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Please join us in celebrating the life of CanImagine
who went to his final resting place on July 10th, 2018.

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White Case Memorial  (E)
Honoring the WDC members who have passed away
#1230549 by iKïyå§ama

May he rest in peace.

Stefan and I enjoyed a love of Sci-Fi and writing. His insights have helped me enormously and I will be forever grateful that our worlds collided. You will be sorely missed, Stefan.
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Stefan's advice was always useful and much appreciated. He had a flair for story telling and advice. He'll be sorely missed.
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Stefan and I went through the Rising Stars program together from October, 2016 through June, 2017. I had cursory knowledge of him back then, but reviewing his novel, Know Thine Enemy, has given me much greater insight into his ability to use words as a storyteller. I wish I had known him better during his lifetime. He is already greatly missed by me for this very reason.
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Ah, love can be such a cruel thing, especially when society frowns upon your 'age'
If you haven't watched the wonderful British Drama "Ladies in Lavender", then do yourself a favor
and do so ASAP.

Such a poignant story, with excellent performances by Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Daniel Bruhl.
Allow the strings/music of the talented Joshua Bell to sweep you away especially with the song below:

Quick summary: It's 1936, and two sisters in their twilight years, stumble upon a handsome Polish violinist who washes up on their shores thanks to a shipwreck. I think the video provides clips, so you get more of an idea of the story.

If you don't shed a tear at the end of this, you need a heart transplant. *Laugh*

P.S: Based on a short story by William J. Locke, which I now have to go hunt down!

Ooh! Love those actors! I must go hunt this down as well! Thanks for the highlights on the film, iKïyå§ama.
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Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch is 11!!! - It used to be on Netflix years ago apparently. Dang it. So I had to rent from Amazon. Only $2.99! *lol*
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Ahh, wonderful! I do have Amazon Prime. Don't know if it's offered free for us, yet, but if not, it's a small cost to get that movie streaming. Thanks, iKïyå§ama *ThumbsUpL*
Kiya's Random Thoughts for the Day

I wonder if all those Bible Thumpers out there, especially those who act so puritan and self-righteous, or who pooh-pooh and turn up their noses at the concept of intimacy (and not just the 'Christian' way of doing things) ever just skip past the section known as "Song of Songs" or "Song of Solomon"?

Even if you aren't a big fan of The Book, as a reader (and writer), you've got to admire some of the poetry and flow of the songs themselves and believe me...reading some of this stuff, I think I see why it's not quoted often (if at all) in most churches. *Laugh*

Why let's take a look at the opening verses alone, shall we?

*clears throat*

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-
for your love is more delightful than wine.
Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes;
your name is like perfume poured out.
No wonder the maidens love you!
Take me away with you - let us hurry!
Let the king bring me into his chambers.

.....oh, and it gets even more intimate than that in some sections!

And being the good girl I am, I ran scrambling for what 'experts' and 'scholars' had to say about this book, and it's fascinating seeing everyone trying to explain it all as God's relationship with the church etc. etc. Buuuut, I've read it, and tried to see the association, but all I see is simply two (or more) lovers not afraid to declare how they feel about each other. Call me a hopeless romantic.

So, I humbly suggest we take a moment to remove our religious glasses/hats/accessories, and simply sit back to enjoy a wonderful (and least talked-about) section full of beautiful poetic writing that's actually quite inspiring.
I absolutely agree with you Kiya...It is a simple and elegant poem about the intimacy of two people, and therein lies its value. When we try to use it as some grandiose discussion of the church, religion, etc., it actually cheapens its true beauty...the love and passion of two people. Isn't that what it's all about, anyway? The fact that we are all interconnected by our HUMANITY, not our religion.
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surely its about interpretation so rather than make disparaging remarks about how Christians see it, just accept that others may interpret things differently.
I love this book in the Bible because it so poetically describes the relationship both between a man and his wife and between Jesus and the church. Jimmy Evans of http://www.MarriageToday.com has discussed the book on his program. He gives excellent marital advice.
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How apt.

In lieu of all the recent immigration issues happening, I stumble across a section in this wonderful novel I'm currently reading - The Alienist - where the famous J.P. Morgan   summarizes the reasons for immigration to the United States circa 1896:

"We are not obligated to provide everyone who comes to this country with a good life," Morgan went on. "We are obligated to provide them with a chance to attain that life, through discipline and hard work. That chance is more than they have anywhere else. That is why they keep coming."

Hope that gives some pause for thought.

The Alienist: A Novel (Dr. Lazlo Kreizler Book 1)
Product Type: eBooks
Amazon's Price: Price N/A

If I could love this 1,000 times, I would.
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YES! *Heart*
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Ironically, I think other countries provide that more now. At least in what I want to do.
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What's soccer? *Laugh*

Anyway, I think I must have been thinking of you when I wrote this…

The Imperial Color  (E)
Is it better to be a purple case or a yellow case?
#2161269 by R E Baker - Remembering Stefan


Dusting the ol' portfolio....

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Angel Outreach Program  (13+)
For newbies seeking mentors and writers needing support via their peers; stop by today!

To my pride and joy! *Heart*

Created in 2006, "The WDC Angel Army is a group designed to inspire creativity, positivity, and mentorship among members of Writing.com.
It has been a winner of "Best Group" quite a few times, and it's an honor to still be considered such after over 11 years in existence!
Congratulations to everyone who helps to keep us shining, and keep spreading those wings!
"The Quill Awards

It's always been a pleasure. You made it a great group and still do. I bow to you.
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I swear the Internet is crazy with such fads, but dang it,
I hear YANNY with my headphones off and LAUREL with my headphones on.
What sorcery is this?? *Facepalm*

Past Member 'sybarrios'  101092775
Okay, in the first video I hear Yanny, but in the one below, I hear Laurel. *Laugh*

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I heard they recorded both words at different frequencies at the same time, so really it depends on your hearing.
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Crissy ~ Starflower ❇🌸 the only word recorded was Laurel but what you hear depends on how sensitive your ears are to different frequencies. Yanny is apparently on a similar sound spectrum to Laurel which is why, if you are susceptible to high sound frequencies, you will hear that instead of Laurel.
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Ready to work that muse for a bit?
Then let this painting speak to you. *Bigsmile*

The Reefer, Andrew Wyeth

In THREE sentences/lines (or less) write a story or poem about the image.
Please no extra long run-on sentences! *Facepalm*

Top three entries receive:
Merit Badge in Word Economy
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  A gift from  [Link To User chuckles123]  for your 'Power Shop' package! Our reviewers enjoyed reading your wonderful words from your poems. Happy Writing to YOU! *^*Starp*^* ~Our best,  [Link To Item #powershop]  Crew!
(if less than five entries, then only one person wins)

Deadline: 15th of May, 11:59p.m. Writing.com time
Good luck!

Congratulations to Joy , Caerlynn , R E Baker - Remembering Stefan !
And thanks to all those who participated! *Bigsmile*
You did, indeed, have a difficult task! There were some wonderful entries. Thank you for choosing mine as one of the winners and congrats to the other winners as well.
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Thank you! Heart Heart Heart
And I was so worried about stealing Rapunzel's hair. *Rolling*
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And Congrats Winners and Everyone who took the challenge! Smile
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Phew! Well, this took forever to upload and write up *Sleeping*
But it's....aaaaalmost done, so, yay! *lol*
Enjoy my virtual 'scrapbook' of memories!

Dubai Travels  (13+)
A photographic and video recollection of my trip to Dubai, UAE
#2158158 by iKïyå§ama

I promise to do better on my next trip. *Laugh*

Dubai Notes #2:

*Sun* It is hot as b***s!!
*Sun* Temp. high is 111 degrees - low of 90
*Sun* There might be a sandstorm or something, because outside is dealing with windy conditions and sand
getting into your nose, mouth, throat, hair and everything in between.
....and we're in the city!
*Sun* With that said, we picked a really sucky day for the desert safari experience because if it's
already this hot and windy...how is it going to be in the desert?????
*note to self - purchase scarf to cover head and face asap*
*Sun* The Dubai Mall   is ridiculous. If anyone can manage to traverse that place
without seeking medical attention afterwards, you should consider yourself a rock star. *Facepalm*
*Sun* We will be going to the tallest building in the world tomorrow: Burj Khalifa  .
The other day, I tried taking a picture of it from ground level, and this was about as far as my poor neck could go:

Either way, can't wait to see how things look from way up there. *Bigsmile*

P.P.S: 'Life' begins at about 6 p.m. here, and by that, I mean that is when most people begin to move about on the streets, for obvious reasons. In the morning hours, there is activity, but it feels like it's only a few brave souls that dare walk about for too long. Hah! The good thing is the availability of underground roadways/tunnels etc, to take you from one place to the next. *Thumbsupl*
Such a fascinating look!
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awesome place...have fun!!!
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