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I think I want to start a contest but I need funds. Hmm 🤔
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Hello there,
NotApproved 5-26-2016! Just wanna say, welcome to WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group !

Holler if you need anything, ok? See ya around! *Wink*

Howdie NotApproved,

Great to have you aboard the Review train. You will find lot's of fun aboard this Awesome train. It is full of great writing's, fabulous writers and friendships to be made. I'm from Texas, but transplanted to MS for a season. Happy trails my friend maybe we will ride the Review train and bump into each other next trip.

Happy writing,
Spooky with a Heartache aka Girl with a Heartbeat

*Balloonp* Welcome to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! great to have you as a member of the crew in our 10th anniversary year. I will be sending you an info note shortly! *Delight* Meantime, happy reviewing!
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