goes in each one. Then I write it scene by scene. Like a bunch of short stories strung together. You can do this! It's the hardest fun you are ever going to have. And don't get down on yourself if you can't finish. YOu are a winner to have started. Millions of people say they want to write a book, You are actually attempting it!
I just completed assignment 8:

"October 8, 2021 - Assignment 8: Dramatis Porsonae
I just completed assignment 7:

"Day 7: Outline Revision #1
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