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and would love feedback.
I'm about to write a book review for The Origin of Russian Communism and then create and execute a trailer for a documentary film I'm making ;)
Yesterday, I found that there were/are a number of unseen reviews that I'd yet to read and reply to. I sat and went about it. Some piece I'd forgotten about, and had the joy of re-reading. I liked a few, and the thought came to me...Why not publish a book of poetry from my existing lot here on WDC? Why not chose a few poems which have been reviewed, and met the standards of my fellow writers and readers here? Why not have them translated as well into Russian, and publish the Russian version as well?

Well....there's no valid "why not", but many valid "why's". So...I'll be compiling poems from my portfolio, translating them, and publishing both.

Wish me luck! And advice is welcome.
Happy WDC birthday!
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Yes, I agree! Sorry I thought my friend gave me her lap top and that's what her husband I prayed that God would help me have more time for Him, and well, all I can say is that- be careful what you pray for! LOL! Keep me in your prayers. Going through a stressful time right now. But I know God's got me.
Aw, poor shazi! Can you believe we have known each other for 2 years or so and still try to keep in contact? You are pretty much the only person on WDC I've been able to keep in contact. However that may soon change!
Time flies. *Smile* I hope everything moves for the best. *Heart*
I'm good! I have been busy! I'm a live in nanny now and I help take car of a 2- almost 3 month old baby. Church and my job keep me pretty busy! Do you ever get on WDC much now?
Wow! I think that's the cutest age....when they are most cooperative. Lol. I completely understand. I've been trying to get back into the swing for what seems like forever but I keep getting more and more busy.

I've got several assignments due and they just keep coming. Pitifully, I haven't really been studying...only assignments. I'm hoping to do several reviews in the Easter Break hopefully. But at this moment I can hardly find time to come onto WDC to check my mail.
I miss you here at WDC! When you pop in give me a shout!
I miss you too!!!!!!!! I've been really busy. I'm trying to get an Associate Degree in Graphic Design. At this very moment I'm fighting with my laptop and more specifically photoshop.The laptop refuses to cooperate.

How are you? What are you up to?
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