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Well desperate times call for desperate measures *lol*
I need to raise 500,000 gps as soon as possible
So I'm calling upon you fine folks out there to please help in filling up my nearly empty coffers
We've got some lovely exclusive badges just waiting in the wings for those
willing to shell out at least 100K
(here be a small sample of the goodies you might get)
Merit Badge in WdC Kind Hearts
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For being yourself *^*Heart*^*.

~Minja~ Merit Badge in The Dark Society
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We here at the Dark Society encourage a great many devious things, but activity planning snafus are not one of them! We trust this will resolve the that pesky snafu that's keeping you from implementing your activity... *^*Wink*^* Merit Badge in Minja
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We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea of life, but in times of a stormy weather, you will discover true friends when they don't hesitate to be a lighthouse.

 ~Minja~ Merit Badge in Clash
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Thank you for your help in promoting this activity.  *^*Delight*^* Merit Badge in Elle
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I hope you had a fabulous birthday.  Sorry this is a day late!  Thank you for all you do for me and everyone else on this site, and I hope all that love was returned to you on your special day and you were utterly spoiled.  *^*Delight*^* Merit Badge in Musicology Anthology
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Congratulations on your new "Musicology Anthology" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #1086027] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs
Thanks sooooo very much to any and all donations!
You're very much appreciated. *Heart*

P.S: Urgh...feels like I'm about to come down with something.
I feel so 'off' and just...'blah' to be honest.
Need me some Vitamin C or something. *Sleeping*

THANK YOU to all the wonderful donors!
You are the best! *Heart*

Considering the Angel that you are, you'll probably decide to be the voice of the voiceless and offer it to the Florents, right? Smile I'll even send over a "thank you" merit badge for your Angelic generosity Smile
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If all you wanted was a sandwich, Kiya, you should just come to our grill! *Rolling* we're famous in this part of Texas for our burgers and sandwiches. Bigsmile
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Whooo! We did it, folks!

Thanks so very much for your donations/attempts at bribery/or just being plain-ol'-sneaky!

No matter the house chosen for this, know that you are all warriors/fighters in your own right and you did not get to your current position by being slouches.

You've worked hard to earn your place, and I continue to wish you all the best of luck in the days and weeks ahead. *Heart*
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I've added a new entry to my book, "- the Dragonstone Scrolls - :
         "The Coffin

I'm afraid to look.
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I won my THIRD art contest/challenge in a row! *Delight**Delight*

Don't have the energy to upload the image here, but if you want to see it, clicky below:

Poseidon's Playground  


And now back to your regularly scheduled programs. *Bigsmile*

P.S: The other one I won was for a poster, which you can see here: Vintage  

Wow that is fabulous. I wish I could create digital art like that. Very surrealist *Bigsmile*
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It's not nice to boast about ones accomplishments. You are beginning to sound like Donal...modesty is the best policy. *Pthb*
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@ aarp Awww, cut her a little slack *Laugh* iKïyå§ama-Of Fire and Blood works hard and doesn't get near the applause she has earned or deserves. "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." ~ Helen Keller

The preceding was a paid announcement. *Rolling*
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Sooooooooooooooo this is what I was working on Keeper Of The Realm
(well supposed to anyway, until I got distracted by Jon Snow's curly hair *Rolleyes*)

This is just my personal copy, and I need to see how it looks in person before I decide to
make it public (or just keep it to myself and work on a better/bigger version)

This is pocket-book sized, and the images might not be as 'clear' (one of my major concerns)
but we'll see. *crosses fingers and toes*

I actually really like that. Would be cool to see the inside of it...whether or not it follows the with the cover. There's something about the color scheme and keeping it steady that can be very calming.
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Oh, it's beautiful! I love it! If you had the title embossed (as it looks like it is), it would be gorgeous on a print edition.
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I've added a new entry to my book, "- the Dragonstone Scrolls - :

Say what you will about the other shenanigans going around what's supposed to be a great site activity, it is bringing out my muses in more ways than one.
The reviewing part - hella tedious - but I'm finding my writing grove again, and for that, I can be thankful.

Hahaha! Didn't even realize I did that, Mama Witch. *Laugh* Too funny!
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Yay!! I hope I can come upi with something... ahhhstories!!
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Way to go, Kiya!*Clapper*
Every year, that very activity teaches me something new. At the end, I say, never again, but come the following year, I am as much as, if not more, excited than anybody.*Rolling*
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I've added a new entry to my book, "- the Dragonstone Scrolls - :
10 gps to anyone who guesses what movie...oh wait...the darn title should be a dead giveaway *Facepalm*

Streetcar Named Desire?
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner...you didn't check out the story first, did you??? *Laugh*
Nope. That's the only film I could think of with a main character called Stella in it.
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Well, guess what ~Minja Snow Targaryen~ and Keeper Of The Realm , and every one who's been screaming for me to watch the darn Game of Thrones show, I think I'm just about ready to watch...when the season is over!


Because one of the relationships I've been eyeballing since the series started, appears to finally be on the way. Even though I have not watched the show, there's no escaping those two anyway. Besides, who cares if their relationship would be frowned upon by normal standards? Last I heard, this show is filled with questionable couples. *Rolleyes*

All I have to say is:

*Snow4* + *Fire*

I don't watch it. No interest, probably can't ever be talked into it. But I saw an amazing headline yesterday (don't remember where, and don't feel like looking) that read "Game Of Thrones Wants You To Know That Incest Is Coming". Yep...if I ever needed another dealbreaker for me with GoT, that's it right there *Laugh*.
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Like everyone else says, you will love it. People usually say they don't want to watch it because it's too popular, or because so much porn, incest, blood and gore. Everyone is talking about it wherever you go, and you basically have people who watch GoT and people who don't want to watch GoT because everyone else is talking about it. Like my sister for example, she said she's not interested at all. And I wanted to spend some time together with her while she's on vacation so I told her: "Come and see first episode only with me. If you don't feel anything in the first episode then just don't watch. It's not like I'll force you but this is some really good entertainment. Almost like education if you're historian and like those stuff since a lot of events are based on real history." She did like it even though she's not lover of fantasy and adventure.

The story is good, characters are perfectly developed, especially when you see how much effort also fans put into writing their own theories, you just start to develop the story in your head. I can appreciate that effort as a writer. In the show, there's always something going on that will keep your interest on a high level constantly. There's no boring parts, popular actors/actresses, there's no feeling like you wish all that to finish already like when some popular shows become boring at some point because writers don't know what to write anymore but they still want to see money coming. GoT is definitely one writer's masterpiece. I have all my respect for George R.R Martin and the way his writing brain works Smile.
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I watched a few minutes of season 1, episode 1, got totally scarred for life, and turned it off. Never again. *Laugh* But then, you've probably got a higher tolerance for stuff than I do. *Think*
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I've added a new entry to my book, "- the Dragonstone Scrolls - :
         "The Mission
Note to self: Why do you torture yourself with difficult poetry forms? *Facepalm*
All right! I'm going to get some sleep. *Sleeping*

You wrote Sestet for "Game of Thrones? What were you--especially inspired? I feel so inadequate now.
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Everyone take a deep breath!
You all know what we need???
A cute hamster, that's what!

See? Didn't that make you smile?

Now go out there and keep doing what you're supposed to do!



With logic like that, is it any wonder that the Martells are now an extinct house?!


Eh, I have a Baby who remains cute, even without cheers. *Whistle*
Plus she's my mini-me, sooo Baby > Hamster. Bigsmile*Laugh*
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Robert E. Baker - White Walker *Sun* A lot you know. We are still very much alive or you would not be talking to me and would not see our sunspears flying. Our banner still flies over GOT land. And if you do not see us... be very afraid for hosts of angels we could be ...*Angel*. er and were you lot not a ghostly whim in "Encounter in the Woods?

Oh, nice writing in the last challenge by the way! *Sun*
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Happy Sunday, everyone!
And to my fellow GoT'ers, hope you're all ready for a new week! *Bigsmile*

Got some more good news this morning!
My artwork below came in first place (all categories this time!) for another contest in DA. *Delight*

The Summoning  

Self-doubt and worry can be pests; but after shaking it off and gritting my teeth -
(with the idea that I can get better at this)
- I keep entering these contests/challenges *lol*

Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone, and it goes without saying -
Go House Targaryen! *Dragon2* *Bigsmile*

Congratulations. I love art. Is this all computer generated or is it done by hand?
It's wonderful art work.

You have a very special talent. You are very good at it.

I always wanted to be an artist and never was very good at it. Ended up singing instead.

You have a very nice Sunday.

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It's all computer generated (photomanipulation). Can't boast of really being good at the hand-drawn stuff yet...did take art classes though at some point, but nah! *lol*
How wonderful! Congratulations, Kiya! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Although this is no surprise.
I'll dare to talk for everyone in WdC now: We Knew it!
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My task today - should I choose to accept it - is to feature some of my favorite stories/poems.
Now this is by no means a comprehensive list, but I do believe they are worth visiting when you have the time.
Each of them moved me in different ways, and their authors are just as excellent!

Home Again  (13+)
A middle-aged man rediscovers his childhood.
#1192516 by Robert Waltz

Gotcha! My Son's Mischief.  (E)
A story about my son, and his delightful behavior.
#1156433 by StaiNed knows grief

At the End of Every Rainbow...  (ASR)
All you need to do is believe. And have good intentions, of course...
#943078 by Kittiara

'The Ones Who Get By'  (13+)
A pianist and an epiphany.
#1088124 by KevG

More  (E)
My wish to be more
#322719 by Dottie