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And here be your winners for Round 19 of "Project Write World!!
I hope you take the time to check out some (if not ALL) of the entries!
Well worth the read. *Bigsmile*
Congratulations, Writers! *Trophyg*

*Trophyg* [TEAM EUROPE]
Ode To His Ghost  (13+)
Inspired by the afterlife of genocide, written for Project Write World
#2148344 by ~Min-busy with school~

*Trophys* [TEAM CANADA]
Where Am I?  (E)
Project Write World, from image prompt. Canadians with dementia face stigma & ridicule.
#2147840 by Elizabeth

*Trophyb* [TEAM INDIA]
 I see you  (E)
Hope, love, light.
#2147626 by Kalesh

*Trophyg* [TEAM CANADA]
Olivia's Journey  (13+)
No matter which road of the journey Olivia took, she remembered the happy memories.
#2147105 by Lornda ~ 11 Years ~

*Trophys* [TEAM INDIA]
Alive And Kicking  (ASR)
Mr. Rao has a unique perspective on life - is it contagious?
#2147823 by Just an Ornery Jyo!

*Trophyb* [TEAM AFRICA]
A Lost Hope  (E)
An elderly woman learns that hope is a powerful sentiment.
#2147400 by Natechia dos Reis

*Trophyg* [TEAM INDIA]
Old Times, New Technology (PWW #1 Place)  (13+)
"Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age." - Booth Tarkington
#2147619 by Thankful Sonali YAY WDC POWER!

*Trophys* [TEAM CANADA]
Our Heads in Our Hands:Old Age in Canada  (E)
Senior's Poverty and the Cost of Living in Canada
#2147463 by JS McBride

*Trophyb* [TEAM GREAT BRITAIN] (tied)
 Who Have You Been  (13+)
What you build in your life can come back to you in your old age, be it good or bad.
#2148215 by Angel

*Trophyb* [TEAM CHINA] (tied)
Growing Old in China  (ASR)
My interpretation of growing old in China. An article for Project Write World Round 19.
#2145340 by Pesky Amanda ~ Quill Nominee

Congratulations everyone!
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Congrats everyone *Heart*
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Congratulations to the teams on winning....
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*runs around in circles*

Yaaay! My laptop and external drives (I sincerely hope) and cell phone are finally arriving tomorrow!

*seriously prays there are no complications in picking them up*

Phew! Slow and steady, people. Slow and steady. *Bigsmile*

Let's hope "Murphy" takes a day off *Laugh*
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Numb  (13+)
when we trample on their skeletons and grind them to dust
#2136558 by iKïyå§ama - Thanks Everyone

Oooh, don't think because I am no longer in the States will I forget my vow to keep reposting this when you-know-what happens.

We keep wondering what it will take for a change to take place.

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
a Dream deferred   (18+)
In the blink of an eye, everything changed.

...and this has garnered media interest as she hopes to have it published.

However, I've seen the venom and vitriol out there; and my story is not unique at all. Just read the news and see how many more families have been ripped apart because of this.

I'm content with it being posted here and on FB for now; let those who wish to read and let it change their minds do so via that way, but in this toxic atmosphere, I am not ready to expose my family to any more intense scrutiny or victimization.

I've added a new entry to my book, "†Confessions of a Pseudonym:
         "Life Goes On...

It's okay, people
Do not adjust your eyes just yet.
I am back, and from all the emails and notifications, I have a LOT to catch up with.
Bottom line, my life changed in the blink of an eye - literally.
I've not had time to catch my breath until now...and even now it's late and I felt I needed to at least do this.

So, as of today, I'm no longer in the United States of America.
Where was I the last three weeks?
Locked in a detention center (aka prison) for we 'illegals' despite the contrary.
There are many of us, and it is a scary situation.
So for those of you who continue to believe such things aren't happening...pay a little more attention
to your surroundings.

I came back with literally NOTHING but a plane ticket.
Not even with the dignity of allowing me to say goodbye to my loved ones.
I have nothing at the moment, (though I'm staying with family right now)
but everything that I ever owned in the past 22 years in the U.S.A. has to be rearranged and reorganized
and shipped over here ASAP.

So, please forgive me if I am not able to be at full capacity for a while yet
(if ever)
But if anything can appease the dull flame of anger within me, it's the sight of all the well wishes, prayers,
and positive thoughts sent my way.
Once I'm more awake - I literally hurt all over - I'll be able to respond to each and everyone of you.

Thank you, all, from the bottom of my heart. *Heart*

I just read this in its entirety and I am outraged. *Angry* As Patrece wrote, instances like these make me not proud to be an American and wish I could trade my citizenship with people who truly want to be an American. However, I fear this horrid administration, that even if I could give my citizenship away they would still target those that look like "other." It's cruel and sad.

Kiya, I'm sending you much love during this ordeal. My thoughts are with you and your entire family. *Heart* *Hug1**Cry**Hug2*
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I have no words to properly express the anger and sadness over hearing this has happened to you. :( I'm glad you're safe. Sending hugs to you my friend. *Heart*
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Dear Kiya,
Don't know what to say. I am still trying to think about what you experienced and believe me, I feel very sad as a human being. Love you.
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I hope everything will be fine soon. We love you.
Thank you, Mina *Heart*

In more detail:
a Dream deferred   (18+)
In the blink of an eye, everything changed.
#2147871 by iKïyå§ama - Thanks Everyone

And to everyone who has left a kind word of support and encouragement,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. *Heart*

My dearest Kiya,

It is with a saddened heart that I write this note to you. I would never have thought that I would have to apologize for the way they were treated in this country.

I am truly ashamed of our government and its policies under the current president (I can't even bear to say the name).

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who do not support his policies and laws, allow me to say, I AM DEEPLY SORRY!!! Please, know that you do have people in the US who care about you.

Our president's policies are deplorable and are the result of a troubled mind.

We love you here at WdC. Know that with certainty.

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I am just so deeply shocked by what has happened to you *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
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Jim Hall said exactly what I was thinking. *Heart*
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I have little time to type this, but I will be offline until further notice.
I pray I will return soon, and know that I will miss you all until I return by His Grace.
Oh, Kiya *Heart* I echo what everyone else has said. I truly hope things get better for you, and you are able to return to us soon. *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
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Much love to you, dear Kiya. We'll
be thinking of you and hope
you'll let us know if there is anything
we can do for you. Gab *Heart*
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I hope everything is okay. Will say a little prayer for you. Cynaemon
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T-Minus so many hours until the next round of:
Project Write World  (13+)
A celebration of writers and their distinct cultures to bring us all together.
#1254279 by iKïyå§ama - Thanks Everyone

kicks off!
So, if you've been hovering on the fence wondering if you should participate, time's a-running out!
Once the activity begins tomorrow, we will not be accepting any new writers. *Frown*

It's been an awful day and a half; because yours truly has been battling the flu *Sleeping*
So waking up this morning to see that one of my art has been featured as a Daily Deviation
was just the good news I needed!
What's a DD?
It's basically being featured on the main page of Deviantart, which is a big deal because in a site so full
of talented artists and artwork, being singled out is an honor!
You can view it below:


And I'm just going to go guzzle down some hot tea, medicine, and try to get some sleep.
Congrats! It is easy to see why. That is magical!
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Wow, that looks great! Reminds me of mr. Tumnus's place from Chronicles of Narnia.
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New Round Open!