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I’m sorry for my lack of activity lately. I’m working on Platinuming several Vita and PS3 games before the stores shut down early this summer. But when I finish up XCOM: Enemy Within’s Army of 4 trophy and a couple of spinoff Hyperdimension Neptunia Games... I will be back in force cause I still have TONS of Queen Bee ideas ready to go! I’m crossing my fingers that this process only takes a couple of weeks, and I will hold off XCOM II just to get some Queen Bee content out. So anyone that’s been supporting me, such as “Anonymous” every year with the membership, be you one person or several. I thank you for your patience. I will seriously come back in force! I have quite a few easy VR chapters I could do very quickly, for example. Like the women of XCOM, at least I got some story ideas out of it. Haha! This saves a ton of time on bios at least. It's not for nothing, I just had the rug pulled out from under me, so to speak.
Good luck with your Gaming and writing. *Smile*
Thanks as always KSC. Going well so far, the stories will be worth the wait. I’ve already talked your ear off about Human Elana and Animal Army. I’ll be good an de-stressed and ready to write if the XCOM run goes well, going well so far lol. Knock on wood. Allergies have reigned in after my birthday. Really only March kicks my butt! 😂 So I will try and be efficient and not keep the readers waiting y’know? I’m am SO tempted to do a little XCOM story, Dr. Vahlen in the first game is just so hot... I don't know if it's the German accent or that she looks good in a labcoat or that she is hot and smart! 😂

Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*GiftV* *Giftp* *Gifty* *GiftG* *GiftT*
Thank you! I had a pretty good one, haha.
Hey all, HDS here again with a quick update. It's springtime and my seasonal allergies have been beating the fudge out of me the past few weeks. I’m behind on Queen Bee and have been watching a lot of Netflix while I’ve been feeling under the weather. Anyway I started rewatching the Tales of Arcadia series, and I have decided I’m going to do some chapters about a few characters I find very attractive and that shockingly have no fan art or fanfics online! I may have disproved Rule 34! Anyway, after I finish rewatching 3 Below, I'm doing some chapters on the lovely Momblank/Lu-C/Lucy Blank, the derpy ‘50s housewife robot, she is seriously adorable! After some VR chapters based around Tales of Arcadia, I will try to have the Human Elana chapters up soon. New bios are in editing now. Animal Army is most likely pushed to April, unfortunately. I think you all are gonna love Momblank though to hold you over in the meantime. Heck, maybe watch 3 Below yourself. You don't necessarily have to watch Troll Hunters first, but it does help, and 3 Below does mildly spoil a few things from Troll Hunters.
Note: This story will have fetish content.

Hope you feel better. *Smile* Heh heh if it doesn't exist ... it will. Rule 34 always wins in the end. *Laugh* A lot of exciting story ideas you have planned. Best of luck with your writing HDS. *Smile*

By the end of April I’ll be fine. It will exist when I make it apparently O_o So I guess it is true, but until I do... It doesn't exist... Trippy to think about... 3 Below is fun though, Momblank is seriously so cute! She can even rock a beehive lol. I highly recommend you at least watch the season 1 episodes “D’Aja Vu” and “The Arcadian Job”. Troll Hunters crossover + time loop and Area 51 Heist episodes. Both of them perfectly encapsulate the show and Momblank has some of her best scenes. Like making pancakes for the Troll Hunters and running a taco truck in Area 51 as a distraction while also acting as the “Oracle” for the mission being the girl in the chair, so to speak, just like Barbara Gordon. She is in 90% of episodes anyway though.
After another late night, the Dollhouse arc is up and Proto-Prime is now caught up to her Reader’s Guide bio. Will most likely work on Human Elana next then finally Ally’s Animal Army. Fetish content warning, blah, blah, blah.

-HDS out
Yay the first arc I can sit back, relax and enjoy without having to stress about juggle with editing. You did really good. *Bigsmile* Thank you for writing HDS. ^_^
Awesome, thanks! In the back of my mind there is always the thought that there is derp somewhere... 🤷‍♀️ Since you’re behind on bios, Kate’s model friends are human versions of a few Animal Army characters. I know that names like Hilda (Thesaurus) and Imani (Flamingo) wouldn’t immediately jump out at you. My hope is that these characters drum up interest for the severely lagging Animal Army bios. Since they share names and I use the One Steve Rule 99% of the time and Animal Army is next after I catch up Human Elana to her bio. Cause she's SO fun, being Kate's bodyguard and personal assistant. Basically her b-word (Really hard to get used to this PG rating rule 😅)
Here again with a late-night journal entry... Captain’s Log, Stardate March 11th, 2021. I have spent the past few days working tirelessly on the Dollhouse Arc and the bios that are my own personal spin on rare comic book characters Matilda Mathis a.k.a. Dollhouse and Peyton “Sugar” Riley a.k.a. The Ventriloquist II. I dare say I made both of them more interesting and made quite a bold move with Matilda. I may have been grasping at straws with my assumptions but I personally believe that she is a more interesting character and maybe a tad more sympathetic for it. Bios will be up sometime in the next hour hopefully, fingers crossed. I am also going to measure out the interactive chapters and see if they are under the 10 K word limit or need to be split. It's already 2 AM here and there is a fair handful of chapters. So nothing up tonight. But in the afternoon prepare for the insanity that is the Dollhouse arc sometime later today. 😉 Bringing it back to the original version of Elana in Queen Bee, Proto-Prime, my new favorite little Gothlette Emo Metalhead 🤘 lol. Yeah I’m falling asleep at the wheel here, hence no posting. But I made big gains on Animal Army believe it or not, I had a very insightful discussion about Mileena with my best friend so the first few chapters of Animal Army have a very solid protagonist. Cause Elana’s clone Lanie is quite similar in appearance to Mortal Kombat X Mileena, the one that has lips, very important. Only she uses her fangs for fun fetishy purposes rather than eating people. She does enjoy cheeseburgers though. Anyway, that's my update for CBWF. Chapters up within the next 12 or so hours, bios up tonight. Fetish content warning, etc., etc.

Thanks. Yeah, I just couldn't post that many chapters that late running on fumes like that without making an error. I basically filled an editing room to 50. That's about how many chapters we’re working with. Measured and had to make a few splits, 7 or 8 chapters sounds right. Had to round out to get Proto-Prime matched up to her RG bio, y’know?
Wow 50...Insane. *Smile* That's really awesome.
Yeah. I was aiming for under 50 KB, it's technically 47 point-something. But with the membership timer expiring soon on that account I didn't want to risk it being over 50. One room though, woo! Feels awesome. Not as awesome as when I had exactly 50.00 during that big chapter backlog. But good that I rounded out the Dollhouse Arc with room to spare 😁
So... I’m nearly done the Dollhouse Arc. It was bigger and crazier than intended, and I have sort of fallen in love with Dollhouse and The Ventriloquist II. So they will both be receiving proper bios in addition to the photo gallery mini-bio which is already up. I still have a few chapter tweaks and checks to make, and some short but detailed character bios for Matilda Mathis and Peyton Riley. I am making full bios because in the comics they are not exactly the most popular or well-known characters, so there isn’t much to work with... They don't even have canon heights or ages for example. Dollhouse even has directly conflicting lineage, sometimes her grandfather is a serial killer with the last name Mathis, sometimes it's Toyman. In addition to not a whole lot being known about her. So I'm gonna take a day or two to give some semblance of concrete backstory to her and building off of what is known. The Dollhouse arc should be up in the next few days. Unfortunately, I might do Human Elana next to get the story caught up to her bio like I did for Proto-Prime with Dollhouse. Further delaying Ally’s Animal Army, but not by much, cause Human Elana should only be one or two chapters at most and maybe one new bio. Animal Army is just such a huge project that it's kind of daunting and I need to organize my notes better. This is your regularly scheduled fetish content “warning” for any non-regulars.

Sounds Awesome His Divine Shadow. *Bigsmile*
Hoopah. That's a lot of push and shove moving the furniture around and kicking up dust. Can't believe the energy you got going. - an admirer
Thanks to both of you 😁 That's what keeps me going, knowing at least one person gives a hoot about what I write 😁 Makes this insane amount of research worth it 😉
With the Sisters of Healing bio up on Trophycase: https://www.blogger.com/blog/posts/7679666348934397257

All of the required bios to start working on Ally's Animal Army are now complete! I still have to do Dollhouse first before doing such a massive project as Animal Army and will be working on War Witch bios in between chapters as well. Expect some chapters sometime next week, fingers crossed. I know I said February, but it just wasn't viable. Anyway as always fetish content, yada yada, etc etc. But with that out of the way...


Wow hardcore. *Smile* Awesome!!
Remember the Asclepiades are always mixed up with each other, so except for the mother, they are Quintuplets lol. During my research I saw the same picture used for Panacea on the page of a different sister 😂 Lots of copy and paste from Panacea for physical appearance to save time with hair tweaks and personalities and powers being the defining characteristics. They are fun, and you can see a little bit of all of them in Nurse Badness lol. Except her mom Panacea funnily enough cause her personality shifted so drastically after she lost her worshippers and she and Nurse Badness are basically opposites. NB is most like Iaso and Aegle more than any of her other aunts, lol
Update, been working on Bios for Ally’s Animal Army upcoming in CBWF. I think it's like 4 AM, so not tomorrow, but technically later today I will have bios for: Stormfront and Dr. Frankenstein, Melanie: The Clone Princess, Hera: Queen of the Gods, and Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love up for you guys on Blogger. After that... Just Panacea’s 4 sisters, The Sisters of Healing and I can start writing chapters.

Note: Bios will contain fetish content

P.S. I would like to once again thank Anonymous for the extension on my membership, you are awesome and it will be put to good use!

Thanks. 😁 Rolling along! Seriously all of the bios are fun, you’re gonna love em. 😉
The Influencer arc is now posted in Comic Book Women's Feet! With that... The backlog is 100% complete!


I now plan to take at least a couple of days off before I work on any more chapters, but I may continue to work on bios in the meantime. Dollhouse and Ally's Animal Army are still planned for February. I'd like to thank all of my readers again for your support, you all keep me going.

Note: This story contains fetish elements.

- A very happy HDS *Bigsmile*