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Sharing another ebook story in preparation for Read an Ebook Week:
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Read an Ebook Week is coming up, 1-7 March. In a gratitious plug for my ebooks, I'm sharing my Christmas story, Mr. Christmas Elf.

Product Type: Kindle
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I need 2 more reviews to start booking more review sites. If give me a review on Amazon, let me know. Thanks for your support.
I requested a sample. Not sure where it went
Just wanted to wish my WDC community a Happy 2021 with good vibes and plenty of positivity! Smiles to all! *PartyHatR* *PartyHatR* *PartyHatR* PS -- Be safe. Wash your hands.

Hey all, usually I'm a good vibe person but I just wanted to share a 1 star review I got recently on Amazon for my story, Journey of the Heart. I've never seen anything like it. It's by an Anonymous person and no verified purchase so I know they didn't even read it.

I've gotten 1 star reviews before and I'm fine with them. I get that maybe the reader didn't like the story. I wear those with pride. I've got 1 star review that says "ok" and that's it, but I think this one is off the hinges.

It says: Please stop writing. The world does not need more of your biased, nonsensical garbage. Your books are bad and by association, your thoughts. Please grow as a person.

Yikes, huh? Don't want to leave you with all with bad vibes (but I need to vent?) so "Happy New Year." *Smile*
Wow. That person has a problem. I hope you can shrug it off. Maybe complain to Amazon? Clearly they are just attacking you.

I wish you a big hug *Hug1**hug**Hug2*.

Nah, this is a good sign. You probably triggered something. Reading your work should trigger feelings and some of them will be off the rails. Best wishes and good luck in your own shadow work.
Thanks guys. I did report to Amazon, so I hope that helps. We will see. Good vibes and a Happy New Year to all.
The StoryMaster The StoryMistress Thank you so much for the WDC Christmas card and patch. I love it! I agree, it's been a tough year; glad to have WDC to come too. It's a great writing community, positive, upbeat and friendly. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanza to all!
Just sharing -- a great little read

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It's Christmas time! Need a "feel good" story to get you in the holiday spirit? Try out my young adult story, "Young Witchcraft." Need 4 more reviews so I can start to book marketing site. Appreciate the support!
Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 0.99
Hi all -- I'm working on my Romance/Love NL and I'm looking for feedback:

What do you love the MOST about the holidays coming up (Christmas/Hannakuh/Kwanza)

wrapping gifts
buying chocolate?

I'd love to hear what you love about the holidays and December

I love the moment when the family comes to the door and it's snowing outside. Their faces aglow, I welcome them inside, coats and boots all over the front hall and aa warm fire in the lounge. Cooking smells swirl around the house and presents placed under the tree. *Music2*Christmas time. mistletoe and wine, children singing *Music1* Peace on earth.

I love gingerbread men and fudge. I love Christmas music especially Trans Siberian Orchestra and Celine Dion. I enjoy a decorated tree and gifts. I love Christmas movies. I enjoy all the decorations and Christmas will be different this year but I am keeping the spirit and Jesus is the reason for the season. I will carry foward.Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
I will answer from when I was a teenager.

I had no money, had no allowance. I used what I had saved up all year to buy gifts. We saved wrapping paper from year to year. Foil was special. The usable pieces would get smaller and smaller. I would wrap everything to make it as beautiful and unique as I could.

I didn't like getting gifts. I refused to open up anything in front of others. I would wait and be disappointed alone. I never got what I wanted. I had given up by age 13.
Hi all -- just popping for a quickie - hope to be around more in a bit. Christmas is just around the corner and don't we all need a "feel good" story right about now? Here's a link to my story, "Mr. Christmas Elf." Looking for some reviews. I need 6 more so I can start booking marketing sites. Needing some Christmas magic for this story. Your help is much appreciated. For every review on Amazon, I'll raid your port. Promise. Just giving back to you for helping me out.

Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 0.99
Hey all -- still looking for some reviews for my Christmas story, Mr. Christmas Elf. I need 10 to start booking marketing sites. If you send me your kindle email, I'll gift you the book, as I appreciate the review.

Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 0.99
I would like to read it. What is the Kindle email? Is it the email that I used to sign up?
Re-reading one of my favorite books, Queen of the Tearling.
Amazon's Price: $ 1.99