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I lose my train of thought. I was going to add to Interactive Body-Snap Story , but my mind went blank.
I will have to try next time.
Good late night my fellow Writing.com author. I have gone for a period of time.
My mind is blank right now. Can not recall the name of a character in my new story Money- Eating Machine.
My thoughts runs fast than what my fingers can write. I wonder does my fellow writers have this problems.
My brain has taken a writng story break. I have realized that I have been inactive at writng.com for over a few month. I need keep active.
ze:3.5} Ideas of Daily Flash Fiction
The house at 345 Lake St has been uninhabited for over ten decades until a young newly wedded couple brought the place in unaware of the last owners mysterious flight from their home.
Joshua and Jennifer Jones brought the house because they were intrigued of Old World archieture


It's your 1st WDC Anniversary! And while I couldn't stop by and give you a nice WDC Anniversary Review, I couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging this important milestone. Happy WDC Anniversary!


My thoughts on future cites.
It is hard to create cities that in the future.
I trying to describe a futuristic city in a story I am working on
I want to create a city without stereotyping,or cliche in my story.
I was thinking of Old Western town restored to futuristic term
My city is called Sanctuary 2100 a haven for women and children which survive plague in United States and worldwide.
I need advice on creating a realistic imaginative cities in the future
This is just random thoughts.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/science