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What do you do for plot if you're a more character-driven writer? I come up with an idea - just an idea, of a character doing something, which features no conflict - and then flesh out my characters and then let them lead me along and hope that, somewhere along the way, the story shows itself. And then I write the story again with the plot, getting rid of the unnecessary bits, ironing out the creases, and making the characterization consistent, etc.

The reason I ask if because I've done the same for NaNo and, with ten days to go, I'm still rambling along without a plot! I tried so hard to come up with one before NaNo began, but I just couldn't do it. I've tried to come up with one while I've been writing, but...of course, I'm still rambling. For time limits and word limits like NaNo, I think I need to change my style a bit. Any tips?
To me, it sounds like you have a bit of a plot going, but maybe I don't really know what plot is. *Think*

Anyway, you could try having a parallel situation in the community or even in their lives, not with looking for another power or whatever, but something else that's similar. While he is investigating whether or not she has another power, maybe she is investigating whether to adopt a kid or maybe she is investigating alternative power sources or whatever.

A writing book I listened to recently gave an example of having characters parallel in their activities with a scene where 2 people were talking and 1 was trying to decide what to do with their life and the other was trying to decide on paint chip colors or something. Anyway, you could expand that idea to something bigger. What is their overall motive in the story and how can that be applied to a different thing. Maybe this will just give a subplot, I'm not sure, but it will add something, at least. *Bigsmile*

Also, have you tried the NaNo Adoption Society? They have an Adopt-a-Plot section. Maybe you'll find a plot there that really resonates with your characters. Or consider the Adopt-a-Subplot thread with the idea that you'd have to expand on it. Just thoughts...I've read the whole Adopt-a-Subplot thread to find subplots for my story. *Bigsmile*

Good luck!
Ahhhh, this is a tough one! I'm also character-focused, which means I as a reader am happy to sit through low- or no-conflict passages as long as they deepen my understanding of a character, but I know that's not the case! I'm actually editing a completed fantasy novel right now to maintain tension in each scene.

In the editing phase, it helps me to ask, in each scene: "What does the character most want in this moment?" When I know what the character wants, I can show what stands in the way of it more easily.

The same thing applies to story ideas. I still have characters in my head that haven't found the right conflict yet, but knowing what they most need, value, or love is an excellent way to cruelly take it from them and/or make them struggle to achieve a goal. Sometimes plot and conflict are already built into a character idea. One sci-fi novel in progress started with a character drugged into complacence to serve the rebuilding efforts of a post-apocalyptic government while said government lied about his (and his people's) ability to think and act for themselves. The thing he wanted was freedom, and I had plenty of things to get in the way of that, already conveniently built-in.

Other characters are harder, and you have to dig a little deeper before you can find the thing that would really ruin their day. *Wink* But once you do, you have the start of a story! But don't ever think of plot as something separate from your characters. It's not an outside force. For us character-centric writers, it's an inside force. Your character's goals and desires and fears make the plot, and his choices move the story. The setting is just his stage.
Mm, as Schnujo Loves WdC! says, it sounds like a plot hiding there!!

As for the 'why' - it's a bit like what Roseille ♥ said but from 'why?' rather than 'what?'. I would grill the guy with: why do you think there's a connection with the girl? Why are you so interested in there being a connection? Why would you go to her father when it's possible he doesn't care about her?

It's a bit like you have to ask them to fill in a character questionnaire to get them to be talkative and reveal their secrets. Though... sometimes when I have characters who don't play fair, I just turn to some other characters in another story. It's makes the first bunch a bit more open *BigSmile* Anyway....revealing their motivations might reveal the plot (also, what is the point of the powers? Why are they needed?)
That awkward moment when something you wrote nine years ago, when your writing was crappy and mostly cringe-worthy, moves you to tears...
That moment when you finally get your hands on a book you've been dying for since the last couple of years...
Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. It's a mammoth book! So much to read! *HeartO**HeartP**HeartV*
I want book 6 of a song of ice and fire
To own?
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Congrats on completing all four classes, Shiki! For PDG Graduation
I have had a bit of an epiphany in regards to my novel. I've been working on it for years and recently finished a rather lacklustre draft #2.5 (I gave up halfway on what would have been #2). I have decided...


I'm a bit scared of putting in the effort to make even a moderately-complex story (and most of the time, I don't think I have the brains for it) but I will try! I think I'm being too safe so, regardless of the end result, I will try to...not be safe? That doesn't sound right...

Now if only I could get someone to listen to my inane ideas and tell me where I'm going wrong...
My cousin recently sent a Cadbury Creme Egg for my son. I have deemed it far too sweet for him to have (overly sugary things don't agree with him), so I'm eating it instead. I mean, overly sugary things don't agree with me either but I'm...You know, I'm taking one for the team! I can't just leave the egg there, you know? That's a waste of good food!

Speaking of food, any Muslims here? Happy Ramadan! The moon-sighting situation was hilarious this year as always, but we're back on track...kind of. Have a good 'un!
I love that I joined WDC but every time I click on someone's port, I get a bit of a surprise. You see, sitting behind a computer screen, it's so easy to forget that every user on here is an individual entity. Until proven otherwise, every name that I come across in a post is the same age, same race, and of the same background. They have the same likes and dislikes. Until there is some background information, they remain the faceless masses which assume my features. It's like looking into a fogged-up bathroom mirror - you just assume that the face beneath that fog is your own.

But this is WDC, where anything is possible. The mirror is easily the gateway to another realm, where stars collide and grand castles on tall cliffs reside, where rhyming couplets reel you in and stanza after stanza feeds you a vision of a world made much less mundane in the mere mention of a melancholy meadow.

...I have no idea what happened there. I was going to write a serious note about the diversity of this place. My "fantasy" came pouring out instead.
I have no idea either, but I loved every word you wrote! Awesome!
Yep. All of these faceless handles are people. I love it. *Smile*
Great job completing all of "The Poetic Pen Workshop/Contest Lessons, Shiki. Good luck in the contest! *Bigsmile*
I'm feeling disappointed. I left the house with the intention of coming back with a cuddly little kitten. No such thing. I did come back with a whole bunch of cat-related items though, thinking I'd need them for the kitten.
Good luck this month! Remember, there's always a story to tell, even in poetry form. :)
I'll try my best! Thank you! :)
When you breathe in, make sure you see your stomach expand not just your upper chest. Also, lay on the floor and put about 4 books on your diaphragm and practice breathing and singing long notes. The song we're performing in church in three weeks has a note to be held for about seven measures. I have to use my emergency inhaler before we perform. whew.