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Happy Writing.Com account anniversary.

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Who is up for setting a challenge? I am preparing to add the character of your own choice to my interactive the Bay. Send me 200 GPs to donate to the ROaK Group and I will bring her to life. If your character is male, will they survive the Bay? Please provide a yuck bio for me to adapt the character.

So please reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Lord Robbie
childhood joy personified
Hi Fellow Authors,

I wanted to express my public thanks to RAOK for my upgraded membership. I also wanted to ask anyone who wants to get rid of an interactive to send it my way. I can accept 4 interactives, my preference is gender bending, lesbian relationships or if necessary female humiliation (No, I'm not a misogynist nor am I secretly lesbian transgender). I just like well written stuff in the genres I enjoy. A special thanks to Joy, Diane, the author who kindly seconded my membership (I can't remember their name) and to my colloborators Hawkeye Pierce and Hamn8r. I don't have many GPs but I am prepared to send 1,500 GPs for transfer fee and thanks. Best wishes to everyone and http://archive.org/web/ keeps records, they may have old interactives if you want to re-read them.

Thanks everyone
The endless battle to keep membership. I need another item! What's a guy to do? *BigSmile* *Angry* *Cry*
I might be unavailable for a while. In the meantime does anyone want a lesbian contribution to a TF/TG story? I only do humans, magical beings and humanoid demons.
Thanks Alexi. Glad to be here.
Welcome to WDC.
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