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Hi!, i was wondering if you wanna be my pen pal? i really want to make friends from other countries!! Please write me soon.
Sincerely Maria
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Somehow I missed this and I apologize. Would love to stay in touch. Sweethonesty. Ronnie
I wrote this for our Thanksgiving Dinner prayer this year.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
A Grandmother's Thanksgiving Prayer  (E)
Blank Verse Thanksgiving Prayer
Happy Birthday WDC. I luv my time spent with you. Forgot what I did before you came into my life.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Little Mayor of Meadowridge Road  (E)
Defining my dog's daily walk
Dropping by to hello~

WDC has been a gift to me on so many levels. I have grown in my ability to pull out what it is I want to say through a continual trail of poetry and short story. My first book was my start but I have done enough in the past year to head to my second one, and I attribute much of this to WDC with its concept and its wonderful reviewers.
Thanks to all for the well wishes on turning yellow. Very special to me.
Hey! Well done on becoming yellow! *Smile*
Congrats on the YELLOW case! Lox
Congrats on the shiny new coat of paint!
*BalloonY**BalloonY**BalloonY* Congrat's on your beautiful yellow case! *BalloonY**BalloonY**BalloonY*
Congratulations on turning Yellow!
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