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Well shoot!
to the wonderful person(s) who keep nominating me for the Quills!
I'm honestly losing track of every category I'm in, but this is wonderful and I
really do appreciate it! *Heart*

And before I go take a nap (work tonight and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall weekend *Cry*)
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10 Year Celebration! ~ BC Challenge  (ASR)
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(hate to usually follow FB trends and what not...but it is important and one of the many
reasons I get so heated when the topic arises)

I was a child/young teen at the time.

Some memories just never fade away.

And I feel blessedly grateful to be actually the ONLY one saying -- Thank God not me.
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Not me either Thankful Sonali-50 on Oct 11! - but I totally understand and respect the scale of the problem *RollEyes* *Sad*
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Kiya's Serious Question of the Day:

Why does Harvey Weinstein get to have his reputation destroyed over all these allegations
...and yet the current person sitting in the Oval Office - who has been accused of the same things - still gets to keep his seat?

Ponder on this a little bit and then talk amongst yourselves.

(last bit was rhetoric, but heck, feel free to ramble away in the comments if you want. I'm all ears/eyes)

The rest of the opinion, since I went over the allowed word count:

So, I guess I can't leave Clinton out of this, because he is a good example. I am certain, women and other officials, have been paid off for years by powerful, rich men, not to testify against them. Don't forget Ted Kennedy and the whole Chappaquiddick mess.

So, what I'm saying is ... none of this is new behavior for people in power. Neither is it right. However, the same people who argued Bill's behavior was a private matter not affecting the country, and yet it became a huge circus during the trial by his accuser. (In fact, I have the trial transcripts. Yes, I'm that old.)

But, I have a strange, well intuition, that if the president were not Trump, and such "bimbo eruptions" took place ... would the ones comparing Weinstein and Trump be comparing Weinstein to their guy/woman?

One can always find as you could see above, an article or news reports to back up what they believe. I do not give a pass to inappropriate behavior. I do want it applied across the board, though, when there is proof. Weinstein is already being rejected by the board of the Academy Awards. He's already been "convicted" in Hollywood's eyes. Just sayin' Why did they choose to do this before there has been a trial? So goes the "politics" of Hollywood.

Isn't this fun? *Ha*
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Good points, WW.

But here is my question and you have to be brutally honest with this.

Compared to the circus around Clinton (since you seem to enjoy bringing him up as the example - and I'm sure most of us were around at the time that whole thing took place) - do you think the current President is experiencing the same treatment Clinton received? Or still treating it as nothing more than 'locker room' talk (yes, remember that video where he actually bragged about feeling up women?)

I guess the whole point of my question - as Jeff pointed out is simply this - if we are to hold all men who treat women like scum or their playthings whether it's physical or abusive - why do some get passes and others don't?

And you cannot tell me that the current man in the White House has been anything BUT apologetic for all the things he's done. Has the current president shown any such remorse or genuine concern for his behavior?

Absolutely not.

If he dared to show even an ounce of humility or real remorse, I'm sure it might 'soften' the blow a little...whatever that means. To me, the real victims here are those women who have suffered at his hands and have to remain in silence watching him continue his 'boys-will-be-boys' attitude while Weinstein et. al. get their comeuppance.

If we're going to hold all men to the same standard, then DJT has to bear responsibility for his actions.

And trust me, I'm not looking at this from a political point of view. This is me - a woman - trying to make sense of such male chauvinists/misogynists, in positions of power, and why a majority of society chooses to accept what should not be acceptable.

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You rock, WWW.👍👍👍👍👍for you.

I didn't think I'd cry,
but I guess it affected me more than I thought it would.
I've taken care of this man for the past four years
watched him suffer in silence; not able to speak, move, or even eat the normal way.
He's constantly connected to tubes/lines/and-everything-inbetween
He's been poked and prodded until there were times when I swear I could hear his eyes scream
"please make it stop!"
And after over ten years in this state...after hanging on for a father who stubbornly
refused to ease his suffering...
...the Good Lord finally called him to rest this morning.

We didn't think we'd cry,
but we guess it affected us more than we thought it would.
My fellow nurses have texted and called me this morning to share the news,
and we cried silently in disbelief yet relief.

He is in a much better place now.
A young man - not even fifty! - forced to live the rest of his life trapped in a bed...how cruel.
But now, he's running with legs that are so much stronger
He's got a voice that could rival the choirs of angels in heaven
He's got hands to hold onto whatever he chooses
He can eat to his heart's content...whatever God serves in Heaven that is.
But most important of all,
He is at peace.

We will miss you, M.

So sad...but he had wonderful nurses like you to care for him. *Heartb*
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Kiya: Our comfort and peace comes from Job who said, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name od the Lord."

Thank God for his life shared with his loved ones no matter how shortlived! He sure has an impact on you. Our complete joy is to see our loved ones in that heavenly abode. Rejoice!
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Lots of love and prayers, Kiya *Heart*
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*already seeing TRUMP/PENCE 2020 signs on some folks' front lawns/businesses*

.....we are still in 2017?? Right??

The election was just finished (because it feels like it's just finished *Facepalm*) a few months ago, right????

I have to go through this whole thing again....ALREADY????


It just occurred to me -

If you saw a sign that said "TRUMP/PENCE 2020" then someone needs glasses! *Laugh*
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Let the fun and games begin .....god please we need something to detract from the mickey mouse goings on over on this side of the pond *FacePalm*
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Who says that nightmare is over? I keep wanting to wake up and find things different. I just wish he had the wisdom to stop and listen to people before he speaks out on subjects on which he is obviously uninformed. The job is hard, and requires focus. I just think he doesn't have the level of focus he claims to have.
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Throughout the month, I'll be hosting random activities in my notebook
and today, I'll kick it off with something pretty easy and fun!
Remember those lil' ol' things called Sliders???
What? Huh? What was that again?? *Confused*

Yes! Sliders!
They still exist! *Laugh*

Just go look at your main portfolio page and click on the tab at the top of it.
See? It never went away....and it probably misses you. *Sob*

So let's make it all pink and pretty, eh?
Like mine! *Bigsmile*

*Right* "Sliders Snapshot #107365 *Left*

Create something related to BCA and provide a link to your snapshot here.
How do you do that?
Click on the 'gear' icon at the top of your slider page and get to work.
Once finished with your masterpiece, save, and an ID # will be provided to your new slide
That can, once again, be found by clicking on the gear icon
To link, use the ML tag {snapshot:#######}
And voila!

Post your completed slide below and you'll earn 1,000gps...just like that! *Shock*
(however, please note that consideration will be given to those who put some effort into their creations. No one word randomness please!)

And while you're hanging around here, please don't hesitate to check out the lovely activity below:
"10 Year Celebration! ~ BC Challenge
So many opportunities to earn this beauty and more:
Merit Badge in Breast Cancer Awareness
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This particular Slide Activity will end on the 7th of October at 6:00AM!
So help spread the word and have fun! *Heart*

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🙄 man, I'm sorry I missed this activity.
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Holy beejeesus/cow/insert-some-other-word here!!

A big THANK YOU to those kind folks who have nominated an item or two or three
or four or five (think I've lost track at this point) items for the Quills! *Quill*

*bows gratefully*
I am truly humbled and honored by your thoughtfulness.

.....and that's all I'm going to say about it...

Numb  (13+)
when we trample on their skeletons and grind them to dust
#2136558 by Danse-iKïyå§amaCabre

I'm past numb, actually.
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What It's the Great Puma-kin! said. *Cry* Numb is the only way to retain any shred of sanity and still be able to have the strength to move forward in action.
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I wish that I could be numb. I'm angry. So very angry at every person who defended gun rights over people's lives. At every Congressperson who took money from the NRA. At the people who "think and pray" during times like this. I'm angry. I may get over it or I may not. I may stay angry until the next time...
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Thank you for promoting me, i am most grateful.
You're welcome! *Bigsmile*

We don't tend to get the most positive news coverage in the Western world
...and yes, maybe the quality of life for a majority of the people isn't ideal
(considering all the freakin' amazing natural resources we have to make it one of the more formidable
countries on earth)
But it's still my home country; born and raised - and good or bad - will always be a part of me.
What I learned and observed, as a child/teenager, shaped who I've become as an adult
and I have to thank my wonderful family who pulled through even the most difficult of situations.
(God, my father has some tales to tell)
Maybe, someday, this 'young' country will eventually reach its full potential, but until then

Happy 57th Independence Day, Nigeria!
(yes, we finally got our independence October 1st, 1960 - thanks Great Britain!)


Ooh we've got some literary giants that's for sure. *Bigsmile*
And who are you working with Ebrius Angelus?
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I'm working with a poet from Nigeria. No other location known. Only a pen name is to be had and I'm not sure if it would be a nice thing to divulge that (he's on a specialty poetry website)
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I lived in Zaria for a couple of years as a kid. My dad helped establish the veterinary school at the university there. Smile
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Twitter is testing 280-character tweets, double the current max  

Is it April Fool's Day?
Is it?
I mean....really??? Especially with a certain someone using Twitter as his personal office space? You're going to give him even more room to type stuff??

Way to go Twitter. /s