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Just saying I miss you, Sherri.
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Riot -- Sigh.
And I saw your note. I'm sooooo jealous that you spoke on phone with her!! Hold those precious memories forever!!
I remember you fondly, Sherri. Didn't realize you passed on until today.
My heart aches that you're gone, but I will always remember our phone binges and other correspondence with fond memories and smiles. You are sorely missed. *Heart*
Yesterday was a sad and confusing day to say the least. The loss of SHERRI GIBSON hit the site very hard and will have long time effects. Sherri invested a lot in a site that she loved dearly, that brought her comfort and allowed her to help others, which she loved doing.

Most people on the site do not know the origins of "Simply Positive Review Forum . It began during a time of turmoil for the site, many years ago. A time when three mods, in the center of the turmoil wanted peace and wanted something positive to spread instead of the negativity that was eating away at something they loved. They started Simply Positive to do just that and, while two of the mods left, Sherri remained to nurture it into what it is today, a beacon of hope for newbies and veterans of the site alike, to receive an honest and positive review of work they post on the site and to bring a smile to the face of the members, not just the ones receiving the reviews, but the ones giving them, as well.

In her honor, I am adding her group to my turkey's beneficiaries in "Invalid Item and will coordinate the donation with ~WhoMe???~ at the end of the month.

You might wonder how I know the origins of "Simply Positive Review Forum . I bet if you think about it, you can figure it out.

Sherri, I wish I had said hello when I had the chance, now all I can say is, I know you're not in pain. You will be missed. *Heart*
She was a wonderful, kind, and generous woman. She'll be greatly missed. *Sad*
One of the sweetest women I've ever met.
With us
So sad

Tears falling today...

Sending prayers, dear, Sher!!! *Heart*
sending out love and affection to help you during this time. We have an auction going to help nurture your group "SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP in your absence. 10 donors jumped to the call to action and pitched in bringing the coffers up to par so that the group would run strong for a little while longer. The auction should also be able to help with this.
How did you fall?! *Shock* Get well soon! *Heart*
Check this out, my friends!

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1936227 by Not Available.

It benefits some awesome groups--including
A group whose mission is to spread positivity.
#1384154 by Simply Positive
!!! *Bigsmile*
Thank you! *Bigsmile*
If I am able to write that's because of Sherri's fantastic creative writing forum.(temporarily closed.)
I'd like to join the Simply Positive group.
Is there some sort of entry criteria?
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Hi Pamela!

Yes, there are certain requests made of members. I ask all members to give honest and insightful reviews, pointing out the flaws and positive things found in the items they review. I'll add you as a member now. A welcome letter will come explaining everything. I think you'll like the incentives. Welcome aboard!
*Balloonp**Fairyr* Happy WDC Anniversary! Wow. has it been 9 years? *Starstruck*
Thanks for all of your contributions here
and here is wishing you many more fun filled more years!
You rock!
Keep sparkling as the *Starp* you are!
Thank you so much for your condolences, my dear friends. I miss her so badly! I know she's at peace in a better world, but her loss is still so hard to believe. *Cry* Again, I thank you for your empathy. *Heart*
So sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.
I am so sorry to hear this, Sherri. *Hug1**Cry**Hug2*
We are so sorry to hear this. Please accept our deepest sympathy and condolences.
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