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To construct an argument is a tiring task. Why can't people just read my mind and know what I mean when I say it. Why can't they just know me, and see me, and hear me for what I am, and who I am, and what I stand for, and who I represent.
Of course the world would be a rather dull and sad place if that were the case; if reading your opponent's mind were all it takes to get your points of view across. And life would hold little excitement. Is that not what excitement is made of? The new things, the things one has to fight for to achieve, the things that do not come naturally to us. The things that pose an opposition. That have come as the result of a struggle.
Brushing your teeth in the morning is not exciting. It's when we first brush the new tooth of our child that we get excited. Because that is not taken for granted - you've been waiting for that darn tooth to poke out enough to be able to brush it. It was a struggle to get to that point - there were nights and days of a crying, upset and hurting child to care for, a struggle to sooth them, a struggle to make them feel better or forget the pain. And the reward is just that ... Read on at http://twentysomethingsdublin.blogspot.ie/2014/05/to-construct-argument-is-tirin...
Keep reviewing Christmas Earrings... I think I may be about ready to get this submitted.
 Christmas Earrings  (E)
Why I am here now.
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New Blog (Still overwhelmed): http://twentysomethingsdublin.blogspot.ie/
Personal Blog/Log/Blah-og:
The decision to actually put something into writing and to seriously pursue the ambitions I've been secretly (and pathetically) honing for the last 10 or so years only came a few days ago, when I realized that I was going to be a mother in too short a time. (Of course I've known that I'm pregnant for longer than that!)
I want to raise my son to believe he can do whatever he wants - oh yes I am aware of how cheesy that sounds.
But I mean it: I don't want to have to look in the mirror in ten years' time to see that I've achieved nothing.
But truth be told: it is immensely overwhelming, to dive into the deep end. There appear to be myriads of writers out there, myriads of professions, people who seem so much more confident that I ever was and hundreds and thousands of websites to get lost in.
So lost, in fact that it distracts me from the one thing I came here to do: write.
Every time I sit down to write a piece there is a million other things that call me: grammar tips, spell checks, websites promising free editing, free entries to international contests with a prize money of at least five gazillion dollars/euros/yen/Star Wars Credits.
So, I have written to a writer's club here in Dublin, to join them. Networking and getting to know other people who are in the same boat is important, isn't it?
Oh and so is blogging, of course! There's lists and lists of why you should blog: http://www.dailywritingtips.com/7-reasons-to-publish-a-blog/
There's lists and lists of what to do, how to do it when and where and with whom and generally how to be a writer, and what to do if you're not a writer and what to do if you want to be one but you can't and what to wear to the movie premier of your new film... oh...somehow a website just took me too far there.

The point remains: I am overwhelmed. I just want to write.
Not build up a portfolio, look at agents and why they should get 20 percent instead of ten (oh and if you're supposed to spell out twenty or say 20).
I don't need an agent yet, I've not even finished a chapter!!
But on the other hand: I desperately need guidance. I desperately need someone to tell me whether this is crap or worth a shot.
So I desperately stalk communities, with all of the shyness and awkwardness I so proudly call mine.
To hopefully, maybe, one day... actually start writing.
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