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*Star*Yay! Congrats on your 7th WDC Anniversary! many happy blessings *Wand* and wishes for many more years of fun and stellar writing. Here is some *Choco*,and *Star* *Fairy* dust for your muse. *Starp* have fun today!
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*Balloonp* Happy birthday wishes!{e cake}*Delight**Fairy* have a great day! *Heart*
Happy 84th birthday, Dad. We miss you and think of you often. I'm doing what I can to take care of mom. Sometimes I work too much and she gets a little lonely but we're doing okay. Love you lots buddy. Miss you more.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I suppose it's time to crawl out of my shell and face the world again, since that's what my dad would do. I've posted a few reviews already and they were fun, fun, fun! *sigh* This site is so awesome. *Smile*
Happy account anniversary.
Sorry for your loss and praying even now for your family and the new year that is ahead of you.
You are important to God; your loved ones; the WdC and Copenator out!
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I'll be out for a while. My dad, the estimable Doug H. Newcomb, passed away on December 26th after a 15 year battle with congestive heart failure. He was a good man, an exceptional husband and father.

There were few like him. John Wayne. Patton. Bob Hope. Dad was witty and keen and wise beyond his 83 years. I always knew this time would come, I just never knew how hard it would be to be as strong as he always was.

Sorry. My dad is in the hospital with the same thing. Hugs.
Mandy and I send our condolences. *Frown*
*Candleo**Cake2* Happy WDC Anniversary Week *Smile*
It is funny, really, how the block comes to the writer... The story is there; I've told it verbally to dozens of people and women that I've loved over the years, and yet as the page lays before me the shock of the moment overcomes, and I oft wonder if it is good enough or long enough or sanctimonious enough for print.

It is an interesting story to me, plausible and sweet, and yet when I gaze upon the ditherings of the muse I am not satisfied. "I" would have written it better than he, that voice that comes to me in the night. The shadows lack the depth and darkness of my mood. The brightness pales upon reflection, and I am laid barren once more...

Here there lays greatness. Gold, as tangible and worthy as a ten dollar piece, and yet my fingers fail me... I see sprits of inspiration in the works of others and yet I am mute. Destitute. Befallen. Why cannot my fingers simply type the madness of my mind, the death of all else and the beginning of the future? It is there. This is how it must be, and yet...

It must fit the mold of those who came before me. It must match the cadence and rhythm those with the power to approve or deny demand. IN MEDIA RES! WITH VIGOR! WITH APLOMB! Oh, how I loathe thee, nascent and impure! I wish it were worthy, for when it was raw and inspired it felt good as it escaped gnarled fingers and brow that was furrowed, but now it feels coddled and tame, meek and lame, unworthy, unwritten, unnamed...
I'm back after a long hiatus. It was sad, really. The story never left me but whenever I'd try to type it all it was nothing but backstory. I regressed and regressed until I finally took my own advice: If you have to keep going back to a previous story to tell your current story, you're probably not starting in the right place.
*BalloonP*I hope you had another fulfilling year at WDC and will carry on for many more!*CakeB* Keep shining and write on! *Star*

Hope to see you around!
Hey, I am the first to leave anote!! Yippee! what's up? Not in the Power Raid mood! We'd love to see you in your Scifi Santa outfit in the review lounge!! *CandyCaneR* Any how, Happy Holidays and peace of the season.
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