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Aaaaand we are live!
Round 60 now open for new players! *Bigsmile*
a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama - thanks Anon!

Kudos to the last set who ALL completed their challenges!
Let's keep that streak going, folks!

The other day, the lovely Gabriella reminded me about the celebration of Black History month (which occurs every February in the States), and had the wonderful idea of sharing some prominent poems from talented African-American poets on my news feed.

However, this got me thinking of how 'warped' my mind view has become about the celebration itself. While in the States, I sort-of-got why it was good to devote an entire month to recalling the contributions of African-Americans to the country. Yet, I wondered why there wasn't a month to celebrate Asian-Americans, or hell even Native Americans. Catch my drift? In my opinion, every month should be a celebration of the ethnicities and cultures that make up the melting pot of America, but I digress.

With my return to Africa, however, I've come to truly appreciate the diversity and richness of our literary giants. It wasn't as if I wasn't aware of them before (you only need to read my blog to see some mentions of my childhood heroes), but if we're to celebrate African-American history, why not start from the roots? From where it all began?

So for those interested, I am going to share two excellent links for you to visit; one recommended by Gab:
Poetry Foundation - Celebrating Black History Month  

And the other discovered while roaming the highways and byways of the interwebs:
Badilisha Poetry - Celebrating Pan-African Poetry  

And I leave you with one of my favorite pieces by Langston Hughes:

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed—

I, too, am America.


Native American Month = November
Asian Pacific American Month = May
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Thanks for sharing that everyjones - although one might argue that they don't get as much attention as Black History month, unfortunately.
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Yes, I think it depends on where you live. In these months my local PBS station features stories about prominent people from a historical or contemporary perspective and stories about issues facing the communities and stories about the cultures of each group.

At my library, they feature books and films from each group, fiction and non-fiction.

There are some local festivals as well. I have been to the local Indian (India) and Greek festivals. Both were welcoming and fun, I learned things I didn't know before and ate some delicious food and saw some awesome dances.
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Well, one student fell asleep...but it wasn't enough to deter yours truly
....and apparently the rest of the class too, because
I'm hired!!

Thanks for all the tips and well wishes tossed my way!
You guys really gave me the confidence to walk in there, and I can't thank you enough!

....still internally freaking out though, but yay!

Woooot! Go you! *Bigsmile*

Professor Kiya? *Delight*
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Like *Thumbsupl* 3
As Hermione would say, a bit of nervousness is good! *Laugh*

We knew it!

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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Human  (13+)
The world lost its colorful luster when she realized he wasn't a real boy...
Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on coming up with this Powerful & Unique, Rather Propitious, Lovely and Evolving contest and running it so smoothly. And let me wish you all the good luck for all your real time adventures.
Ooh I see what you did there *Bigsmile*
Thanks for the message!
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Okay, Kiya. Deep breaths. Deeeep breaths!

Who am I kidding? I must have been smoking something at the time when I accepted the offer. *Facepalm*

But yeah, I've been invited to teach a nursing class in a couple of days, because of my alleged 'expertise' in the field, and I am freaking out....internally.

Never stood in front of a class to lecture anyone, and here's someone who could barely keep her eyes open during some of her lecture escapades.

So, if there are any teachers out there with pointers on what to do...throw 'em at me.

I already pages of notes, but I don't recall my lecturers lugging around that much notes - but then again, they've been doing that stuff for years...aaaaaaaah!

What do I do???? *Sob*
Trust yourself, come from your heart and authentic knowing. Trust that the divine would not send what you cannot do. You know more than your audience...so ask for the right words and awareness. Breath and pull energy to you. Begin and you will tune in ...share what you know will be useful. *Salute* Follow your heart and desire to contribute and inspire...you will soon forget about you as you shine! *Star*
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It is fine to have eye contact with the students as you talk, it aids rapport, I think.

You could start by asking them to tell you what they know, or what they are looking forward to learning - you can give personal anecdotes about when you started etc. Generally, you will know more than them so don't worry about awkward questions - if you do get one, just say 'I'll get back to you with that' confidently and move on.

I would recommend condensing your notes to key cards which you can hold in your hand.

Small group discussions are good. Any age learner always loves poster paper and marker pens (I promise you!), so you could ask a question about 'what would you do if...[enter a scenario]' and the group can come up with a joint list of pointers to share with the class. This can then lead to wider discussions in a later lesson.

Above all, be friendly, approachable, maintain eye contact as you talk, no one is infallible and they won't expect you to be. Good luck, Kiya!! *Heart*
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CONGRATULATIONS! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
You're gonna be great.

One way to start -- use a personal experience or anecdote. Something real, that happened to you while you were nursing, that left a lasting impact on you and gave you a life-lesson in some way.
Being personal and heartfelt ropes the audience in.
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Bookmark it! Set your timers or alarm clocks or whatever
because new round begins tomorrow - the 1st of February! *Clock*

Spread the word, drag in the newbies, and let's get you stepping out of your comfort zone!

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama - thanks Anon!

Hopefully at midnight! *Whistle*
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@DragonSaysHAPPY CHINESE NEWYR! - hah! There's different time zones to consider, Missy! But I'll try to be up early enough to get it set.
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I missed it last time because it opened at, like, 2 am over here (PST, -3 from WDC)! I already tried staying up til midnight too. *Frown*
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Oh ho!
My prompt is now up at The Writer's Cramp!
See here for more info: "Note: Congrats to today's..."

As an added incentive, the winner of the day (per judges) + my second favorite entry will also receive an MB from me:

Merit Badge in Favorite
[Click For More Info]

For being everyone's favorite!
Love ya!

So get to writing! *Bigsmile*
You rock, thank you!
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Kiya's Randomness!

Oooh, got this lovely image as a gift, and I immediately thought of a certain person who keeps running around here preaching about the goodness of Pink Unicorns *cough*Robert Edward Baker*cough* *Pthb*

By the way, have you checked this out yet??
"Note: The Cramp is 17 Years old!!!..."

As a newbie - over a century ago - I used to enter this contest as often as I could.
Heck, I think I'll dip my wrinkled feet into the challenge again and see what the ol' noggin can come up with!
Thank ya, Bob! *Bigsmile*
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Fellow Cramp centurian here!! *Laugh* One of my most favorite things to do here when I first joined, back in the internet's Wild West days of 1856. *Laugh*
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Hallo all,

Some of you have been wonderful and sweet enough to keep asking about my welfare since 'the incident', so here's an update of sorts.

Despite my 'activity' online, things haven't been that easy, especially getting a job in my chosen profession - nursing.

Besides the lengthy issue of getting a nursing license here - which is a tedious process in itself - and the healthcare system not exactly anything to write home about (sadly), I've pretty much been working for my older sibling (who should probably get the saint of the year award considering all the personal issues he's dealing with)

Anyway, long story short - before I was unceremoniously booted out of the States, I had begun the process of getting a license exchange in Canada. That in itself has proven to be a journey and a half, and though what I received in the email the other day is something I'd rather not have to deal with (considering I haven't been in 'school' for a while), I did get some good news.

I've been invited to take a competency examination over there with the next available test date in August. Registration will be open in February with only 120 seats available and yay...$1000 fee for that as well.

Once I register, and they send me an official letter of invitation (another one apparently), I have to begin the process of getting a visa - which is a tricky situation as well. Bottom line, I might be crossing the seas again, and to be honest...I'm still in a state of 'meh' - if that makes sense. *lol*

I should be excited, shouldn't I? But my brain is still refusing to compute.

So, that's where I stand at the moment! And again, thanks to all who keep sending me emails about my current state. It really does warm the heart. *Heart*
We miss you, Kiya, and are always happy to see your name pop up on the Newsfeed. Sorry you're going through so much crap but it does seem there may be a glimmer of light ahead. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
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L*Suitheart*VE you lots, Kiya! *Bigsmile*
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