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Thank you, Sashie for the merit badge! *Smile*
Just posted up my article on a site called gurl.com. It would mean the world to me if people getting this on the updates would check it out for me. It's really good, and I would love to get into journalism some day if I don't become an author.

Thank you so much!
Feel bad that I haven't wrote any more of chapter 1 in 3 whole days, I know I told you it'll be up by last weekend. I promise it'll be up soon! Sorry guys *Blush*

I love you all, thanks for your support, I don't think I received 1 review that didn't want me to tell them when chapter 1 is up, thanks *Heart*
Not far from finishing Chapter One: Goodbye, following the Prologue: The Funeral. I'm so excited for you guys to read it, should be up by the end of the week *StarStruck*

Love you, guys! *Heart* Thanks for all your fantastic support and enthusiasm *ThumbsUp*
"Live life with sass!" My made up quote of the day *Inlove*
I'm 15. If you want to know more about me visit my biography, there's a lot there, maybe even too much *Laugh*

Nice talking to you, Lucylu *ButterflyV*
I will. Nice to talk to you too *Delight*
Oh and I'm 13 by the way lol.
Just posted the first piece of poetry I have EVER written. I'm so scared, but excited! *StarStruck*
Heya guys *Heart* I haven't posted anything up for ages, but I will definitely be posting a Chapter 1 following the Prologue: The Funeral. I know how much you all enjoyed it and I want to thank you once again. I'll be letting you know when it's up! *MailP*

Writing mode! Bring it on *Pthb*
Hey, Sashie! I'm 16 and love writing, like you do. If you like fantasy, I'd recommend applying for "The Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society, it's a great group with really supportive members. Good luck with your writing!
Yeah that sounds good and thank you!
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