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To see a change, you sometimes have to be the change.
(at the risk of losing it all)

Not getting into too much details, there's a situation at work where...well, let's just say that the employees were getting quite frustrated and disgruntled.

We deal with it, because we realize there's something 'bigger' than us - we are responsible for lives after all.
However, when we continually see situations where we - the caretakers - are not treated right and not getting the support we need; when you keep having to listen to the grumbles from your co-workers (who, rightfully, are 'scared' of speaking up), you eventually reach a point where you go "F it. Enough is enough."

That happened last night.

I went through the proper paths to make my concerns heard, was 'ignored', and I finally flipped and went off on them in a long text message.

Well, that finally went through.

However, looking back at what I wrote, it was definitely grounds to get me fired. Hah!

But to my surprise, it sort of worked, because I finally got to sit down with the boss and she let me vent/speak-for-the-masses. We talked, she made some concessions, and even if I'm not holding my breath for any grand change anytime soon, knowing that she at least heard me and listened, was more than enough...for now.

*Wind* The air is clearer after a big blow. Now take a deep breath. *RainbowR*
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I've sent a few of those emails in my time. A smart boss will not blow it off and do just what yours did, take the time to listen. Small changes can sometimes lead to big changes. Good luck!
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Great job, Kiya! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* You must have sensed just when to speak up.

Boss was nice, too. She knew a good employee should be listened to. That she agreed to a few concessions is great, as bosses may have their own problems and they can't do everything that is asked of them.
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Last round for this cycle, folks!
Let's make it count! *Bigsmile*

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
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#1280691 by iKïyå§ama-TY, Angels!

I've added a new entry to my book, "†Confessions of a Pseudonym:
         "Move over Wonder Woman! The Black Panther is Here!

P.S: Please stop by "Honouring those who have passed away to leave some input!
She plans to use the information for her upcoming Spiritual newsletter, which includes (shameless plug!) an interview with me. *Wink*
Thanks, everyone!

Soooo this was my entry to "The Bard's Hall Contest's contest for May
(where you had to submit an artistic interpretation of anything)
So, I choose...ME. *lol*
As you all know, I've been going through a lot (personal-wise), so this was
just an affirmation of my self-worth.
Could have been more elaborate, but I thought simple was enough to convey the message. *Heart*

+ + + =

Happiness Is...  (E)
self-reflection on oneself after years of doubt
#2122514 by iKïyå§ama-TY, Angels!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Down the Yellow Brick Road:
         "Debunking the Myth
...a random? observation coming up...

Earlier today, five people were shot and killed in Orlando, Florida by a disgruntled worker who took his life as well.

(Un)fortunately, the murderer has not been identified as 'Muslim', so therefore:
it's not a terrorist attack
it's not some radical Islamic psycho rampaging
ISIS can't take the blame for this one
there will be no 'national outcry' for the banning of the gunman's family and cohorts
he was probably just mentally disturbed
the media -at least on my T.V. - is not dedicating unending coverage about this
the man in the White House has not tweeted about this...yet
and it's just another Monday in the greatest nation in the world

This is not a post to start up debates or arguments about whatever ideologies and beliefs you affiliate to.

This is just pointing out what I've seen and noticed.

It's a never-ending pattern; so what's that saying about "throwing stones at glass houses" again? *Think*

Yup... I hear ya. Strange isn't it ... hmmm *RollEyes*
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I've written a story on this theme. Needs work, but I'll get there.

An Unthinkable Act  (18+)
Officer Jim McCall attends an emergency where he is pushed to his limits
#2123886 by Robert Edward Baker
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Early this morning, a patient of mine coded.

He was admitted just two days ago - straight from the hospital - and sent to us for rehabilitation.
I work in an acute care skilled nursing facility; basically a 'step-down' for patients who had to go to hospital for serious ailments.
Our job is to get them back to their basic functional status so they go back home.

That was the idea at least.

Unfortunately, if you aren't aware of this already, it's sad to say that the healthcare standards/practice don't seem to be as up to par these days.
I don't know if it's because of this darn fight over insurance (aka the Affordable Care Act fiasco) or what.
Whatever it is, hospitals now seem more than eager to send us patients who are not even at 80% optimal health, and they expect us - the rehab - to perform miracles.

We are receiving sicker and sicker patients; where, instead of going home, we have to end up sending them back to the hospital just because they failed to give the proper care.
In the end, there's just a big mess because some insurance or another doesn't want to foot the bill, or the facility looses money, or the hospital is downgraded etc. etc.

*sigh* It's frustrating. So darn frustrating.

I mean this is a guy who literally sent for me, was sitting up in bed, said he needed a pill for nausea, I run out to get the medication, return and there he is...on his back...gone. (in less than three minutes!)
He was not 'old' - in his fifties. He had two children, and just earlier that evening, he was chatting quite happily with his daughter; making plans for the week ahead.

At this point, I've lost count of patients I've had to pronounce dead; or how many family members I've had to call to tell them the sad news. To think you'd send your family member to a hospital to get better, but it turns out for the worst...*smh*

Sometimes it takes its toll that's all. I know we do good things, but when you get nights like these...they hurt.

Nurses can only do so much, and they DO...Above and beyond. You can't save everyone, but patients families know that you've at least tried.
My brother had a bad car accident a few years ago and 'died' in the ambulance. Thanks to the med team in the ambulance, I have him to adore today...To talk to on the phone...To vacation with. I am indeed grateful.
I was ripped to pieces as I watched a med team try to bring my very, very, beloved doggie back to life a few years ago, as he died i the exam room in front of us. They tried really hard, unsuccessfully, but I am grateful that they did all they could.
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Kiya, it's so heartwarming to know there are medical professionals like you who truly care. I'm sorry you hurt, but thank you for having such a heart for those who are placed in your care.
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Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. I'm still feeling a bit 'down' (or maybe it's because I'm under the weather *lol*), but I'll keep hanging in there. I appreciate you all. *Hug1**Heart**Hug2*
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Good Lord! *Facepalm*

Well there goes my plan to visit: The National Museum of African American History and Culture  .

I mean, seriously, what was I thinking???
(and my friend has to stop laughing at me in the background *Sob*)

The next available passes are in SEPTEMBER! and here I thought I'd be able to get tickets for my vaykay at the end of the month.

Note to self: Plan waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead for these things, Kiya. Good grief.
(knew I should have purchased tickets the day the dang place was opened!)

O.O You have to buy tickets that far in advance?? Wow!

So sorry you don't get to go!
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Yeah, sadly.
I thought the initial 'rush' would have died down by now, but I guessed wrong! *Frown*
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I'm sorry sweetie!
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I've added new entries to my book, "The Potter Yarn:
         "30: Flight of the Prince
         "31: Fallen Warrior

Well, boys and girls, I do declare that I believe I just wrote me a mini-novel in 31 days!
With approx. 2,000words per chapter and we've got 31 chapters + a freakin' epilogue...I got an early start on NaNoWriMo! *Laugh*

Anyhoo, thanks for the challenge, Andy~GoT on the horizon
And to eyestar~Photo auction for encouraging me as well as the few folks who took the time to read some chapters.

I know the chapters are chuck full of errors and what not - I mean I'm writing so fast and having to sometimes churn out two chapters a day, it's hard to catch them all, but I promise to polish things up and make it even nicer and prettier (and think of a better name of the title). *Sob*

My sincere thanks as well to my inspirations: Ms J.K Rowlings and Mr. Stephen King! *bows*

You rock girl. I am for sure going to read the rest of it! Impressive work.
glad I twisted your *Wand* LOL
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I've added a new entry to my book, "The Potter Yarn:
         "29: The Letters from No One

I've added a new entry to my book, "The Potter Yarn:
         "28: The Unexpected Task

In other news, we are going to see Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (again!)
This time on a much bigger screen (hello! IMAX!) *Laugh*
Sorry. Me and my buddy are big POTC fans, and we need to see more! Whoooohooo!

...I will miss not being able to have popcorn though *Sob*
Last night was hell enough sitting through all that *lol*
I've added a new entry to my book, "The Potter Yarn:
         "27: The Dueling Club

Sometimes you just see an image and inspiration hits.
Fell in love with this lovable creature

And tweaked things a bit to fit the immediate thing that came to mind:

Click to see finished result  

G'night all! *Heart*