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behind enamy lines you Judged this in one the COntestes and it won mainly becuse it was the only entry. I noticied their a trinkent you can get with the points how do i get the trinkent If your not who i need to ask i would welcome the help finding who and if i won by default means i dont get it i understand that as well. Thanks for your time
Does everyone know about the Writer's Cramp?
The Writer's Cramp  (13+)
Write the best story or poem in 24 hours or less and win 10,000 GPs!
#333655 by Sophy

This is a 24 hour contest which awards 10,000 gps EVERY day for the best piece.

Today's prompt:

Write a poem or story about the

electronic drones that may one day hover and drop down into our backyards

and farms in order to pollinate all those blooming plants.

(Yes, that is a futuristic concept, but today’s farmers are very worried

about the decline of the honeybee, our chief crop pollinator.)
That possibility is actually very concerning! But, it makes complete sense, very sadly. Also, this is a great contest - very inspiring to boost creativity!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Thank you, thank you. My brother took me out for pumpkin curry -- my favorite!
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Thank you. I'm eighteen again -- for the hundredth year. (Just kidding. I'm not that old, yet.)
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Just an update. I'm still working on
The Downside of Solar Panels, NaNo 13-14  (13+)
When a young witch decides to get solar panels, it seems like a good idea until . . .
#1960697 by Shaara
I add to it most days.

However, the big news is that I'm going to concentrate on one of my older manuscripts because I've decided to self-publish it on February 28, 2014.

This is my promise to myself.