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I will be logging off for good from this site I am far too busy with college right now sorry that's why I have not been active lately goodnight to u all . :)
posted my first part of my story will try to update it when I can! Let me know if there's any part of it that needs work. I hope you enjoy :)
Hi I am new to this and my name is Sarah I hope that this site works better than the rest. I would really like a nice writing place. Please feel free to throw tips and ticks of writing my way.
Lilli tips were spot on. All I can offer is just get your writing out there and jump into some discussions. This is a great group of people with a wide range of experience. And if you get stuck with figuring something out, either technical or in terms of writing, don't be afraid to ask. Someone will help.
Lilli thank you so much I greatly appreciate it! :D
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/sarahjl019