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how my school celebrates may the fourth
-the 8th grade math teacher and the principal have a lightsaber battle in front of the whole school
-the guidance counselor wears a chewbacca snuggie (i called him extra and he was like "thats the nicest thing i've ever been called in my life!!)
-star wars themed jokes for the friday funnies
-my science teacher "taught us about space and gravity" by watching the entire first star wars movie
-my english teacher made us write our own version of that scroll thing in the beginning of each movie
-in math we played a game to see who could drive a starship the fastest by solving problems
-we learned the history of star wars and its cast in social studies
-instead of a bell in between periods they played the star wars theme song
-in band we sight read said theme song
-in my bible study class we.....

we still talked about jesus i mean bible study is bible study
I thought it would end with Jesus with a lightsaber.
Same here. 😂
Too bad the bible studies teacher didn't discuss some of the mythologies found in the bible also mirror some themes in Star Wars. Even the greatest can fall...spirit of working together for something larger...whole take on the theory of it never being to late for redemption and so on.
My "Heathers" AU isn't really going too well (the one where it's J.D.'s point of view)
I just don't know where to end it or what parts to skip over so that's fun.
I am doing an essay on the Nature vs. Nurture debate of anorexia for my science class, so I may share that here
Honestly, I just don't know what to write anymore. At this point I'm drowining in math and procrastinating by watching Netflix and eating ice cream, so that's fun.
It is day three at the grandmothers house. Breakfast has been Ezekial bread with cinnamon and Raisen Bran. Watching Joel Osteen on TV. Pray for me *Rolling* *HeadBang* *FacePalm*
Grandmother has proposed the idea of Butter Pecan ice cream. I yelled "shook" and "quaking" and I then had to explain to her what it meant. Eating ice cream now. 10/10
All of these comments are beautiful
Grandmother left a few hours ago. Having an Almondmilk deficiency. Suddenly feel the need to eat healthy. Now have to deal with parents and two screeching bois. Grandmother shall be missed. #prayforandi.
Currently working on a new short story. Basically, I'm writing out Heathers (the movie, not the musical) as if it were in J.D.'s point of view. This will be fun.......
Yes I would love to see that :33
Does anybody know any writing prompts? I'm in a "writing mood" but I don't know what to write about......
Use these phrases:
Fingernails that shine like justice
Asses of fire
Artistic bacon
Vigilante poets
Hi, welcome to writing.com.
Ayyyy, what's up people??

That was a bad introduction.
Okay, hi! My name is Andi, and I'm just a teenager that isn't sure what to do with my life yet, and I figured I should go on and introduce myself. I mainly write small short stories, and maybe a poem every now and again. I also draw a lot, read, and I play....4? 5 instruments? So I'm a pretty busy person...but I look forward to meeting new people on here and exploring new writing styles!
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