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Want to see a really creepy video? *Shock*
No, it's not a horror clip or anything, but an insight into a day in the year 1901.
(by the way this guy's channel is a goldmine for old/historical footage)

As a writer, what do you see when you watch those faces?
Knowing that every single person in this clip is no longer with us.
Imagining that they are seeing YOU in the future just as you are watching them now.
So many fascinating stories in every single face.
How will be regarded by those watching us a hundred years from now?

Also, all of the males carry themselves similarly. They stand straight with hands in their pocket, rather than slouching. Also, the only people who were smiling were some of the young boys. Most people had serious expressions and were walking fast as if they had an important purpose to attend to.
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Reminds me of the stories and film about the Newspaper boys--called 'newsboys' or 'newsies-- In New York City, They were depicted as a rough-and tumble group of boys who were the main distributors of newspapers to the general public from the mid-19th to the early 20th century. Many were children without homes, who roughed it and scrambled for pocket money. This group looks like they were a force to be reckoned with.
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@Joy - then you're going to love the guy's channel! He's got so many good stuff, taking the time to slow them down from their usual 'quickie/jerkie' movements and adding sounds. Makes it so much more authentic. *Bigsmile*

@Jayne- Haha! Yes! He was creepy! I was like...if this guy dares jump through the screen or something, I'm sprinkling my computer with Holy Water! *Rolling*

@Warped Sanity - Yes, watching the kids expressions was fascinating. With the way some of them acted, you'd imagine the hardships they went through back then was nothing. But then again, they didn't know any better. It just breaks my heart knowing they were also made to work those ungodly hours and in such terrible conditions (like you mentioned the child labor laws hadn't really come into effect by then). As for their postures and mannerisms, I just saw grim-grim-grim - men (and some women) who had backbreaking work to do and no time to dillydally around. Every minute counted considered what little they were paid. I did like the two guys who were trying to roughhouse at the end of the video. Brought some smiles to faces at least.

@Gabriella - oh yes! And I do believe the guy who runs this YouTube channel actually has some videos of those boys for your viewing pleasure. (And I actually watched that musical when it was aired on T.V! *Laugh*)
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Thanks, everyone! *Heart*

What ~Minja~ said, also check out "Published Books of WdC Authors Forum
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I'm really glad you posted this! I have been wondering how to give WDC credit for my amazon purchases.

PS If I've already done reviews on amazon, can I add them here? Or is it just for new reviews?
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@PWheeler ~ love, joy and peace - were these reviews actually written on Writing.com via the Product Review link I provided? Or did you just leave the review on Amazon itself?

If the answer is the former, then yes, you can link those reviews in the PR forum. If it's the latter, we can't accept those unfortunately. *Frown*
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Finally got around to checking off something on the never-ending to-do list of mine

*Boxcheckb* Update both personal and Writing.com website. Done and done.
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(went back to the simple format since folks were having a hard time with my 'fancy' layout...and it looked too all-over-the-place anyway)

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Everyday is Earth Day!


Okay, after much thought, "a very Wodehouse challenge will be going on a hiatus after this round
(well I think I already mentioned it in the previous post)


1. I need to write up tasks for some more badges I've been sitting on
(and if you'd like to be a task-writer, holler at me so I can assign some to you *lol*)

2. I have a bunch of MBs with no one available to give them out! Which brings me to the point of
all the many MBs sitting in the shelves gathering dust because their owners are either no longer members or
they haven't logged in for some time. It breaks my heart.

3. The reason for creating this contest, wasn't just for me to stack up on MBs (as fun as that is), but it
was to give others - who might not have enough gps to donate to activities to earn them otherwise -
an opportunity to do so, while having fun.
Where's the fun when so many exclusives remain locked away???

4. So either I stop giving out exclusives and just concentrate on the many other generics/community badges or...I don't know.

5. And no, I'm not going to shut this down completely, after all you lovely folks have been so kind enough to
make it earn another Quill Award, but it can be sometimes discouraging especially trying to get
And trust me, I am more than appreciative of the 'regulars' who keep coming back to support this - including those willing to shell out their exclusives.
You guys are the bestest! *Heart*

Anyhoo, enough of my rambling. I'm off to get some shut-eye.
Maybe when I wake up I'll be in a much happier mood or something.
G'night all!

*Smirk* I love telling people what to do.
I'll write some tasks. *Smirk2*
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Wow! Hard to believe you're have participation issues. I tried to get in twice, I believe in February, and the spots were gone by the time I woke up on PST. I been pretty buried at work, and trying to keep up with a couple contests, but I know I'll do it again. It was good fun the time I did it!
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I'm surprised to hear you have participation issues too, I thought the spots were highly contested. There are definitely some new badges out there, and I can see people getting excited about participating with some new badges in the mix. If you're waiting on tasks for any of MY merit badges, flick me a reminder and I'll get on to that for you.
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*pokes head in*

Errrrr....is everyone on vacation or is the tax season just biting you all in the tushie? *Sob*

Still looking for players below:

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama

We can't keep good ol' Jim waiting for the rest of you! *Clock*
Feel free to promote on your notebooks, please! *Heart*

Calling ALL the Banners!
ROUND 64 of our special Game of Thrones round is now open!

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama

This will be the last round before the hiatus/break, so grab a character quickly
and join us in the fun! *Bigsmile*

Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention this little ol' thing won another QUILL AWARD!
Whoooohoooo!! Thanks again to all those who voted and to everyone who keeps participating
to keep it award-worthy! Thank you, all! *Heart*


The Night King rules!!!

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*Cry* I participated in the last one, I have to wait until after the break to play again!

Hey friends...
This is a great activity!!! Give it a go!!
Not to mention a Quill Award Winner!

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@Lilli ☕ - Oh yah! *lol* Thank you! *Heart*
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*Heart**Balloonp*YAY!! Congratulations on your QUILL AWARD! *Salute* Well deserved.*Delight*
Thank you!!! *Heart*
TWO ONE spot left, people!

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama

(sick of hearing that already?) *Laugh*

But yeah, just in case you've been living under a rock, the final season of that little known show
"Game of Thrones" is going to be broadcast this month. So in honor of it, the Wodehouse challenge devotes
the entire month to GOT!

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama

P.S: We are still accepting new badges/challenges for the activity! Sadly, I have quite a few challenges/badges gathering dust because the members are no longer active. *Cry*
So if you would like to showcase any you've got, feel free to send them my way!

Let the games begin! *Shield4*

The White Walkers will crush you all!!! *Monster3* grrr!

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Considering I've watched the complete Star Trek TOS over 4x (and counting)
writing for the fandom has never occurred me until I realized the prompt at
"The Bard's Hall Contest asked for it.
Say whaaaaat?
So I guess it's time to officially burst this gif out:

So yeah, thanks Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch Onthe RoadAgain and StephB for this. It's all your fault! *Cry*

"Marking Time"  (13+)
Stranded on an abandoned planet, the crew of the USS Enterprise try to find a way home.
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