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 Wings of Wonder  (E)
A poem of the butterfly
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May 4, 2016
Facebook Senryu:

Seem so innocent
The tagged notification
A vicious virus.
I put this is the wrong place here on Writing.com

Nov 22, 2015 at 10:44pm • Edited
Sneezing, stuffy nose
What happens in Sin City
Sick in a desert.

My visit to my daughter's renders me with a cold? Or an allergy attack? Feels like both.

No hard work today
Turkey cooked, potatoes mashed
At the restaurant
Re-inspired! I am grateful!
This reminds me of
another newsfeed, scrolls to
see what I just wrote.

My senryu

I drove, happily;
Prices around $2 dollars.
Filled up the whole tank.
Rereading my posts,
like a domino effect,
inspires more haiku.

A chain reaction
of insightful words from
Egg sandwich and a
cup of coffee I just had.
Rising with the sun.

I haven't been on,
Started a writing course...turn
Poems into songs?
Senryu Journal

My kids came along.
It was a 20 hour road trip.
Now I am back home.

Illinois, flat land.
Connecticut, mountainous.
Enjoyed both landscapes.

Senryu Journal

No time to log on.
So, I was out of the loop.
Visiting my kid.

Also busy with
my 4 year old grandson and
and the big pet dog.