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Happy sixth Anniversary
Good morning LW, just popped over to your port to say hope your first anniversary on WDC is special.
Keep writing and take care of you.
Alexi *Whistle* )))))))*Cake2* *Heart*
Going to try to earn a newbie MB!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Invalid Item:
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Happy Valentine's Day to my writing. Com family!
Happy valentines day to you LW. *Heart*
*Heart* Happy Valentine's Day, Loves2write !!! *Heart*
Happy Valentine's Day!
Back for now. At least as long as we have internet and a home. Hoping we will be here for at least a few months until the foreclosure officially happens. I hope everyone here it's doing well. Still working on being able to renew. I have re-injured many ankle and am still fighting for disability.
Nice to have you back LW. *Heart*
It is National Readiing Day!
So that means we can read instead of do housework, right??? *Bigsmile*
For those who don't know, the phones and internet are down at my house and no telling when or if we'll be getting it back. The fact that we may be evicted in the next few months because my aunt can n longer afford the mortgage and hasn't paid it in 6 months. I manage to check in a few times a day with our cell services , but I am limited to 15 or 20 minutes two or three times a say. Still waiting on my disability hearing.Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Prayers gone up for you LW. *Sun*
Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers. It means a great deal to me.
Merry Christmas, all!
Merry Christmas LW *Heart*
You are in my prayers.
Sorry to hear of your situation. I hope times get better for you, and in the meantime you find strength and peace to fight your battles. Thinking of you. *Heart*