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We bid farewell to another member of our Writing.com family:
Cheri Annemos
who lost her battle with cancer on April 23, 2018.
Please feel free to stop by the forum below to leave your thoughts/messages/well-wishes.
Link to memorial website is within her 'tribute section'
White Case Memorial  (E)
Honoring the WDC members who have passed away
#1230549 by iKïyå§ama - Still I Rise

P.S: If you want to write a brief eulogy/tribute, please send to my email so it will be added.
Thank you.


Ah, and while I have your attention, here's our Song of the Day.
Hope the lyrics mean something or remind you of something/someone.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! *Heart*

Oh I remember this one. LOL
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One of my most favourite songs ever...
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*Questiong* *Questionr* Kiya's Random Musing of the Day:*Questionbr* *Questionb*

Do you think those words with 'silent' letters ever feel resentment at not being pronounced? *Think*

Here's looking at you Chanukah, Phlegm, Asthma, Apropos, etc. etc.


How about “corpseman?” 🤣
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You'd think that there should be a way to remember words with silent letters. Perhaps a mnemonic? *Laugh*
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So I just asked the professor.... “They do. And it’s a madsive injustice which will come back to haunt us.” *Laugh*
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I've added a new entry to my book, "†Confessions of a Pseudonym:
         "Reunion Bits

By the way, it's Chaplin's birthday today. *Smile*


Another round come and gone!
And as always the teams delivered!
Congratulations to the following writers for placing in Round 20 of "Project Write World
And my sincere thanks to my awesome judges: Joy , Jeff , Jellyfish - Hello Sunshine! , Fivesixer ☮ *Heart*

*Trophyg* [TEAM AFRICA]
A humble man  (ASR)
A man facing the world.
#2153159 by Natechia dos Reis

*Trophys* [TEAM CANADA]
Sixties Scoop  (ASR)
PWW. Round 20. Team Canada. A young Metis girl and her siblings are taken from their home.
#2151102 by Elizabeth

*Trophyb* [TEAM INDIA]
 Take the Bully by the Beard  (13+)
Team India -- Poem -- Project Write World. Based on the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#2153545 by Thankful Sonali 11 WDC YEARS!

*Trophyg* [TEAM CANADA]
From Sods to Logs  (E)
A Ukrainian family claims their slice of prairie under the Canadian Homesteading Act.
#2152000 by Caerlynn

*Trophys* [TEAM INDIA]
The Fear of The Unknown  (ASR)
Being scared of something which isn't even there...
#2152495 by Just me

*Trophyb* [TEAM CHINA]
Leaving  (ASR)
Short Story Entry for Project Write World Round 20
#2153529 by Pesky Amanda is done!!!!

*Trophyg* [TEAM AFRICA]
A Week is a Long Time in Politics.  (13+)
It took us seven days to end a bully's thirty-seven year rule.
#2153907 by Sarah

*Trophys* [TEAM USA WEST]
Tornadoes Versus Mobile Homes  (13+)
Written for Project Write World Round 20: Photo prompt
#2151103 by Prosperous Snow (Neva)

*Trophyb* [TEAM CANADA]
Domestic Violence in Canada   (18+)
A look at Domestic Violence in Canada
#2152518 by River

Great! Thank you! *Thumbsupl*
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I'm lost for words! Thank you so much judges and congratulations to everyone and a special thank you and congratulations to my team mate Sarah !

*Hug1**hug**Hug2* and *SuitHeart* to all!

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Congrats to the teams, the entrants, the winners and the judges! And to my wonderful friend and team mate Natechia dos Reis ... WELL DONE!!!!
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*Books4**Books5**Books6*POETRY SHOWCASE:*Books4**Books5**Books6*

Memory Piece (My Heart)  (ASR)
A self-reflection poem, written for the Philadelphia Museum of Art poetry workshop.
#2117149 by Jessica - mini hiatus

A short introspective piece about a woman's struggle for identity.
Lovely read, Jessica!

Thank you, Kiya. :)
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And we have a winner!!!

Card B! The excellent Langston Hughes  !

Congratulations to the mind-reader Jessica - mini hiatus ! *Bigsmile**Laugh*

You get 10,000gps + A merit badge of your choice + a plug/promo of one of your favorite poems on my newsfeed!

To the runner up CJ & Muse: Playing Catch Up - you get 5,000gps!

Thanks so very much to all those who participated!
I hope it was fun!
And stay tuned as well. Might run another one in the near future. *Wink**Heart*

Shiny - awesome game! Got much further with my random guesses than I expected *Heart*

Congrats Jessica - mini hiatus
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Thank you, CJ & Muse: Playing Catch Up . Good game! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*

I got a lot further than what I thought too...
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Ooooh this is a dogfight!
But as we flip the cards.....!!!

Card B is our winner! The talented Mitsuye Yamada!   *Bigsmile*

Congratulations to CJ & Muse: Playing Catch Up and Jessica - mini hiatus for guessing right!

And now, the last round for all the marbles, so think long and hard about this one.

Guess #4: They say I'm 'weary of the blues', but all I do is celebrate my heritage and remind everyone of why our 'dreams remain deferred'. I roam the streets of Harlem, where I wish to let 'America be America again'.
Who am I? And under which card will you find me? Guess right and guess true! *Bigsmile*
Card A ... good luck Jessica *Heart*
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I'm going to go with B. Good luck, CJ.
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Good luck to you both!
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Drumroll please!
Our winning card for Round 2 waaaaaaaaaas.....

Card C! The great Maya Angelou!

Congratulations to Jessica - mini hiatus , Amyaurora , and CJ & Muse: Playing Catch Up !

You three get to pick in the next round and your choices are below! *Bigsmile*

Guess #3: Her poems about 'Camp' are not your typical All-American fantasies; dark tales of incarceration are laced
within her words in an era when Japanese-Americans were seen as the enemies. Who am I? And under which card am I hiding? Guess well and guess true! *Bigsmile*

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I'll go with B.
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On a side note, those pencils on Cards A and B look delightful.
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Whoooo! Heeeeeeere's the result for Round One! *Bigsmile*

Card A aka John Milton! *Bigsmile*
Congratulations to those who guessed correctly:
Jessica - mini hiatus , Andy52in52~More Star Trekking , Medie Joined the Rebels , Jeannie
Amyaurora , CJ & Muse: Playing Catch Up , Lorraine: Busy, Busy, Busy!
You SEVEN are eligible to guess for Round 2!
And we've got a third card this time around. *Shock*

Guess #2: She 'knows why the caged bird sings', but don't be fooled by that most famous autobiography;
her poems have also earned her numerous awards and worldwide recognition.
Who am I? And under which card will you find me? Guess well and guess true! *Bigsmile*

P.S: Much thanks to everyone who participated in the last round! Feel free to
chime in with a favorite poem or anecdote about our mystery poet for the day in the comments below!

Thanks for sharing Mumsy sez congrats new yellows - however, your choice will not count as you are not eligible this round (see instructions *Wink*)
I pick card C ... and no, I didn't pick it cause my name starts with 'C' *Laugh*
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ROUND CLOSED! *Bigsmile*

Who's in the mood to play the easiest game you'll ever...well play? *Bigsmile*
All you have to do is guess which card contains which information and you win...but wait!
This game is going to be a process of elimination.
What does that mean?
*Bullet* I will put up two cards for each round - each card contains information.
However, you must guess which card has the correct*Checkg* information.
*Bullet* In the comments below, just write which letter (card A or card B) you think is correct.
*Bullet* At the end of each round (closed at my discretion!), only those who guessed correctly
will move on to the next round.
*Bullet* This goes on until its wheedled down to one grand winner.
(or more depending again on when I choose to shut it down completely)
*Bullet* Correct picks will be tagged/notified to participate in the next round, so please do not comment again if your guess was wrong in the previous round! *Stop*
*Bullet* Got all that? Great! Then let's go!
*Bullet* Ooh, what do you win?? Let's see...gps, an MB of choice and my undying devotion. Hah!

Guess #1: In honor of National Poetry Month, I am considered one of the most famous English poets of all time.
You might know me by a little known poem about 'losing Paradise'.
So under which card am I hiding? Guess well and guess true!