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SILVERWOOD is coming along...got first line edit from pro...I am psyched!!!
Finished another chapter of SILVERWOOD...closer to the finish!!!
SILVERWOOD is coming along nicely.....SOON it will be done.
Finished another chapter of my YA Magical Realism novel, SILVERWOOD...woo hoo!!!!!!!!
Next chapter under "AIR".
The Florida Writer's Mini-Conference gave me the shot in the arm I needed to get crackin' on my novel...met some wonderful writer's, editor's and just plain nice folk!
Great day!
I am off to the FWA Mini-Conference this weekend...hope to see some of you there!!!
Can't wait for FWA Mini-Conference on April 20!!!
9 years today! My writing.com anniversary....wow...all this time and still working on my novels...too many interruptions.
But that's life!
LODESTONE almost done, taking it to an editor in April! Woo Hoo!
Still working on Silverwood...soon to be completed...then off to the editor @ FWA!
Silverwood is almost done...2 chapters left to get out of my head and on to the page!
I'm wondering if anyone else gave GP's to Lilith M. Blackwell for a critique that she promised in November 2012 and did not deliver?
I had hoped to hear something from you. Will you be able to give the critique that I gave you the GP's for or am I S.O.L.?

On 11/13/12 at 3:46pm, Lilith M. Blackwell wrote:
> Yes, Samilla. I will put my full time into providing your feedback before tomorrow afternoon. Please do forgive me for the lag.
I just updated my short story - Blood Cemetery - I hope you enjoy it!

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Lodestone  [E]
YA Mystery: Patrice felt a caressing breeze cool her face -- the trees did not respond.
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