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Update: Sudden Death round in the "Book of Mask" poll is now over.
Once again, a "Book of Masks" poll has had to move into Sudden Death. For details, see my blog post "Again, Sudden Death.
Update to my previous news post: The Sudden Death round on yesterday's poll has been completed and a winner declared: "Poll Tied -- Sudden Death.
I have been running a poll—"BoM Poll: The Boyfriend—on how to continue my latest branch in the "Book of Masks" interactive. That poll was tied at the deadline, so it has entered Sudden Death phase. For the rules of Sudden Death, go here: "Poll Tied -- Sudden Death
I've a new blog post -- "Commission Ideas Welcome -- specially announcing that I am interested at the moment in doing commissions. My standard commission contract can be viewed at "Commission Contract.
Major item update to "The Book of Masks Homepage: The results of the most recent poll, plus links to a new poll, a commentary thread, and a preview of the next storyline to be continued!
I've a new update on the "Book of Masks" blog—"Drive-By Storytelling—giving the results of the last poll, posting a new one, and announcing what the next storyline is going to be.
I've reached a stopping point in the latest storyline of "Book of Masks," but it also ends with a poll, if you'd like to vote on where the storyline continues from there. To read how that poll works, and to get a head start on the BoM storyline that will begin tomorrow, you can check out my latest blog entry: "Bon Appetit
After a too-long hiatus, I have started publishing BoM chapters again. This blog entry gives back story and links to the new chapter: "The Book of Masks Homepage: "First Gear
Happy anniversary
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Shift in plans. I'm leaving my WIP: YA Novel aside for a week or so to return to another long-simmering project: "Marvel Spider-Man: The Alternate Series . That is a collection of fanfic treatments and scripts for a different version of the DisneyXD "Spider-Man" series that began airing in 2017.

My original goal was to write my own version of the "Superior Spider-Man" arc that the series was adapting for the TV screen, and to write it without so much as a glance at the TV adaptation. Then I could compare my amateur work to the professionals and maybe learn something. The project got away from me, though, as I evolved a somewhat different continuity for the series as background to my version. Treatments for my continuity are in the above-linked folder.

On and off, getting that background down took a very long time, but I finally have reached my original goal: "S02E14 "A New Life for an Old", which is Part One of a multi-part introduction to my idea for a "Superior Spider-Man" adaptation. I've got Parts Two and Three also written, and aim to finish Part Four next week. I'm not sure I have it in me to write scripts for the remaining nine episodes that I sketched, but these four would at least show how I would have begun it.
New chapter—"Chapter Eleven—to my "WIP: [Untitled YA Novel]. This is the turning point chapter, the one that confirms that something very peculiar has been going on while the narrator preoccupied himself with girls and football games.
My novel-in-progress, "WIP: [Untitled YA Novel] has a "Chapter Ten now.
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CONGRATULATIONS! THAT'S FABULOUS! Are you going to participate in National Novel Writing Month? https://nanowrimo.org

It might not be what you need right now, but it's an option. The goal is to write 50k words in a month. Obviously, it's not supposed to be a completed or even great novel at that point. It's supposed to get you to write! So many people don't even get through chapter 1. *RollEyes* AFTER November, THAT'S when you pretty up what you've written, edit, finish missing parts, etc. There are people who literally publish a novel every year from their NaNo projects. Naturally, it's not publishable until sometime in the spring, but they do it. *Bigsmile*

Either way, whether you choose to participate or not, congratulations on what you've done here! *Party*
I've now added "Chapter Nine to my book, "WIP: [Untitled YA Novel].
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