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Hi Seuzz - you're my favorite. Can't find again a story of yours where Will faced an alien (?) being that possessed multiple bodies (one of them being a forest guard or something like that), any hint? Tx
My run of "Spider-Man" fanfic comes to a temporary halt with "S02E11 "The Man Behind the Mask".
Spider-Man is still battling weirdos in today's fanfic entry, "S02E10 "Trick or Treat" . He was battling the same weirdos in the episode it is adapted from.
The "Spider-Man" fanfiction continues to roll out with "S02E09 "The Valley of Shadows". The title isn't as good as yesterday's "The Shape of Things to Come," but it'll do. And like the episode it's adapted from, it's got Mysterio.
I'm absurdly pleased with the title I gave my latest "Spider-Man" fanfic: "S02E8 "The Shape of Things to Come". The story itself, though, is a very close paraphrase of an actual "Spider-Man" episode by J. M. DeMatteis. But as my project is to revise a series-long story arc from the 2018 series, when a real-world episode fits my revision, I use it.
A mini-arc concludes in my "Spider-Man" fanfic with "S02E07 "A Game of Cops and Robbers"; Spider-Man is caught in the middle when two crime bosses go to war for possession of the Kingpin's arsenal of supervillain weaponry.
Doctor Strange shows up in the latest episode of my Spider-Man fanfic series: "S02E05 "What Dreams May Come".
Today's "Spider-Man" fanfic is a light one-off, adapted from the IRL-animated continuity: "S02E04 "Black Cats and Crossed Paths"
Today's Spider-Man entry adapts an old comic book story to my fanfic continuity while giving it a different spin and significance: "S02E03 "Spider-Man Behind Bars"
The long-range plan for my alternate "Spider-Man" storyline starts to develop with today's episode treatment: "S02E02 "Between an Ock and a Hard Place"
Season Two of my alternate "Spider-Man" continuity starts today with "S02E01 "How I Spent My Summer Vacation".
Season One of my fanfictional revision of Marvel's Spider-Man concludes with "S01E25 "The Day of the Jackal, Part 3" .
New Spider-Man fanfic: "S01E24 "The Day of the Jackal, Part 2" which continues the 3-part season finale.
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