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BONUS (excerpt from the newsletter): We are a community of like-minded artists, and while we only know each other here, on this platform, we often comfort and support one another. Right now we could all use a little encouragement. Write a story about gratitude and its impact on self and others. Write about your childhood, an amazing vacation, that quirky favorite uncle who passed away when you were twelve, your best friend and the crazy things you did together, a trip overseas, a holiday gathering gone wrong, the message in a bottle you found, that time you almost got arrested, that time you did get arrested, a near-death experience, something that made you cry, something that made you laugh, someone you loved and lost. Write about anything you want and submit it in the [NL's] feedback section. I will read them all and award my favorite with a merit badge.

Write something that allows the reader to escape. The WDC community will thank you for it and you may win a merit badge in the process.
I've read the newsletter and I aways find it interesting.
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You know, I love your newsletters and you bring up more real life issues like Human Trafficking, drugs or drinking even. Those are real problems and it has been a problem for years. Kids go missing everyday, plus young adult men and women even go missing as well. I have the Ring security camera and it get these notifications about different things around my neighborhood and I saw on there, a young woman went missing about a month or two ago and I get scared for my daughter as well as someone else's daughter or son. Keep up the good work on bringing real life issues like these. I would like to do research on these as well. It's not safe anymore.
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Thank you so much Shannon. I like your newsletter plus others who write their newsletters as well. I need to write one sometime.
You are very welcome, Beacon-Light Forever. Thank YOU for reading. *Heart*
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Happy belated 14th WDC anniversary Shannon! Name three things you've learned in that time.
Aw, thank you! *Heart*

Wow, three things. Let's see ...

1. Perseverance (stories don't write themselves)
2. Patience (it takes time to master something)
3. Participation (in writing contests; overcoming my fear of rejection)
Peace and blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

I think that's part of why I like them so much. My brain injury caused me to have trouble receiving lots of information at once and music is a lot of information. Their music, while not "simple," is not as complex to my brain as other things, and thus easier to appreciate without feeling overwhelmed by input. Thank you for this reminder of such a wonderful group!
just, WOW!!
My favorite Pentatonic song (I probably spelled the group name wrong) but I still find it exceptionally moving.
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It's not the writing that is the chore, it's the remembering the research I've done, and finding my notes. Then there is finding and correcting all the mistakes the computer makes. This new lap top moves things around even when I'm not touching it.
Happy WDC anniversary. Fourteen years is a long time. With all of the staying at home, I hope you write something fantastic in celebration.
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P.S. I had to cut back to writing short story newsletters every other month to allow more time for classes (I went back to school), so my next NL comes out Wednesday, February 19th.
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