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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The Fox Rises at Moonlight  (E)
So it's basically describing what a wife is going through after the loss of her husband.

Yo, I don't know if the title is already used I just made it because the main character has to act strong and the fox is a strong predator but at times it is weak too. Which discribes a human. And because she can only release her sorrow at night I thought I'd say moonlight. Boom there forth this title was born. So this isn't the full obviously it is just a little part of the novel I might write. It depends on if people like it. In a way the novel is supposed to raise awareness against drunk driving. It shows the effects on the victims. Also being an interesting story on how they move on in this time of tragedy.
Good evening everyone! I am so glad to be back on!!☺️ I just put up two samples of potential novel ideas, so go check them out if you want. You don't have to you could just sit there reading this and wondering on what in the world I could possibly be talking about. It's alright to sit and be curious. Just don't be for too long we all know what happened to the cat. But I'm sure you'll be fine! Anyway I would be honored for some feedback on the ideas. Yep. I'm trying to make this sound interesting but I think it just sounds like a bunch of blabbing. I tend to do that a lot. Hope your had a good weekend!☺️😊
Welcome to WDC *Bigsmile*

I like that you are being active with writing and posting reviews, but don't neglect your bioblock. Your bio is your welcome mat to those who drop by your portfolio.
Hey guys, please go to booksie.com and read my peice called "Trapped" and my personal fave "Michelle". Please an leave feedback the more the better negative and positive and yes there are a lot of spelling errors I was in a rush.
Trapped and Michelle are two different short stories.
I published a short story on here late last night early this morning around midnight it said it successfully published but now I can't find it. How do I find it
Nevermind I got it
How do I keep the changes I make to my bio
Just save those changes. There will be an option of saving.
How do I post a short story?
Hi! Go to your portfolio then create item. Under free membership, click static item then there ya go!
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