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*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday!! *Delight*

Happy birthday, Diane! Sure miss seeing you around these parts. I hope you have a simply maaaaaavelous birthday!


Happy Birthday! *Smile*
WOW! Happy WDC anniversary! *Mugbr* *Cakep*
Have a good WDC anniversary!
Happy 19th WDC Anniversary, Diane!!! One more year and you'll be out of your WDC teens! *Laugh*

Miss you around these parts, kiddo!

Happy WdC Anniversary!
*Balloonb**Balloonr* Happy birthday!! *Delight*
Thanks Fivesixer! Another year down, many to go! *Laugh*
Happy birthday, Diane!!! Have an absolutely marvelous one! *Glass4*


Thanks WebWitch! It was a beautiful day spent with my son.
Happy birthday!
Thanks Sunnie! *Delight*
*Cake* Happy (belated) WDC birthday! *Cake*
Thanks Leger! *HeartP*

Happy 18th WDC Anniversary, Diane . YOU are an official WDC adult! *Laugh*
Carry on, kiddo!

Are you calling me old, Ⱳƹ₿~ŴitcӉ ? *Laugh* Adulthood is overrated in real life, but I'll take 18 years on WDC anytime. Thanks for the well wishes!
I did end the greetings by calling you "kiddo," Diane ... If that's any help. *Think* *Laugh*