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Whoa, sorry everybody! I didn't even know what a Notebook was until I clicked the notice in my email this morning. Current update: I'm working on Alaskan Fire to be epublished here in a few months. Millennium Potion has already been accepted and slated for about 2 months (give or take...you know the publishing industry, lol!!) Outer Bounds will be soon to follow, along with Millennium Potion sequels and my Daytona Dae adventure series. Email me for more info! kingnovel@gmail.com
I'll be first in line to buy them all. Congratulations.
Congradulations. I look forward to reading them.
Definitely! Heck, I'll even post a link. :)
I LOVE Outer Bounds, as you already know, lol.
LOL... Uh, yeah :) Speaking of that, did you ever get the first-reader copy of Millennium Potion? I had trouble remembering who would be interested when I was going down ze list.
Hi I am j_darling or Jeff. I am new here. I am not sure if I should wait for the rewrite or what. I am part of CSFS Sound like someone I could learn a lot from.CaDeMe knows me a little. Let me know if you want thayt story read now or later...bye...Jeff
Hi Jeff! Sorry it took so long to respond here... Does this note still apply? Which novel/s are you talking about?
Just wondered if you had finished the story, you emailed it to me last summer? I'm still dying to find out what happens.
Sorry, the story was Outer Bounds
Hmm, if it's what I sent to you last summer, probably not. I've pretty much had a 2-year writing hiatus, aside from writing a couple romances. Aidan has kicked my butt back into gear, though, and given me a schedule, so more should be forthcoming here in a month or two.
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