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Happy belated 14th WDC anniversary Shannon! Name three things you've learned in that time.
Aw, thank you! *Heart*

Wow, three things. Let's see ...

1. Perseverance (stories don't write themselves)
2. Patience (it takes time to master something)
3. Participation (in writing contests; overcoming my fear of rejection)
Peace and blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

I think that's part of why I like them so much. My brain injury caused me to have trouble receiving lots of information at once and music is a lot of information. Their music, while not "simple," is not as complex to my brain as other things, and thus easier to appreciate without feeling overwhelmed by input. Thank you for this reminder of such a wonderful group!
just, WOW!!
My favorite Pentatonic song (I probably spelled the group name wrong) but I still find it exceptionally moving.
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It's not the writing that is the chore, it's the remembering the research I've done, and finding my notes. Then there is finding and correcting all the mistakes the computer makes. This new lap top moves things around even when I'm not touching it.
Happy WDC anniversary. Fourteen years is a long time. With all of the staying at home, I hope you write something fantastic in celebration.
Thank you, LinnAnn nano 10 winner ! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
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P.S. I had to cut back to writing short story newsletters every other month to allow more time for classes (I went back to school), so my next NL comes out Wednesday, February 19th.
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WOW! Both fascinating and disturbing! Thanks for sharing!
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Blackstone's Formulation  (E)
Which is worse: 1 innocent person in prison or 10 guilty people NOT in prison?
#2197019 by Shannon
I don't think so, Elycia Lee ☮ Novel-Writing. Had I not provided context, most people who didn't already know what Blackstone's Formulation is would've Googled it for themselves. We've all heard that in America people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and I'd venture to say most people already had an idea where they stood on this issue before I posted the poll.

I have friends who think jailing innocent people is worse, but I also have friends who believe criminals running amok is worse. The question is asking individuals for their subjective opinion about which is the lesser evil.

Thank you for participating! *Heart*