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Good Afternoon,

Good Evening,

Good Morning,

my Writing.com Pals!!!

Well, I stayed up until 3:30 this morning then I got upset and just went to bed, and I slept until about 1:30 this afternoon. I do need to check my sugar and take my insulin so I can eat; I'm just not in any hurry to do it.

I just received a birthday card from
🙉 Mischievous_Mike🙉 today and one from 🌻 pwheeler love, hope, heal earlier this month from the "Cards of Love. Thank you so much for the birthday cards. Yes, my birthday is on Monday; we have invited family and friends over Monday but, who knows who is going to show up. I also have my last grieving meeting on Zoom that late afternoon.

Sheri 2022 new world and I are excited to announce we have started the publishing process with readersmagnet.com. If you would like to publish with readermagnet please mention that Sharmelle Olson referred you for now. I'd add Sheri to that, but she is in the middle of a name change right now.

I hope that everyone is having/has had a blessed day today!
Hello, my Writing.com pals,

I just need to talk a bit tonight. I do not know what to do with myself tonight because I slept over twelve hours last night and then I slept all day today. I just woke up from my third nap of today about an hour ago. So now I am going to be up all morning.

I have things I need to do on my computer I just need to get motivated to do them now. My doctor put me on a sliding scale insulin yesterday and I just started that today. I just do not know how many hours apart I should be taking it right now since I slept all day. I'll have to wait until Monday to call about it now.

That reminds me My Birthday is Monday lol. Now you know I am having a really off night tonight. I am running out of things to say, for now, so I'll say tah tah for now and I think I'll be up for the night, morning, and possibly tomorrow doing something.

Oh, did I miss the Quill Awards this year?
Thank you so much, My Sox Rox! It's another disappointment this year for me.
Thank you, Scifiwizard!
Thank you, Kåre Enga back in Montana! I hope things get better for you too.
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, my Writing.com Pals,

Here are the results of my Raffle and Action at "Angels Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed.

For the Raffles

R1. Winner is: Schnujo #4
R2. Winner is: Choconut ~ 7 Years Young! #10
R3. Winner is: GeminiGem🐈 #8
R4, Winner is: 🌻 pwheeler love, hope, heal #6

For the Auctions

A4. Goes to PiriPica from Richard ~ May Flowers
A7. Goes to Tina-launching into the deep! from Samberine Everose

I am so sorry for the delay with the winners of this activity I have been dealing with a lot and still trying to cope with life's obstacles. I am trying my best to make my way back here at Writing.com. I do hope to see you all at my next fundraiser.

Schnujo, please get in touch with me about your winnings from me.
How thoughtful! Thank you so much, 🌻 pwheeler love, hope, heal! *Heartp*
Yay! It makes me happy that Lilli ☕️ will be able to have this gift. *Bigsmile* Enjoy! *Heartp*
Your portfolio is great! I am a member of 'Take Up Your Cross.'
My name is Matthew. Great to meet you. :)
Hello, my Writing.com Pals,

Please come join jaya , in "Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest.

I would also like to see your participation at "Sharmelle'sRecipe Kitchen GatheringPlace. Maybe come on in and make some recipe goals there if you would like. You may also discuss food, recipes, etc there. Please come right in and join in on some fun there.

I cannot wait to see you at these activities!
Good Evening, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, my Writing.com pals,

I need some big-time prayers/good thoughts/however you do things for a relative/friend (we think she is related to Robert somehow.) Anyways this friend took a fall in her bathroom and dislocated both sides of her jaw. Her blood sugar was over 1,400 but the hospital is keeping it down to 200 now. She is unconscious right now because she keeps doing things when she is. She also deals with depression and that is really bad right now too. She is still not out of the woods yet.
Thank you, Scifiwizard!
Prayers and kind thoughts going her way. I have diabetes and have never had my blood sugar go that high she is lucky to be alive!
Prayers for you and Robert and your or his relative. Sending healing hugs.
I know I have not been here most of the month and I apologize for not voting on the "Poetry Topic of the Month Contest yet this month but, our friend Marvelous Friend is going to be helping me until I come back in July 2022 after that we have it worked out that I will do it for July she will take care of August I will do it September, she will do it in October and so on.

Now Marvellous Friends is working on March's contest winners this week. She should have them out shortly.

Now I am still struggling with withdrawing from here and other things. I am trying my best to get back to announce the winners of my "Angels Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed. I do know it needs to be done I am still struggling with a lot right now.

As for next month, I am going to be closing down my new "Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest and "Sharmelle'sRecipe Kitchen GatheringPlace temporarily since there has been no activity in the one since I opened it and not a lot of activity in the other one since I opened it.

Now I started all three of these activities to help me get through my dad's death which was March 2, 2021. But that did not work and I am still struggling with my dad's death. I did start a grieving group meeting on Zoom Monday and I will be going to these meetings every Monday until the last Monday, May 23, 2022, which is my birthday lol.

This week we are also taking my chihuahua terrier Lady to the vet for an exam to find out how much it will cost to have the large mole on her head removed and have it checked to make sure she does not have cancer too.
I hope everything goes well for you Sharmelle. I pray that things will be okay in no time.

About your fundraiser, you should have left it open until the end of the month. I was actually oogling at some of the awesome packages you have there and I usually bid at the end of the month. So it's really closed now? Perhaps Marvelous Friend can host it on your behalf or maybe someone who can.

Anyway, real life matters most that what's in here. I just hope and pray that every thing goes back to normal for you. Keep fighting.
Take all the time you need. Do not rush this or anything else. I had a hard time getting over my own father's death so I have an idea of what it is like. Stay strong and reach out if you need help, WDC is more than a community of writers, we are a family.
We care about you . Your absence is felt...Take as many breaks as you need we will always be here.
God bless.
from iKiyasiama's Signature's
Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Morning, my Writing.com palls,

I have a question about publishing poetry with some poetry about my family and relatives. I know I need to ask permission from them first, but should I ask for a letter or a notarized letter from them first?
I don't think you have to get their permission unless you mention their full names, and then I'm not sure if you have to have permission. Now depending on your relatives, they may be able to sue you for any derogatory mentions.

I am not a lawyer, but I have written about my relatives before. I did not mention their full names.
Thank you, Starling! I will only be using their first names so should I be ok there. Plus they will all be positive poetry only about good memories. Kind of like the poems I just wrote about my family and relatives from heaven that I just posted a couple of days ago. I do have three more to add here I have to write one still and check with family about the other two which I have just started last night.
Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Morning, Writing.com pals!!!

Here are about five out of the eight new poems I wrote. The other three I wrote I either need to rewrite and one of them I have not finished writing yet. I need to fix the rest up because I wrote them personally...

As my Father Scott is in Heaven  (E)
As my Father Scott is in Heaven a Family Poem
#2271557 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

If you see my Auntie Holly in Heaven   (E)
If you see my Auntie Holly in Heaven my Family Poem
#2271544 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

My Grandfather Wilbert before Heaven  (E)
Meeting my Grandfather Wilbert before Heaven Family Poem
#2271549 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

My Grandmother Beryl before Heaven  (E)
I Missed Meeting my Grandmother Beryl before Heaven
#2271542 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

My Grandmother Maxine after Heaven  (E)
Remembering my Grandmother Maxine after Heaven Family Poem
#2271552 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Good Morning,

Good Afternoon,

Good Evening,

My Writing.com Pals!!!

Well I am feeling a little bit better today because my nurse came in and gave me my Abilify shot, Depo-Provera shot, and took some labs for my doctor yesterday afternoon. I have a phone appointment with my doctor next Monday afternoon.

Yesterday a company came out to do some measurements and took some pictures for the portable ramp I should be getting soon too. Now we are waiting on some bids for whichever company is going to take the job for this through my insurance. So pretty soon I will be able to get out again. I have been isolating myself in my home since my fall on January 11, 2022. To be honest I cannot wait to be able to get out of the house again.

Since I have been out for a bit I have been working on my Christian Verses for my business because I took the numbers out of the verses section on my first set so I needed to fix that. Then I needed to come up with two sets of background colors for them because I will be having two sets of each verse with two different flower graphics for the verses. Now I need to work with these at my Zazzle business, but I do not feel up to doing that much work right now.

I am trying to get motivated today to start working on the book
Sheri 2022 new world and I am trying to publish again. We have about 58 poems left to write all together. I need to write 10 more, Sheri needs to write 29 more, and we need to write 19 more of the poems we write together. Plus I need to make a glossary section at the end of the book. I would also like to start writing more poetry on a regular bases like I use to.

I just do not know how much longer I am going to be going through these mood swings though. Along with withdrawing from everything still. I do hope that next month will be a better month for me too because my birthday is next month.

I hope everyone is having/has had a wonderful day today!
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I know that you will get there, Sharmelle. Just give yourself some time to relax and breathe. Take one thing at a time and whittle it down. Don’t worry you got this. ❤️💋🥰
My four-year Writing.com Anniversary was Saturday, April 9, 2022, and I would like to thank everyone for their reviews, comments, cNotes, GPs, and Mbs! It was greatly appreciated!
Happy Anniversary and many more to come

Happy WdC Anniversary! *Smile*

Good Morning,

Good Afternoon,

Good Evening,

My Writing.com Pals!!!

I know I have not been here in a long time. I am struggling with things in my life right now and I am to the point I no longer want to be here anymore. But I am trying my best to deal with life as best as I can right now.

Now I have these items for you to check out/participate in. If no one wants to participate in any of my contests or forums I am just going to close things down and disappear for a while. The other links are just links you may enjoy from my portfolio.

Poetry Topic of the Month Contest  (13+)
Win Exclusive MBs. It ends at midnight at the end of each month. Suggest the topic.
#2216416 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest  (E)
Welcome to Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest
#2268006 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Sharmelle'sRecipe Kitchen GatheringPlace  (E)
Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Gathering Place
#2268062 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Angels Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed  (13+)
I am raising funds to keep my Premium Membership, and to donate to three forums for this.
#2206810 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Sharmelle's Expressions Guestbook  (E)
Sharmelle's Expressions Guestbook
#2265761 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Cookbooks  (E)
These are recipes from me and my partner along with recipes from friends.
#2224638 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Sharmelle's Trinket Expressions  (E)
Sharmelle's Trinket Expressions Page
#2260540 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Sharmelle's Special Image Expressions  (E)
Sharmelle's Special Image Expressions for you to use.
#2266989 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

Christian Verses, During Tough Times!!!  (E)
Christian Verses to use to Get Through Tough Times
#2248736 by Sharmelles ExpressionsinPoetry

I hope everyone is having/has had a blessed day today!
Wholeheartedly agree with everything Jack of Clubs said.

Real life comes first. It's a wonderful notion to think we can escape our surroundings with writing, but the truth is that is not realistic for everyone.

When real life stuff get, well, real - many, many members have stepped back. I wrote about this a while ago, and maybe it will help:

Everything we do here is on a volunteer basis. Running your contests, entering contests, sharing our writing, reviewing - is voluntary. Because WdC is a community - and it's honestly a rare phenomenon for the internet - stepping away often feels like letting the community down, especially if you were very active prior to needing a break.

Volunteer burnout is a very real thing. When you couple trying to divide your time between your online "home" and your real-life stuff, you can end feeling like you're failing at both or letting everybody down, including yourself. You can feel that way even when you know deep down that it's not true. And I promise you, it's not true.

We are a community, and because of that, we get it. Like Jack said, we'll still be here. Right now you need to prioritize you. If that means closing the computer and managing real life, then that's what you do.

We want you to be well, and we will be here when you're ready to pop in and say hello.

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Better days are coming and I will pray for you.
I have spoken with Sharmelle, everyone. She is having some health concerns and needs to take a break. Please, don’t worry that she’s closing her account. She’s planning on doing a few things to keep herself healthy in order to stay active on WdC.

We all need breathers sometimes when we become overwhelmed. Please, send her well wishes and your prayers. She is in great need of them.

Thank you for understanding. We both love everyone here! Y’all’s are our PEEPs! 🙏🏻❤️🥰❤️🙏🏻
Happy Anniversary :)
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